How Do I Sell Energy Back To The Power Company?

Hey guys!

It's Dean Casey, Casey Services Heating and Cooling.

We're here with Tim and Teresa.

You have your own power plant.

Obviously, your foot print has been dropped, but you don't need much power to heat and

cool your house.

So you also put on solar panels.

Was there any months that you sold them back more than you bought?

Yes, in the spring in particular, we bought from them about 470 kwh and we pushed to them

520 something kwh, so we actually pushed to them more than we purchased from them.

But you learned something along the way.

What did you learn?

That it still not a zero bill.

My bill was still $47 from administrative costs and they charge me more for what I use

from them than what they pay me for what I send to them.

When you buy this back and you sell it back is it better times to buy and sell?

There are plans that you can sign up with them so that there are peak hours, um, to

use power you would pay more for the peak hours.

You decided we gonna do our washing our clothes, drying our clothes at 10:00 in the morning

instead of 10:00 at night.

We're selling them back 500 kwh at .03 and we're buying it at .27.

So you've actually double dipped.

You save the .27 and you kept the .03.


Right and once we get to the batteries, then we'll just be paying administrative fees.

Alright look we're wrapping up here.

Just want to leave you with a little thought.

We got a picture of the family here.

We got the uh, four little kids one big kid and an adult.

Okay, they doing some other things out here that you need to understand okay?

How many acres you got out here?

Tim and Teresa?

We have 12.

Twelve acres.

You're in Northern Wake County, right?


So you just started growing your own crops.

What else we growing?

Chickens, rabbits, turkeys, guineas, we have goats and donkeys further out in pasture a

couple of dogs to help protect everybody.

What are the goats for down pasture?

What do you use them for?

Mowing down the pasture, making milk which we use to make cheese and yogurt, so we and

hopefully soap.

Yup, we're hoping to make some goat milk soap.

Let me ask you something else, I noticed out here is where we put the loop.

The loop is six foot down, right?


I don't even notice that it's there.

When we dug down and did the foundation for the green house right over where the loop


So you knew that you weren't gonna hit your loop.

That's right.

Alright I'm gonna leave you with a thought, I want you to think about this okay:

Heating and cooling from the ground Electricity from the sun

We're living here in America and we having a lot of fun

Helping our people get off the grid Keeping our kids off foreign soil

So one day soon we can tell em We don't need your foreign oil.