How to Sell Credit Card & Merchant Services

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hey guys and gals JP with J toupee

quarries here today we're in South

Florida we're getting it done in South

Florida so why are we in South Florida

one is our company starting in Indiana

and we work in Kentucky

but we travel a lot to Florida and when

we're in Florida because we're just very

personable people you know there's been

times where I've been out of the

restaurant I've been honest or maybe

I've been out a dive shop or whatever

and they needed help so I helped them

they're like oh you do credit cards than

I do and therefore it's developed in the

week we have quite a few accounts here

in southern Florida and we want to get

some more and back home it is 16 degrees

1 6 it is 80

what a t-888 sunshine and we can walk

door to door without getting cold no

jackets on just enjoying the Sun a good

day yeah so customers so we want to talk

to you a little bit about that today if

someone brought me up hey Cory Cory

asked me he's one of our newer reps has

been with us for a few months now his

dad works with us as well but asked me

he says JP how many accounts should I be

hitting a day how many doors should I