How To Make Money With Code!

all right so today I'm going to go

through my best tips regarding how to

make money from code


there are tons of ways to go about this

and that's the really cool thing about

learning how to code because you're

pretty much only limited by your

creativity and there's virtually no

limit to the earning power you can

create on your own we all know about

Facebook Google Amazon and even things

as simple as that flappy bird game these

were all developed by people who knew

how to code but telling you that you can

make money from creating the next

Facebook it's not super useful so let's

get to the ways that I believe are the

easiest and most profitable

first off freelancing freelancing

contracting whatever you want to call it

my advice here is not to use the classic

websites like freelancer comm off work

or fiber because even though you can

definitely make some money on there I've

rarely seen any offers out there that

great and that means that the hourly

rate for most of the projects that I've

seen is fairly low so there are two ways

to do this better in my opinion first

option is to ask your family and friends

and find a few people that have small

businesses and then build a new website

or improve their existing website for

them and if you do that for free then

you get a few real-world projects that

you can then put on your resume let's

show what you can do then ask them if

they know anyone else who owns a

business who might want a website built

for them and then that way you can build

up a network of clients that you can

then work with on a more continuous

basis updating their sites adding

features and changing things the second

way that you could do this is by going

around your local town and finding small

shops restaurants cafes etc essentially

find places with shitty websites and

then redesign or improve those websites

for them but don't ask them if they want

you to do this just do it for them and

then show up and show them what you've

created for them once you've done that

you can ask them if they'd be willing to

pay a certain amount for that new and

improved website and this would be a way

in which you can build up your own

contracting business you

essentially build a network of clients

that can then hopefully refer you to

other new clients and this process is a

bit tough to get started with but once

you've got it going it can be a bit of a

snowball effect also this video is

sponsored by kite kite is an auto

completion engine for python that

integrates with tons of different text

editors like atom visual studio code

sublime vim and PyCharm picture number

one ranked completions and I sort of

mentioned this before but kites

completions are sorted by relevance

instead of popularity or alphabet or

anything else and they use machine

learning to determine what would be the

most relevant suggestion at this time

and that's how they're able to come up

with better suggestions than any other

system that I've used feature number two

line of code completions and that means

that it's able to actually complete full

lines of code for you feature number

three intelligence snippets using their

machine learning they're able to

actually suggest placeholder values for

when you've calling different functions

and lastly feature number four which is

called Co pilot and co-pilot allows you

to no longer have to Google Python

documentation because co-pilot allows

you to see the documentation right

within your text editor or ID so I

definitely recommend that you download

this and give it a try there'll be a

link in the description the second tip

that I have is a gold line if you get

really good at it

and let us to build enterprise software

and what that means is essentially

you'll spend your time analyzing

different companies and trying to figure

out ways in which you could potentially

improve something for that company by

building a system for them essentially

you try to automate tasks for them so

that you save the company time and money

an example of this would be something

that I noticed when I was working at a

supermarket here in Sweden in the fruit

and vegetable section every day they get

shipments of fruit that get scanned into

the computer the staff me in this case

then takes us out into the store and

places on the shelves

then at the end of the day one of the

staff goes around and estimates how much

should be ordered of each item for the

next day and then manually types this

into the computer but the system keeps

track of sold items ordered items and

also received items meaning that if you

can make a program that just subtracts

sold items from received items then

you'll get a way better idea of how much

to order for the next day and if you add

in a bit of machine learning that uses

weather forecasts and previous year

stats to predict how much is likely to

be bought of each item in the coming day

then you'll have a software that could

potentially save the store millions in

terms of out-of-date products and that

also means that they wouldn't need a

person to go around and do the evening

checks so you could potentially save the

company from having to pay one employee

plus significantly lower the cost of

wasted fruit the reason for bringing up

that example is just to kind of showcase

that by building these systems it's

quite easy to then Rison or motivate a

certain price for that system because if

you can show that your system can save

that company ten thousand dollars in a

year then it's really easy to motivate

that they should pay you ten thousand

dollars for that piece of software

because yes in the first year they'll

still lose those ten thousand dollars

but in the next year they'll be making

or saving ten thousand dollars the next

year they'll save ten thousand dollars

and so on and so forth which means that

it's then pretty easy to motivate that

they should pay you that amount for that

piece of software I haven't done this

myself I've thought about it and I want

to do it but it is quite a lot of effort

that goes into it but again if you get

good at it then you'll be really well

off next is to develop apps and this is

something where it has crazy potential

to make you a lot of money but it comes

with a giant if statement and that is it

can make you money if you come up with a

good idea else it won't really amount to

much like I said previously look at

flappy bird even though that might be a

little bit of a

one out example by now it's a really

good example because a game like flappy

bird can be created by like a 12 year

old who's learning how to create games

and that's the first app that they

create and Navaro account talks about

the benefits of professions like this

where the inputs and the outputs are

highly disconnected and that's exactly

what this is creating flappy bird is

pretty simple but the potential of a

game like that in terms of the potential

money that can be earned from it is

pretty much infinite and that's kind of

the allure of this the fact that

something so simple can become so

valuable and in this case creating a

billion dollar app it's not have to be

difficult coming up with the idea for

that app though that's where the

difficulty lies I definitely think that

it's worth to dabble in app development

because it can have those outsized

results and if nothing else making

something that you yourself want is fun

also as an aside you can make a decent

living from having ads in your apps

given that you make a few apps and have

quite a few downloads on those apps

lastly a few honorable mentions creating

courses and as soon as I hear like

online course I straightaway think of

the get rich quick type courses and I

can't stand that I feel like that sort

of empty knowledge you're teaching

someone how to make money but you're

making money by teaching them how to

make money and it just doesn't feel

right to me but teaching someone how to

code is different because you're

equipping them with a skill that pretty

much infinitely increases their earning

power if they learn to code they'll be

able to make a great living its

quantitative knowledge as compared to

the get-rich-quick courses which teach

qualitative knowledge and then there's

also coding competitions which I guess

you can use to make some extra money

there's pretty much coding competitions

going on all the all year round so I

guess that can be a good way to make

some extra money

I haven't tried it myself so I don't

know too much about it so that's why I

kind of didn't want to bring it up this

one of my main ways to make money with

code and then there's also WordPress

plugins so you can make some plug-ins

for WordPress websites and they can have

a price on those so you can sell them on

the WordPress store sort of thing again

I haven't done this myself but I know

some people that do this and make a

little bit of money from this and it's

kind of one of those pretty popular ways

of making some extra money from code but

again I haven't tried it so I don't

quite know but yeah those are my tips

for how to make money from code and I

hope you got some new ideas for things

to try and that's it for this one I hope

I'll see you in the next one