PV-TV EPISODE 4: How much solar power can a home sell back to the grid?

welcome to episode 4 of PV TV which is

the solar TV show yeah yeah it's like a

TV show we answer all your solar

questions and today's question comes

again from Claire who's one of the

lovely ladies who works here upstairs

who said to me today she said Sam just a

second question on the show four

episodes in Claire you're a gun so

today's question comes from Claire who

asked me how much power can you sell

back to the grid on to the power lines

from your solar system like if you have

a solar system when your house and

you're selling power back to the grid

what's the limit on that well the short

answer is there is no limit on how much

you can sell back to the grid it's great

don't put a limit on you insane thank

you for watching

they don't say well you know we'll cap

you with ten killer hours a day yeah so

that's great yeah but what they do limit

is at what rate you're gonna push power

back into the power lines is shot so to

expand on that a little bit yeah is that

different distributors owning the power

lines across the country mm-hmm and

they've got their infrastructure set up

and it's only set up to handle a certain

amount of power running through it at a

certain time yeah so they so that's why

I don't mind how much power you put in

total in cities like over the whole day

a whole day yeah but at any given time

and if they put a limit on that yeah

it's generally about five kilowatts yeah

yes that's for to protect the

infrastructure I'll protect them as a

child cuz I've always everyone put huge

systems on their houses yeah so all that

as much power as they could transformers

would explode yeah and it would be good

that wouldn't be negative so the the

guys who are in the Palance and that

they're different to the people selling

you the power they're the retailers they

are the ones that change the money hmm

the people we're talking about actually

build the lines and take care of it and

maintain our great systems that we have

they are the ones who say how much you

can sell it one by the other ones who

say it yeah now in Victoria I know the

most the most common amount we have here

where we are is about five kilowatts to

ten kilowatt gets at any one moment go

solar system it's pretty much

the same across Australia will range

from about five to ten kilowatts in a

moment yeah it's pretty that's correct

yeah now if we do some simple maths and

say that on average you'll sell it for

about ten cents back back to the power

lines we're talking about the average is

about five kilowatts you can sell an

hour yeah climbs up by average sunlight

conservatively let's say four hours per

state in Australia so you get four hours

average sunlight a day the average

system size is five kilowatts yep so the

average system size is 20 kilowatts if

you were to sell all your power each day


for the current rate of 10 cents at five

kilowatts now which are allowed to do

sherrilyn to do you how much money would

you make two bucks all right

is that right an hour are they a day

yeah it's like 600 bucks a year it's not

amazing yeah and that's saying that

we're exporting all of the whole five

kilowatt every an average four hours

yeah so that's why I mean this doesn't

mean that you can't put a bigger system

on then 10 kilowatts it's just there's

it just means all you can there's export

or send five kilowatts back into the

lines so there's little computers and

monitors that can what's called export

women yeah a system so you can have a

nice big 10 15 kilowatt system on there

takes care of your pool pumps and all

your usage during the day and the little

controller and just monitors the whole

system it only ever since five kilowatts

apps of greedy social situation we do

get people who are just sending five

cards and consistently making capital

bucks off of their export yeah that's

also taking care of their usage yeah

which is great and something I've always

said to people when sizing up a solar

system is to put a few extra panels or

an extra kilowatt or if you've seen our

other videos over size your inverter so

pull a couple more panels on the

inverter then it's rated for what you're

allowed to do and in doing that it's

gonna mean that you're more likely to be

selling power more often yes still

within your limit and that extra power

you sell what we said it's two bucks a

day if you sell it to the general

average Lynn

of your average size system you make

about 2 bucks today sorry if you have

that and so you're only going to sell

half which is more realistic you make

about a dollar a day yeah and now I'm a

big campaigner for this because the

dollar a day you make while it's not

huge it's enough to cover your

connection fee which is which is you

tell us a bit more about the connection

fee the connection piece is basically

just a daily charge everyone has to pay

yeah just to have them made a connected

and on and functioning on that home yeah

doesn't that doesn't mean doesn't

include any power yeah it's just to have

the major sitting there and turned on

yeah and so there's nothing you can do

about that fee

aside from selling a dollars worth of

electricity back to the powerlines each

day and using that potentially to offset

your meter charge it's just a dollar you

have to pay each day just to have the

meter stuck to your house yes and this

is good because they get a lot of people

ask the question whether it's on

pictures that we put up on our pages on

Facebook and stuff or videos and people

say yeah well it's all well and good to

get a solar system and it's all well and

good to get a battery but I'm still

going to be paying my connection charge

on my daily connection fee yeah so how

does that work and that's the answer you

can actually sell your excess power each

day and that's generally enough to come

out that dollar so your battery plus

your solar prop lasts a bit extra you

sell which pays your connection fee is a

potential scenarios to get you to $0

electricity bills or even into credit a

little bit with your power company and

we do have people like this we have yeah

we'd have many many customers who have

batteries solar they export the extra

are they pay the connection charged with

it and with the leftover they start

building a credit yeah with the power

company which is unbelievable yeah what

people pay for a power these days yep

anything else I really I mean if you've

got three-phase there's a good this is a

good one it's kind of funny they jump

from five kilowatts per phase on a

single phase to some distributors will

give you ten kilowatts per phase on

every date

yeah so it goes from 5 to 30 kilowatts a

late push back in yeah which is is

awesome but yeah just good to keep in

mind doesn't mean you can't get a bigger

system than five yeah

you can't sell it just means you can't

sell more than the art kill it at a time

to get it to the bow lines that's a

really good point because we have heard

the people say before I've been told I

can only have this size system well it's

not always the case sometimes the

distributor will say you can only have

this size system but generally what

they're saying at least here in

Australia is you can only have this size

system to sell back but you can actually

put more or a bigger system to help

supply a house as long as you're not

selling more than the limit and like you

were saying earlier you can limit that

with computers and devices that will

make sure you're always within the

distributors regulation of what you're


but you've got a huge solar system on

your house you're not paying any bills

and you're selling all the extra so some

people do do that yeah it's the way

around it now just to recap you

mentioned three-phase power and that's

for people who have most people have one

power line coming to the home off the

street some people have three power

lines coming to their home off the

street now yeah it's not coming if you

haven't you probably know about it and

what you were just saying is if you have

that sort of setup it means you can

sometimes sell even more so yeah back to

the power lines then most people would

be able to and more likely to go into


yeah also thank you so much for watching

episode 4 episode 4 episode 4 of PV TV

where we answer all your solar questions

get any questions about solar and

batteries leave them in the comments

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