How to Sell IT & Technology Solutions

welcome to another edition of the black

belt selling video blog last set time I

talk to you about why customers and

business decision-makers hate technology

this time I'm going to talk about how

you can make your customers love your

technology solutions and in particular

I'm going to talk about the value

proposition in other words the value

that your solution will bring to the

clients because this is what you've got

to get really clear you've got to make

your value proposition compelling unique

and tangible now you're going to do all

those things in the context of the

customers world so let's just think

about this what are customers looking

for for anything that they buy in their

business well they're looking for a

return on investment in other words

they're going to put money into this and

they're going to get money out and they

want a bigger etern than the investment

in fact because of all the things we

talked about last time in terms of the

hidden costs and the risk and the bad

selling that goes on and things like

that they typically want to return on

investment at least ten to one these

days to make it anywhere near viable or

anywhere in the air compelling so it's

got to be compelling so when we talk

about return on investment and getting

more back than what they put in what are

we talking about there well what they're

looking for in terms of value is that

you will reduce their cost base in other

words will the solution that you put in

will reduce the cost of running their

business and we'll come back to that or

reduce the risk to the business and in

terms of operational risk financial risk

or regulatory risk they're looking for

the solution to bring more income to

them in in terms of more revenue from

existing customers or new customers or

they're looking for your solution to

improve their brand

you're probably wondering how they can a

technology solution improve a company's

brand well we'll talk about that in a

minute but first of all I wanted to talk

about that the one of the that I started

with in terms of value proposition

reducing the cost and the overall cost

of running the business lots and lots of

examples where technology solutions have

actually reduced the cost of running a


for instance videoconferencing at a very

basic level takes away the need to

travel and therefore the cost of travel

so it can reduce the overheads in a

business sometimes that enables

insurance companies to remotely assess

insurance claims and damage via video

technology for instance and video

technology was one of the early

solutions that brought obvious

reductions in cost but as you can

imagine some things like software as a

service or better infrastructure can

reduce the costs of maintenance it can

reduce the costs of licensing or the

costs of infrastructure and the costs of

support within the customers

organization if they've outsourced their

applications to a company that provides

a readily available software as a

service and as a pay-as-you-go rather

than an upfront investment and that

opens up a whole subject in its own

right in terms of pay zero versus

upfront capital investment so reduction

of costs being can be in terms of direct

costs overheads moving from a upfront

capital to a operational expenditure

pays ego which in itself brings returns

in terms of the cost of capital and lots

of conversations you have with the

finance director in those regards and

that applies to hardware software

infrastructure software as-a-service

cloud-based solutions and networking

technology really interesting

conversations with a finance director in

terms of cost of ownership and cost of

running the business and how the

solution can impact on that when you get

to risk that can be funner ensure risk

as I said operational risk or market

risk or regulatory risk if it's

financial risk you back to the typically

the the finance direct and conversations

there in terms of if you've got a

solution that can get the clients to pay

upfront that means by the way I mean not

your client the clients customers pay

upfront online before they get a service

they're not in

proved cashflow if you can get get a

solution that that that makes it easier

for them to get their customers to

direct debit again that's improving cash

flow it by the way that would reduce

cost but it would also reduce the risk

in terms of the risk of having to chase

bills and chase chase bad debt so that's

a conversation with the finance director

but when I get to operational risk where

you can put systems or solutions in

place that actually make companies more

resilient for instance at one level it

could be closed-circuit TV or web-based

technology for monitoring but on the

other hand it can be things like warning

for when sites go down our sites go

offline or when people aren't available

and those sorts of things and even if

you look at the public sector with a

transport environment where you get

early warning if a trends going too fast

or something like that whole plethora of

areas where they can reduce their

operational risk and that can be turned

into tangible value and that's typically

a conversation with the operations

director it's a really valuable

conversation if you're then talking

about the value proposition being where

they'll bring more clients I bring more

revenue and then that can be a

conversation with a marketing director

the sales director or the finance

director and really you know

conversation or that's your choice and

you should think through the proposition

we'll talk about that more in the next

installment as to who you choose to go

and talk about these things and right at

the top there's the bit about the brand

the development and I said I'd come back

to this how can technology improve a

brand well if you think about it if you

give a service that actually takes away

money or ordering from their custom from

your clients customers and puts it

online and makes it absolutely secure so

that no orders are ever lost that indeed

will improve the brand if you in a

retail environment if you can prove

their their or their order to delivery

time through your technology then again

that can improve customers perception

and improve the buyer brand also if you

can have a media solution or a

technology solution or any of these

solutions where

he can get the customers brand out there

in front of their customers or

prospective customers better then that's

not just about getting more revenue

directly but it's about getting brand

awareness out there and all of the

things that I've talked about before in

terms of improving the cost improving

the risk and all of those things

ultimately you know if you can reduce

the risk profile for a company

particularly in the finance sector then

not in itself would improve the brand

and improve the attractiveness for

investors so really what we're coming to

is you've got to be bold with your value

proposition it can't be a value

proposition that you just introduced to

the customer out of the blue it's got to

become presented in the context of the

customers world and what the customer

has on their mind in terms of the

pressures they're under problems that

they're facing where they want to get to

either implicitly or explicitly and then

align the value problem your value

proposition directly to that so you've

got to do your research you've got to do

your planning you've got to think about

how you introduce the conversation and

you've got to do a lot more listening

than talking for getting the customer to

talk about their world and then and only

then introducing this unique value

proposition but if you can do all of

this and and that's what blackbelt

selling is all about getting it

absolutely confident doing this in the

right way and a measure and and and

structured and proven way then you will

make your customers love technology and

love your technology solutions you will

be absolutely successful you outsell

your competition and you'll make your

customer love working with you thanks

for joining us in this installment of

the black belt selling video blog look

forward to singing in the next

installment thanks for joining us