How to Sell Solar Virtually

all right so today we're gonna talk

about five tips on how to sell solar

virtually and a lot of you guys are

switching from door to door to online

selling and it might be a struggle for

you and it really is actually more

mental than it is your actual

salesmanship and selling virtually is a

very common thing I used to work for a

company clear solar who did probably the

majority of their business all virtually

and you know I'd see guys close over a

hundred kilowatts in one month just on

the phone and on zoom' so I'm going to

go through some best practices not

necessarily the sales presentation but

some of the best practices on how to get

the most out of your experience with

customers and that way you have the

highest chance of success so we have

tons of other sales trainings and videos

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going but let's not let's dive into it

so first one is have the right tools now

as you can see I am NOT an apple guy and

the reason being is I have a touchscreen

you know you might have an iPad but it's

hard to go jump around and hop back from

proposal to this to that unless you use

a proposal tool so I like to be a drawer

if I'm in person at somebody's home I

have a notepad and paper and I'm used to

being able to draw things and show the

customer visually how I'm selling them

and so I want to be able to have tools

like a stylus to be able to actually do

that in person so you know using things

like OneNote or a whiteboard on your

computer to be able to draw and say you

know hey this is what's going on as you

can see on my screen here and we'll go

through that so a common thing in solar

is you're gonna be drawing this graph of

like okay here's your current utility

company here's what we're gonna do is

we're gonna finance this thing for 25

years this all is equity this all is

going to the garbage all this is savings

you know you're drawing stuff like this

then you're drawing that metering in

you're like okay this is a house with

solar this house doesn't have solar you

know which one's worth more okay how

this works is they have a little meter

it spins backwards and forwards kind of

thing you got the Sun hitting so I'm a

very visual person as you can see on the

screen I'm always drawing I might be

asking them questions I might be saying

like okay so what are the things you're

mainly looking for out of this

appointment it's like okay the first

thing is how much is it going to say

okay now customer you know what are the

things you already know about solar oh

you know that it's a you know good on

the south-facing and so I'm like writing

that down

so I'm actually showing that I'm

listening so the more that you can feel

like visually showing your customer

what's going on that you're listening

that you're paying attention the more

that you're going to have your customer

engaged in that zoom conversation so

things like calendly things like zoom or

some type of go-to meaning software you

have some kind of visual drawing you can

do that with a mouse you can do that

with other things but my I love having

the stylus cuz it's a lot quicker

cleaner I can get sharper lines and then

also just having some kind of texting

software like vanilla message comm

there's other ones out there and some

kind of phone recording things so

whether you're gonna do it all on

recording I would have a way to send

that to the customer after you're done

with it so that if they want to re-watch

that recording they can and they're like

oh man I forgot what he said about this

is I want to have some kind of recording

mechanism zoom and a lot of them

actually give you the capability to

record it afterward and then send it

send it to the customer so those are

some just tip number one have the right


number two is have you know have the

mindset that selling is the same on like

zoom as it is in the home where a lot of

people go wrong is they think that it's

a whole different sales process and they

try to like mix up and they wig out and

they think oh well I can't do those

steps because I'm not there in person or

oh I can only sell one person at a time

cuz how do you get husband and wife on a

zoom call so therefore you know and they

they mentally think that there's a

difference of closing percentage they

mentally think they wig themselves out

more than they need to so sell the exact

same ways if you were in the home so

what I mean by that is don't skips the

cells so it don't don't skip steps in

the sales and DDD you in our solar

presentation and a lot of our sales

training that we offer and we have you

know here's the ten steps to a solar

sail and in other videos you'll be able

to see that or on our on our university

access but for

example if I'm trying to build pain in

the problem in the solar presentation

I'm still gonna ask the questions like

so you know are you environment like are

you doing this more so for the

environment or for the savings and

they're like go for the savings like

okay what does that mean to you and and

what does it look like and how much

money do you spend X amount a year and

if you were to move in ten years where

else that money go and and I'm creating

the fear of loss and I'm creating the

fear of missing out and I'm creating the

the urgency deadlines through you know

hey i TC credits gonna go away an X

amount of time and I'm creating utility

deadlines and I'm recruiting I'm doing

the same stuff I would do as if I was in

their home but I've watched people go

try to sell virtually and it's like they

completely changed their sales process

so don't do that

the next thing is decision makers

present just like as if you have you

know a sale your likelihood of selling

them and closing them on a thirty

thousand dollar solar system and only

one leg is there is really low so step

number three is make sure to have the

decision makers present and then the

fourth one is the reminders and

follow-up and so this is when you'd use

a system like calendly where they can

self create their own their own

appointment date and time and then in

the paid version of calendly you can set

up Auto reminders to email them saying

hey your meeting starts in twenty

minutes or it starts in an hour or it

starts in five minutes and you can have

these Auto reminders and then you can

have some Auto follow-up and so one of

the software's that a lot of people use

in solar would be if you can see on my

screen here is vanilla message and

something like this you can create

campaigns so you go here and you go to

current camp or you go into like custom

message and you create these templates

that say you know hey are you still able

to make your meeting at 5:00 and if they

say yes you're like great I'm excited to

you know chat then see you here here's

the link if they say no you're like

great here's the calendly link to

reschedule click the link and let's get

a new date and time that works best for

you if they say maybe it's like hey I'll

call you and answer any questions so

you're able to customize this and we'll

call this like a you know as you can see

in here this solar company Ida home

solar has created posts

follow-up click funnel and they've

created different follow-up messages

like you know a follow-up message it's

like hey just wanted to send the message

and see if we're still interested in

moving forward if yes please reply yes

and we can talk more awesome love to

schedule a quick call if they say no ok

we're sorry to hear that I would love to

keep us in mind if anything changes and

you're creating this ai texting

automation and if you're smart you're

then just doing this at a fast rapid

pace to go create more time efficiency

and more engagement with your customers

and then on here you're able to just

text back and forth you know the day of

emails is kind of dead the day of like

calling a lot of people it's kind of

inefficient sometimes people are totally

cool with you just texting them being

like hammering and a little late hey hop

on the call hey can I follow up with you

and that was where a you know a system

like vanilla message would would play a

big part in that

now also the follow up is you know

sending them a proposal with the

information that you want them to see

sometimes you give them too much

information so sometimes there's a

there's a smart strategic play based on

how that first visit when our first

meeting went to send them a partial

proposal maybe not divulging all the

numbers but the concept not the

specifics so that you're teeing yourself

up for number two you know meeting

number two so that they're excited to

see what their numbers are right so

sometimes you're strategically may even

have the numbers but you may want to say

hey these are just vague numbers just as

a placeholder on the next meeting we

might just go over the real numbers so

that they're more excited on a two-touch

visit sometimes you're gonna go for a

OneTouch visit but my recommendation on

zoom' just from studying some of the

best at this is making it a two-touch

visit just because a lot of people want

to create that relationship with you and

they want to make sure that they can

trust that some random dude over the

computer isn't trying to scheme them

over a thirty thousand dollar store

system and what's actually going to


that being said step number five is have

all the information necessary ready and

pulled up be prepared for your meeting

like I have here I can click through and

I have my proposal ready to go I have my

banking and financial like your sunlight

financial pour

ready to run credit I have you know my

follow-up campaign everything is like

there that I want to show them I've got

their bill pulled up ready to go so if I

want to analyze their bill with them and

so um hey as you can see right here in

November you had you know this much

going on and in January it was lower and

then look at your July you know and you

can show and be like what the heck did

you have Christmas lights in November

what do you do in November to have this

pop you know as you can see my screen I

can analyze the bill right there with

them show them all the different charges

so them the different blocks and utility

increases the more they use the more how

they're getting penalized or whatever

the utility company provides so what I'm

going to be doing is you can see here on

my screen is I can show them it's like

dude eight hundred and seventy dollars

that's just to run your Parekh and I can

have all this and then I can readily

jump right back to the proposal and be

like okay let me show you here on your

proposal you know where that where your

panels are gonna go and you can really

visualize and let them kind of taste

touch feel see everything that you're

doing and then the other thing that a

lot of people end up doing wrong on this

whole virtual present presenting is they

do all the talking and they don't listen

it's easier to kind of read body

language and and and see a customer when

you're in the home but on zoom or

virtually you tend to just automatically

go into like vomit on them mode my

recommendation is slow down and map out

your questions maybe on a piece of paper

on the side maybe you have like a

notepad you're writing down questions

and you're saying okay I need to make

sure I ask these 10 questions throughout

my presentation to ensure that the

customers engaged and they're not

sitting there watching the football game

while you're sitting there trying to

sell your cell your heart out and

they're just sitting there texting and

watching Netflix the whole time or you

know what I mean so you want to make

sure that you're asking questions so it

forces their attention to stay engaged

into what you're doing because it's easy

for them to get distracted and pretend

like they're listening to you so having

all that all the things ready to go and

then the last thing I would do is say

here's the next steps you never want to

leave an appointment especially a

virtual appointment with not a next step

the next step is I'm going to email you

the information we're gonna meet again

on Thurs

the next step is we're gonna you're

gonna get an email with all these things

that we just got completed and you're

gonna get a call from our site survey

expert the next step is like whatever

the next step is for you make sure that

it's so clear and then give an email

summary report at the end of that saying

hey just loved our call appreciate the

time you spent with me here's the next

steps in case you have questions here's

my phone number and you're showing this

like sales courtesy to show and walk

them through a path to success so these

were my basic tips on how to really run

a successful solar virtual training or a

virtual presentation and you know we

have a ton more videos and content on

our online University and we're continue

to film and train and capture content

with the best of the best and we

realized a lot of people in this time of

social distancing and stuff like that

this a lot of things are migrating dirt

digital and that's not a bad thing

that's not a bad thing sales of sales

psychology psychology people are people

buyer's or buyers you can still go out

and sling a bunch of deals this way