How to Sell Credit Card Processing - Part 1 - Introduction

hi my name is James Shepard with CC

sales pro comm and in the next few

videos I'm going to be walking you

through how to sell merchant services

I'd like to get started by telling you

three things I don't like about most

sales training courses that I've been

involved in I don't know how many of you

have ever gone to a sales training

course you've had a sales trainer come

in to your business or even you've read

a sales book there's three things about

sales training that frustrate me and I

wanted to talk about those first because

these three things are not going to be a

problem with this particular training

course the first thing I don't like

about some sales training programs is

that they're too general um you'll go to

a sales training program and they'll try

to explain how to sell corporate jets

and they'll try to explain in the same

sales training program how to sell you

know hot dogs from a hot dog stand well

those are two very different items to

sell and in any successful sales career

there's going to be some particular

things that you need to learn in order

to be successful in that industry now I

sell merchant services in the last four

or five days I personally made six or

seven sales myself personally out face

to face in the field I've sold people

over the phone and so I am a salesman of

merchant services so I can assure you

that the training you're going to go

through in these videos is specific it's

targeted and while some of it will be a

little bit general and you know I have

some general sales advice I'm going to

try to make it as specific as possible I

figured that if you didn't already know

how to sell you probably wouldn't be

getting into this business and you

probably wouldn't be watching this video

so I'm going to assume that you already

know how to sell and I'm going to show

you how to take that knowledge and that

experience and apply it to the merchant

services industry secondly most training

programs have too much fluff it's not

practical you'll go to a training and

you might be there for two or three or

four days for a seminar and you get out

and you think all me and that was great

that was so good and then you get home

and you think now what can I do with

that my goal in this try

is to present you with specific action

steps that you can take along the way so

be ready to take action on the training

the worst thing for me would be if you

watch this whole training and your

company put you through this training

and then at the end of it you think well

I don't know what to do now or you don't

take action my goal is not just to show

you things to think about my goal is to

show you things that you can actually do

that are going to have a positive impact

on your commission third most training

programs are not personalized and

they're not engaging now depending on

where you're watching this video if

you're watching it on YouTube you can

make a comment right below this video

and we'll talk back and forth via

comments on YouTube if you're part of a

larger company that's using my sales

training you're going to want to talk

with your manager and I'm going to try

to make this program as personalized as

and get in it as engaging as possible I

want to spend a lot of time in this

training helping you develop your pitch

helping you develop the things that you

can say because let's face it I can't in

you know a few hours of training cover

everything you need to know about how to

sell merchant services but what I can do

is I can give you a pitch that works and

we can give you worksheets and help you

develop this pitch along the way so

again depending on where you're watching

the video make sure you're engaging with

this video and the content that we

present make sure you're able to apply

it to what you're doing and then if you

have questions talk to your manager talk

to your sales trainer or you can always

email me James at CC sales pro comm

James at CC sales pro comm so there's

our introduction 3 things I don't like

about sales training and I can assure

you that this training is not going to

have any of those three things so let's

get started