How to make $100,000 your first year selling solar | James The Solar Energy Expert

hey what's up everyone its James here

how are you on this video I'm gonna show

you guys how you can make $100,000

selling solar right before I you know

explain I just want to give you guys a

quick disclaimer right because all the

numbers that I'm going to show you are

all demonstrational purposes only right

I'm not guaranteeing you any results

right just to cover my but as far as the

FTC because they're really really touchy

as far as like income claimants

obviously I'm gonna show you guys some

my results over the last few years and

you guys can get you know better results

than I ever gotten or you may get no

results but I just want to show you guys

how easy it is well not necessarily easy

but how to get a hundred thousand

dollars selling solar right so what I

want to do first is give you guys a

bird's-eye view right so how can you get

in the solar industry as far as selling

solar the first thing that you can do is

you can open up a smaller company right

you're probably gonna make a lot more

money might opening of your solar

company but you're always you're also

gonna get a whole lot more headaches

right this is something I don't

recommend at all okay but if that's what

you guys want to do have at it but

obviously you guys can probably make a

lot more or hopefully you make a lot

more than hundred thousand dollars when

you open up you know a solar company

right so another way to get an industry

to make a hundred thousand dollars is

basically you you become a W teen point


meaning that you apply hey what's up

Chad you applied to different solar

companies right so there's a ton of them

out there there's poppin local smaller

stuff the sort of companies in your area

there may be bigger ones there's you

know something on there's fitment a few

big ones legacy there's a whole bunch of

them right so don't you need to Google

is you know solar companies in my area

and then from there you can submit your

resume and you know pray that they hire


what's up brother how are you Chad Chad

my man out little noise so the third way

is to get an EPC partnership partnership

meaning that you're gonna go and talk to

the local sort of companies in the area

and you're gonna tell them hey this is

how many jobs is currently selling right

now I love to partner up with you and

you know basically become a 1099

employee of yours and what they do is

they give you what they call an EPC red

light right so this red line means that

anything above and beyond what you sell

is yours right so I'm going to show you

I'm gonna break it down what's gonna be

more profitable for you here whether

it's you know getting a job at a solar

company what would I be first let's just

go ahead and remove this one out right

I'm just gonna put X here let's just

roll out solar company

right so we're still work with these two

right here which is the w-2 employee

meaning that you're gonna get a job with

a solar company and also the EPC

partnerships I'm gonna put them

side-by-side and you decide what works

best for you right you decide what works

best for you

so w-2 employee versus EPC partnership

right EPC partnership so let's just put

up here this is a 1099 meaning that

you're independent and you basically own

your own micro solar company right and

let me give you guys some terminology

first as well but especially for you

know if you're new in industry on how

you get paid and the terminology as far

as Commission so the Commission

terminology for the way you know we get

paid as far as Commission it's either

gonna be P P W which is priced for what

or it's gonna be just based on a kW

meaning in kilowatts

right so how that works out is an

average commission for a w-2 employee

ray can range from and don't quote me on

this guys again this is demonstrational

purposes only

especially if FTC's watching

this is only for Debra this is only for

demonstrational purposes only right so

as far as the average Commission if

you're ee2 employee this ranges strata

throughout the nation it can range from


30 cents all the way up to maybe 40

cents right as a w-2 employee and now

how this breaks down right because

that's this is us uni this is price per

watt right because that's the

terminology price per watt and what I'll

do is I'll put P P W here as well so

that basically breaks down to about 300

and 400 kilowatts per kilowatt right so

remember the terminologies either price

per watt that's what the lingo is in the

industry as far as commission or kW

which is two kilowatt ready the price

per kilowatt so just to break this down

a 30 cents price per watt is 300 dollars

a kilowatt and a 40 cents price per watt

is 400 dollars a kilowatt right so for

example let's break down the money buys

down so some for example you've um you

sold say a six kilowatt system and what

it would do is we'll just use the

Florida kilowatt rates keep it simple so

what we'll do is the payout payout

Commission rate for a six kilowatt

system if you're a w-2 employee and like

I said this varies all over the country

it's right around

2411 right so basically six six

kilowatts times four hundred kilowatts

is $2,400 in your pocket right which is

pretty good right you probably sang

again that's pretty good right

um just block this off like that but I'm

going to show you something a whole lot

better right by becoming an EPC

partnership and at the end of the video

if you guys are interested in learning

how to become an EPC dealer or partner

with us because I do have my own

personal sales team if you want to learn

more and dive into it a little bit more

about EPC then make sure you schedule a

call solar strategy call comm solar

strategy called calm I'm gonna put it up

here Solar strategy call comm get on my

calendar I would love to talk to you

about EPC right let's break this down

now let's break this down so the

Commission the terminology is gonna be

same right ppw and also kilowatt as far

as an average Commission though this is

where it changes this is where the whole

game changes right so an average

Commission right average Commission on a

price per lot and again no income

disclaimer here you guys demonstrational

purposes only

just in case FTC's watching just in case

you guys are watching so basically this

would be right around let's say it

ranges from say seventy five cents right

you can see the drastic increase down

stated stay up to an dollar you can

actually make more than a dollar but

this number is gonna make it a lot

easier for me to calculate everything

just like moment a dollar so meaning

that if it's based on the kilowatt

price for what so it was based on the

kilowatt this would be $750 per kilowatt

if it's a dollar per watt that just

basically means up a thousand dollars

per kilowatt right at this point you

should begin to decided especially if

you're looking into this type of

business model right at this point you

should be getting really really excited

because I'm getting excited

so let's see the same exact kilowatt

size doesn't mean there so say for

example you sold a six kilowatt and

you're making a thousand dollars per

kilowatt so your payoff Commission I'm

just gonna breed either your payout

Commission is now six thousand dollars

rate you can see that it's a huge

difference huge difference right from

being an employee of a solar company

versus becoming a 1099 and getting EPC

dealerships and don't get me wrong this

can be tough right because you have to

put yourself out there and talk to local

installers and say hey it's Chad here

and Chad's amazing out hi chat all day

huh and I would say it's Chad here these

are my results I would love to start an

EPC dealership with you and they're

gonna say hey that's awesome here's the

baseline it could be a dominating five

it could be two bucks whatever it is

right whatever that number is that's a

totally different video but you can see

that it's a lot more lucrative when you

become an EPC dealership or a partner

become a VC partner right and if you

guys are interested in learning how to

become an EPC partner right and join my

personal sales team my personal

organization make sure you schedule call

with me solar strategy call comm

actually some

but that's that's calm Solar strategy

call calm and I love to talk to you and

see if it to get fit for us because we

have a platform that's we can learn

Excel anywhere in the country right so

imagine being in Illinois it's like Chad

or being in New York of beating in

California and San Diego would mean and

being able to sell and using our

platform anywhere in the country right

but that's a totally different topic I'm

kind of going on a tangent Deborah teach

you got me interested silver strategy

call on calm but let me break this down

as far as making a hundred thousand

dollars a year with this type of

business structure whether you're a w-2

employee or IEP C partner a tendon nine

partner so basically if your commission

is twenty four hundred dollars and you

want to make the goal this is a goal is

to make a hundred thousand dollars a

year right

that's the goal that's that's great

money right so the way this breaks down

is if you're selling twenty systems at

six kilowatt making twenty four hundred

dollars per deal so you need to close

you need to close forty two deals a year


and I almost like to break it up in a

month so what do you need to do and you

pop you can't see this and I totally

apologize which you can't

but basically what I'm what I'm

calculating here is twenty four a

thousand undred thousand divided by

twenty four hundred that means that you

need to sell forty two deals a year

right forty two deals a year to hit 100k

but to break that down monthly you need

to sell three a half drops three times a

month with this type of business model

you basically need to sell forty two

jobs a year and three and a half jobs a


to make $100,000 as a w-2 employee with

a solar company right let me show you

something pretty amazing right

so same goal here and I totally

apologize you can't see this $100,000

goal right hundred thousand dollar goal

I should just actually rewrite this up


but anyways hundred thousand dollar goal

right so as far as the year you need to

close only seventeen seventeen compared

to 42 a year as an employee right and as

far as the month you need to close about

1.4 jobs one and a half to homeowners

okay one homework and a half write every

single month to make a hundred thousand

dollars a year as a PC partner let me

just let me see if I can bring this down

a bit so you can actually see and I

totally apologize let me just try to big

it down a bit okay so that's what I was

writing down there right as a w-2

employee selling a six kilowatt system

the Commission is $2,400 our goal is

$100,000 a year you would need to close

42 every single you know every year 42

that year and close three and a half

every single month we even have

homeowners to make $100,000 but what an

EPC partnership Sydnee sacked system six

kilowatts but now you're getting paid

almost double or almost triple almost

two and a half times more right as an

EPC partner and you're our goal is still

the same at $100,000 you only need to

close 17 guys I'm gonna duck down here


a year which is about one and a half

homeowners one in sliced one and a half

right one and a half homeowners to

actually make $100,000 a year

so you tell me let me just fix this

really quick which structure would

rather be in would you rather be the w-2

employee which is fine what at whichever

floats your boat

right can we fix this some people they

just want to be w-2 employees there's

nothing wrong with that

right there's nothing wrong with that

but if you're looking as far as you know

getting paid and making money in this

industry and making a hundred thousand

dollars a year in this industry I highly

suggest to becoming EPC partner right

regardless if you join my sales

organization or you know you partnered

up with local installer in your area I

highly suggest that you go this route

this is what a big boys play and big

girls this is where you play right and

some of these guys that are currently

playing this level hopefully after they

watch this video everyone's gonna go

over there right that's the idea so

again if you want to join my personal

sales organization to see if it's a good

fit for you make sure you go to solar

and strategy call com solar strategy


there's gonna be a link somewhere around

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and one last thing and want to make it

quick disclaimer hey what's up - how are

you good I just want to make a quick

disclaimer one more time this is for FTC

or the guys don't want to report me to

the FTC all of this is just for

demonstration purposes only right these

are my results right

you can if using our strategies using

this method you can get less or you can

even make more weighing above beyond

what I'm projecting here but just like

no this is all just demonstrational

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Solar is the way to go right other than

that thank you guys for watching peace

out anyway