Pawn Shop Selling - How to Get Top Dollar at a Pawn Shop

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now many people don't know this but

pawnshops are good for a whole lot more

than pawning which is getting a loan

against collateral you can make a pretty

penny by selling your stuff to them too

in fact pawn broker Rudy can tell a

brother's collateral loan says all of

the merchandise for sale in here once

belonged to somebody else I deal a lot

with people that inherit things they

don't want they don't want to make a

Craigslist ad and have people come over

to their house to buy it they don't want

to give it to a relative because it's

worth more money so they come to a pawn

shop to sell it for cash so here's the

big question when selling how do you get

the most bang for your buck or should we

say buck for your bang Rudy says go in

knowing how much your item is worth and

don't be shy about asking for that

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