How to Sell Credit Card Processing - Part 1 - Introduction

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hi my name is James Shepard with CC

sales pro comm and in the next few

videos I'm going to be walking you

through how to sell merchant services

I'd like to get started by telling you

three things I don't like about most

sales training courses that I've been

involved in I don't know how many of you

have ever gone to a sales training

course you've had a sales trainer come

in to your business or even you've read

a sales book there's three things about

sales training that frustrate me and I

wanted to talk about those first because

these three things are not going to be a

problem with this particular training

course the first thing I don't like

about some sales training programs is

that they're too general um you'll go to

a sales training program and they'll try

to explain how to sell corporate jets