Selling EdTech To Schools - Know Your Value Proposition

What are you bringing to school today?

Did you remember your elevator pitch?

When you come into a school situation

you have to bring that value proposition,

your elevator pitch

with you. I'm Will McCoy,

CEO EdTech Authority,

where we bridge the technology for schools.

When thinking about your value proposition,

what are you bringing?

You should be able to describe to your product

in about three sentences.

It's called an elevator pitch.

Whatever you want to call it,

it's what people will identify

your product

and you together.

That's how they will know you.

You need to be able to clearly state

what it is that your product does

for schools and districts

in about three sentences.

Because, sometimes,

for example at a conference,

that's all the time you're going to have.

Make sure you memorize it.

Make sure you understand it, you agree on it.

That your sales people aren't telling each other

and other people different things.

What's your company about?

Write it in three sentences

and then try it on five of your friends.

One, make sure you're consistent

and two, if they truly see if they understand

what it is that you're trying to convey about your company.

I had a client that

really had crafted this beautiful


But, by the time they had wordsmith this thing

to death,

it really didn't match what the product did anymore.

They tried to throw in all sorts of beautiful language

and they got away from the sole purpose

of what their product was about.

Make sure that your value proposition.

What are you bringing?

What's the value you're bringing to schools is

incredibly clear

and can be delivered in about a

minute. Like I said,

sometimes that's all you have.

When you're crafting your message,

when you're crafting your elevator

pitch, or your value proposition.

What are some things that you need to include?

Remember the perspective of the administrator,

the person that's going to be authorizing

this purchase.

They care about kids

and they care about staff members

and they care about everyone doing

well at school.

So, your message about your

product should have

kids, staff,

schools in it.

If you are truly an edtech company,

you need dimensioned education in your value


Don't forget that.

You are not a

bookkeeping software

anymore. You are a

school business office


It's important that you frame it for

them so that they can see it in a familiar way.

You need your product

to be instantly networked

into their paradigm.

So, you are not a

intranet company,

you're a school district communications system.

I know it's word smithing

and it's wordplay,

but you need to frame your product

for schools.

And, you need to be able to do it within three sentences.

It's a lot of challenge,

it's a lot of napkin writing,

it's a lot of scribbling

and it's a lot of typing.

But, when you get that core concept

about your product.

It makes everything much easier

and people will genuinely understand what

it is you're talking about

and what product you have to

offer their school.

Remember they care about their


Make sure that your product matches what they

need for their schools.

We've talked in other videos about

the importance of listening

and being genuine.

This value proposition all ties to that.

You have to stick to your core

and listen to your client.

What are they looking for

and how are you going to match them?

Remember to keep that elevator pitch clear

and concise

and carry it with you to every school

and every meeting that you have.

If you have any questions

or comments please leave them below.

I'm Will McCoy, CEO of EdTech Authority,

have a great day.