How i MAKE MONEY SELLING topsoil business

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so Kenny hasn't ran the the dozer in a

while and he just laughed infarct here

she completely backed over our poll

didn't even notice and smash their

lights he was just saying how he wants

to make put up some new poles so I guess

he has to do that now the boys are here


I got Al and Jesse here and I just got

back from dropping off my truck Tundra

is having some issues with the radio on

it but the topsoil pile has grown a

crazy amount since the last time that

you guys saw it I'll do a voiceover on

this part but I'll quickly just kind of

explain to everybody how this works some

people in the last one we're wondering

about the amount of screens and

everything so let's do that alright what

I'm showing here first is the mixing

pile that's where out puts all the