How to Use PayPal for Digital Download | How to Sell Digital Downloads with PayPal and Google Drive

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hey Honeybuns hey pretty chicks it's Jen

and I am coming to show you guys how to

create your instant download with your

PayPal link let's go

so first to get here you need to sign

into PayPal first precursor disclaimer

in order for this to work you must have

a business account setup with PayPal

this will not work if you have an

individual PayPal account if you're

gonna use individual PayPal account

you're gonna have to do the old-school

way where you send them the PayPal me

link someone purchases from you you in

return send them an email with the

product or workbook or meal plan or plan

or whatever instant download you plan to

send them that is the precursor this

works only if you have a business

account with PayPal so you're gonna hit

tools you're gonna hit tools all tools