How to be the best solar salesman

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best solar salesman ever right ever so I

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because this can definitely help you

guys close more jobs and the objective

of making all these videos is to help

you close more jobs right and hopefully

some of you guys are getting value from

these videos and it's helping you guys

close more jobs it's helping you guys to

be more confident when you guys are at a

consultation but to be the best solar

salesman ever right there's a strategy

that you need and I'm gonna drop this on

you guys and like I said make sure you

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cuz I'm gonna give you guys the key

right now so that so to be the best

solar salesman ever you need to do one

thing don't be a Salesman okay

that's probably something that you guys

didn't want to hear but it's really on

second someone's calling apologize about

that but that's what you need to be

right or not be you need to be a

educator not a Salesman because I know a

lot of times people come from all walks

of life and all walks of the industry

some people come from like retail sales

some from come from car sales some are

realtors some are students some are

lawyers some our teachers account

since whatever industry you're in enable

for you to be the best solar salesman in

April for you to close a lot of deals

don't be a solar salesman or don't be a

Salesman right because nobody wants to

be sold to they want to be educated so

what you need to do is build authentic

relationships with all your homeowners

and just care and fix their problem

which is whatever your goal is whether

it's is to save money whether it's to

help the environment whatever your goal

may be by going solar you need to help

them achieve that and give to give them

your expert advice right and that's what

I want to lead into is becoming an

expert in the industry right because

when you're at a consultation these

homeowners are are expecting you to know

your information and to give them and to

guide them in the right direction which

way they should go whether they should

lease a system whether they should

finance a system whether they should pay

for it outright whether they should get

you know what type of solar panels that

you get they should get lg's they should

get Han was they should get Panasonic's

Sun power whatever they may be you

should become an expert at whatever that

is right because once you build

authority and once you become an expert

it makes it a lot easier for yourself or

not really sell for you to close deals

right hate toward that word sell I'm

learning to cut that out of my

vocabulary in this industry but once you

position yourself as that expert it

makes it so much easier for you to close

deals and that's one thing that a lot of

consultants don't understand is that you

know how do you close so many deals and

you could also see it in other in other

industries when someone positions

themselves as that person of authority

an expert

then you see them really excel and

whatever they're doing right in any

industry but in solar in particular if

you can position yourself as an expert

not only you're gonna sell more jobs

other opportunities are gonna open up

Rhys is speaking for me for it but you

know for me personally there's so many

other avenues so many other

opportunities opened up because I was

able to position myself as an expert and

a lot of times too people are waiting to

get a you know a blessing from someone

to be an expert right then if you're

waiting for someone to give you a

blessing so you can now feel like you're

an expert you're gonna be waiting for a

very very long time right you're just

gonna have to like grab that position

whatever that may be and just run off

with it right and run off with it and

start teaching people whatever industry

that you want to teach in but

particularly in the solar industry and

able for you to really sell a lot of

jobs you need to be an expert there's so

many things like so many other things

that goes on in the background right

able to sell more jobs first you need to

position yourself on it as an expert

then you need to find ways to automate

some of your sales process and other and

other things you can do is learn how to

solve jobs online right because there's

just no way that you're gonna be able to

like drive around all you know all week

or all you know all over the place to

meet with homeowners and if you're doing

that right now you know how hard that is

especially if you want to take a little

vacation right because I remember back

in the day when my calendar II should be

super booked up right I was working or I

was meeting with with homeowners every

single day maybe 2 to 3 homeowners every

single the two or three plus homeowners

every single day and if I wanted to take

the kids on vacation or if my wife

wanted to do something and go out of

town there would be no way for us to go

anywhere because right I have to meet

face to face with homeowners so another

key component to really knock it out of

the park in this industry and

industry is to learn how to sell your

jobs online right and set proper

expectations for your leads just let

them know hey mr. homeowner the great

thing with our company is we do

everything online we can sit there you

know during your lunch break I can share

a link with you I can present you all

the information that you need and

literally your lunch hour so it doesn't

take up too much of your time right and

the great thing is you know the the

homeowner doesn't have to like clean up

their house or whatnot it's just like

you know open up their email click that

link and off you go

right but basically the moral of this

video is to be the best solar salesman

first and foremost don't be a Salesman

right build authentic relationships with

your homeowner really try to solve their

problem whatever that may be right

because if you could build an authentic

relationship with a homeowner not only

you're gonna help the homeowner but

they're gonna refer more homeowners or

they're gonna refer their friends and

family to you right once you once you do

that what you want to do is build start

to start building Authority right start

building Authority be an expert in the

field in your particular field and then

also learn how to automate your sales

process and also learn how to sell

online right so those are basically the

components to really separate yourself

from every other consultant out there

because everybody there's there's

probably tens of thousands of

consultants out there and they're all

doing the exact same thing and what are

you gonna do different to separate

yourself from them because at the end of

the day the homeowner is gonna buy from

you right even though we're working from

with different solar companies a lot of

the products a lot of the warranties

they're all the same great but at the

end of the day the homeowner is thinking

in the back of their minds like why

should I work with James versus Kimberly

right or why should I work with this

person versus this person even if even

if your

even if your quote is a little bit more

than other competitors if you can really

build an authentic relationship with

your homeowner

man you'll be surprised how many sales

how many more sales you're gonna be able

to generate even if your price is a

little bit higher right

that's kind of off topic a bit but like

I said just build authentic

relationships with your homeowner and

that's that's the way you're gonna be a

best salesman because you know you're

not necessarily a salesman in this

industry right you you wanna you want to

present yourself as an expert you want

to present yourself as an educator and

then you won't you don't want to come

off as a salesman hopefully that makes

sense right that makes sense comment yes

sir because like I said at the end of

the day I just want to point to you guys

so so you can close more deals and and

hopefully make more money for you for

your family right that's that's the

whole idea of these tips because I

definitely went through it the hard way

right I'm basically sharing all the

things with you guys - a lot of the

headaches that I had to go through and

then hopefully you know you guys are

getting value from these videos um but

yes so the best way to become the best

salesman ever don't be a Salesman right

so that's all I have for today hopefully

you guys have an awesome day make sure

you guys comment make sure you guys say

you know hello and drop in I'll talk to

you guys soon hey Kimberly how are you

I'll talk to you guys soon goodbye for


peace out everyone