How to Sell Software to Businesses

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let me tell you about a great way not to

sell software just to clarify I am NOT a

sales coach I am not a salesperson I'm

not a consultant in sales I have no

motivation to convert you by sharing

this information all I'm trying to do is

to help you know that if you're gonna

sell to someone there are some important

things you should and should not do so

if it's a local SAS company here not

gonna say - they are great company sales

grab reset reaches out to me and he says

like hey you were in contact with us

about a year and a half ago we've been

in choir since then and that we have new

pricing and some new stuff like to talk

to you about it maybe there's a

opportunity for you there I think sure

yeah why not

so I look at the calendar invite and

there's three people on it so me and