How to Sell Software to Businesses

let me tell you about a great way not to

sell software just to clarify I am NOT a

sales coach I am not a salesperson I'm

not a consultant in sales I have no

motivation to convert you by sharing

this information all I'm trying to do is

to help you know that if you're gonna

sell to someone there are some important

things you should and should not do so

if it's a local SAS company here not

gonna say - they are great company sales

grab reset reaches out to me and he says

like hey you were in contact with us

about a year and a half ago we've been

in choir since then and that we have new

pricing and some new stuff like to talk

to you about it maybe there's a

opportunity for you there I think sure

yeah why not

so I look at the calendar invite and

there's three people on it so me and

then this guy and then two other guys

from his company so we get on the call

they asked me about my company and about

the research that we're doing and so I

explained everything you know and I'm

showing them my screen and I'm sharing

like this is the kind of research that

we're doing here are the struggles that

we're having with the current tools that

we're using and but I've kind of looked

into it already and I don't really see

an opportunity here because it's just

not worth it to me to have changed these

minor minor issues that we're having

it's not worth it to me to upgrade to a

spark like yours because there's no

value there what kind of dancing around

like what should we do in our next steps

for this sales conversation moving

forward as far as I'm concerned like hey

I'm just giving you some time once to

kind of see if there's an opportunity

there but they're kind of doing this

presumptive clothes thing we're like hey

we're gonna have multiple conversations

so I'm already kind of like I'm not

planning on having multiple

conversations with you guys

and so they're kind of trying to get to

like wool wins the next conversation

gonna be what are our next steps and

like you guys haven't solved a problem

yet so first of all if you're gonna sell

software to someone you need to solve a

clear problem there needs to be a clear

value proposition a clear opportunity

for the customer and you really need to

take the time as a person to understand

the other person's pain and how whatever

it is that your cell

is gonna solve their pain and you will

know when you have struck gold there

because you will feel like you connected

with that person you understood their

problem and you have had that aha

yes our tool solves your pain we're

about twenty minutes into this call

thirty minute call right twenty minutes

in and this other guy one of the other

guys on the call jumps in and he says

hey Dale this is so-and-so I'm the

research person here and um maybe you

said this earlier in the call but I'm

not quite sure what kind of research do

you do I'm like no I'm not gonna repeat

everything that I've just said during

the first 20 minutes of this call like

if you're gonna take someone's time

you're gonna schedule them on their

calendar so they can meet with you

you're gonna take them away from their

business and from whatever else it is

that they're doing pay attention to what

they are saying on the call be present

on the call do not show up late because

someone else has got it for you do not

ask the customer to repeat information

they've already given it's so

frustrating when people take up your

time and they don't make good use of

that time so two nuggets if you're gonna

sell software as-a-service one you need

to have a clear value offering for that

person that customer you need to be able

to solve their pain in some way you need

to get to clarity around how your

solution solves their problem to make

good use of their time show them that

you respect their time and then if

you're gonna take up their time that

you're gonna listen to them and that

you're gonna be fully present in the

conversation they're just little things

but they're important things so keep

those in mind alright go get them