"Sell Me This Pen” - Best 2 Answers (Part 1)





so tell me about yourself

sure my name is ro I was born in the US

and I've studied business management in

Ukraine for three years I've worked in


I've sold $165,000 in a span of eight

months and I saw that you had a job

posting which was interesting because I

thought that your organization is one of

the best if not the best in the


therefore how did you hear about the

position well it's part of my job

I'm always up to date with companies

that have a great vision and especially

if they're an IT atmosphere that's

something I've always been passionate

about and if I'm not mistaking you one

of your recent projects is artificial

intelligence and that's something I'd

like to be part of

and why do you feel like this job

position can be a good fit for you well

I think with my previous experience in

current set of skills I think I'll be

helping myself advance while also

helping the company reach its own goals

thank you well as you may know we target

some of the most highest sectors so

we're the number one solution provider

in the area and if we were to high you

would mean we would need skills of

communication because we would like to

establish long-term relations in the

long run and to keep up with the pace

which brings me to my final question

salmi the spin sure so do you work only

in that department

yes strictly in the HR and how many

candidates potential candidates do you

meet per day per day I'd say maybe up to

ten how do you keep track of each and

every person's quality or performance

well we have their CV the resumes what

if you get mixed up in the process

that's why you need a pen

okay good

sell me this pen sure what's your

favorite name Celine Celine is that a

family member

yes very far when was the last time you

met her oh it's a long time yeah it was

she a close family member or were you

just third cousin third cousin very

interesting all right wall do you miss

her yeah she's a nice person yeah nice

family is always important clay come

first yeah

so I actually drew something for you


thank you

how much would you buy this for I'd

actually give you'd like a million for

it to be honest

oh well that's way overpriced for it for

a small painting but or a picture well

yeah you can pay $5 and you'll get this

ten for free all right that's very nice

I really

you've got good skills thank you