Selling Solar Door to Door - Sigora Solar | Episode #2 -

are you sick of not hitting the numbers

you're supposed to hit making the money

you want to make door to door is a

professional collaboration to uplevel

and bring honor and dignity to direct

sales you are the teacher

I like the polkadot one pretty solid

it's a conversation starter an

icebreaker because the second they

looked down they're like dude your socks

you're like I know people aren't gonna

want to come out to the meter house

another way we can break their pattern

talk about their and feel like it's like

mystifying like I wanted to miss the

firehouse but just be different like use

it as a conversation starter so I like

just the pattern just like hey man

obviously we wouldn't be wasting our

time out in the rain if we didn't have

something legit okay

look at that will ATP we got him out

here selling solar Wednesday Sun roofs

Friday so more solar than a violin music

I gotta say a lot of people ask what do

you do absorb all the cameras you know

like you knock up like a lot of times I

won't even knock the global game I'm

just like come on they can't really they

don't think they go to the phone and do

it do you know where you stand

so I'm in type of thing

the door opens here this way

hum I stand here but then they got the

storm door so what you do when there's

no line that don't open that storm door

your first 30 seconds I don't you pay

attention but I'm always trying to point

out something I can relate to them like

hey I got notice your little thing looks

like look at this cool Reed you leave

that up from Easter or you know I pay

attention to the flags you know this

probably older person that a lot older

people in his neighborhood you know they

do their yard there well trim so I'm

kind of prepping myself for like older

person mode right what are the jokes

they all the people like you know like

that last one it was like is it your dog

are you that hey door-to-door people

more like you know she laughs and it

lightens them up so just make sure

you're doing things for like lighten the

mood because if you're that dry

door-to-door guy you're just the same

guys everybody else so just don't be

that same guy I mean people are like oh

I can look in the room put a coat on you

dick we got this like it's weird they

got like a front porch but no like

sidewalk look at like what do you walk

off to Oh

muddy that's nice little Yukon we're

gonna go to close this one

yeah you got a deal with the dog use

that as like dries paper they mean

you're not gonna ring the doorbell first

but don't assume the door goes her you

always got a knock down there so if they

don't answer their dog is taking away

their doorbell right now but okay now

you got a gig people watch this watch I

handle the kids it's super important go

grab it

previous person trying to give

I don't really pay for you come on

country knocking look at this you just

kind of walk up hit sometimes you're

just gonna pull up like right in their

driveway you know what I mean

amazing there's some fire 105 or one

there's so these are really hot what

that means is I'm gonna save you a lot

of money

well that's pregnant well you know what

I can do is help you out the ecobee we

do an energy audit where we'll check

like window ducts and we'll check like

attic ductwork and insulation all that

kind of stuff

if you guys qualify we hope with like a

lot of energy upgrades and one thing is

the Eco B which has little sensors you

can put in different rooms so you put

one of the basement where the main sites

measure the temperature all sorts of

everything so it's not just like that

one spot where it's like you know what I

mean yeah there's some cool solutions

that we kind of come with help you with

finding little tip on area management

that I've been experimenting with so

you've got like and it's been

interesting I just did a podcast with

Bryce Jones you'll see it in a minute

but basically talked about like pepper

in your hair Indian soldiers so let's

say you have a neighborhood where

you go get a sale well then you like you

get like one or two sales on that street

and then you leave it once you've sold

one or two deals leave that straight

don't knock anymore doors on the street

and then what you end up doing is you

end up waiting till that deal gets

installed and then going back you know

those two days get installed then going

back and selling that you know maybe

sell three or four more on that street

and then kind of leave it alone for a

minute then go back in a month or two

once those were installed

so you've kind of played this game of

like knock a couple doors here not a

couple doors here and a couple doors

here and then kind of circle back around

and you really go slow through your

neighborhood so maybe have 1015 streets

but you know how to like really pepper

them so there's an element of your

capacity to be the entertainer

comboed with the cell does it make sense

yeah where your personality isn't so

much entertainer that means you need to

be much more bulldog so like your

selling style has to be a little bit

more like I'm the authority I'll move it

as I move it you'll listen to me because

I can catch your attention through my

authority where me I'm like I can drag

them out a little longer because it's

like I'm the comedian they're like

you're gonna encore me just because you

enjoy the conversation I know that make

sense where they weren't like sitting

there like oh like you know there wasn't

it there wasn't this natural like I'm

having so much fun but that's totally

fine which is 25 like be you don't try

to pretend to be me I draw this line I'm

like okay so you have a friend zone and

then like the deal zone like two salesy

and then there's a line in the middle

right you want to ride the line in the

middle you never want to go too far on

the friend zone like I'm here to do

business and you need to be the guy to

do business but yeah I care about your

life and your kids but if they're gonna

talk to you again so it's like which

group would you be part of would you be

more than one that's like yeah the

future technology the one that's like do

these things are the ugliest things in

the planet and you kind of like almost

like qualified them which I thought was

a kind of a cool way I sped up myself by

picking the poor the important pieces of

myself and I fluffed

I took the fluff out you know I mean

there's pieces that I'm like I don't

need to spend ten minutes on my free

frame I could spend four minutes on my

pre frame and still accomplish the same


okay does that make sense and then I can

use that six minutes longer in my

clothes which is probably more you know

what I mean if you could have had

another five to ten minutes in there

that's a deal

but you wasted that five to ten minutes

and fluff somewhere else yeah they only

had a tolerance of this much time mm-hmm

and you said I'm gonna waste that time

with some fluff and some lolling here

and so the Overlord would have not been

as much of a problem exactly the lady

thing I take a long time with people who

already know and are already interested

in solar those are the people that's

easy to do it so it's checking for

ecology is the word it's what it means

is you're saying okay do we get each


so it's check it's like are you

following mm-hmm

good move on mm-hmm like it's it's you

have to check are they in check with me

like are you with me or are you like in

the clouds like who knows what we're

doing so think of tone is like a wave

right and you have moments of like yeah

enthusiasm then you have moments of like

like it's kind of that curious like oh

ah interesting tell me more about that

you're like the counselor and then

sometimes like dude you hear about that

like let me and then it's like this boom

I'm attacker and you play the dumb

counselor question right so you're

playing this rollercoaster of tones and

emotions you you create a mirror for

them as much as they create a mirror for

you okay

does that make sense so we all just kind

of like you all just yeah I have

everything deflated in the room exactly

everybody's a deflated balloon in there

you can raise their energetic level by

your enthusiasm energy and your passion

they automatically want to raise to Mary

you know yeah that make sense

ideally can I have a guy who wrote a

book on the power of storytelling and I

purposely went out for the

kino because that's what we are it's

like his whole books his whole speeches

are all in storytelling and and that's

the emotional certainty that you're

gonna create with these people right you

need to always be selling that's it make


like always be selling them always be

putting in plugs and you even said

you're like that's why you'll do solar I

love that you used my line and I was

like here we go yeah there's the plug so

it kind of turned it created an

objection it was unnecessary but then

how you handled it I was like boom like

you smooth that over pretty well cuz you

pull back you're like yeah and it might

not even be a good fit solar might not

work for you

and you held your chords which I was

like wow most people would have caved

not held their cards my yeah my my how

the hook was that they like if they're

on the ball if they're getting

everything that I'm saying I get to the

numbers and they're like wait wait it's

less than what we're paying exactly

you have your cards out you know I was

hoping for which was smart know that

that's why I was like oh he held his

cards and so that he had the ACE when

they're like wait it's less any like

that's your ace that you're like boom

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