How to sell software...

hey beautiful today I want to talk about

my first $100,000 deal that I signed

selling software so software sales

that's what I do right now in my career

and I work at a very specific space

within software sales called api's look

it up if you're interested I think

that's a very interesting space I think

it's super the opposite of trending like

like cryptocurrency I think it's just as

exciting but not on people's radar

anyway not today's video today's video

is about me selling software SAS sales

software sales that sort of thing I love

it I think it's super interesting I

should really enjoy my job and today I

want to talk about that first part

thousand dollar deal that I signed it's

kind of a big deal to me also this like

a lot of good lessons within this story

so the story begins with me I worked at

an API company where we sold API

development tools to developers we would

sell into the googles of the world the

apples of the world but also like every

other software company that exists out

there basically that has developers

because essentially I was looking for

companies that have hundreds of

developers in there in their

organization and there's little

thousands upon thousands of these types

of companies so that was my first gig

doing this in api's one thing that I did

I was actually the first sales rep for

this company and one thing that I had

done when I was sort of early before

they had hired on the sales reps is on

the website there was this enterprise

product page and there was a call us

button and on that cause button it rank

through to a system and I just had

because I was the only sales rep at the

time I had just had it bring my cell

phone directly as we brought more people

on I never changed that

I probably should have but I've never

changed that so anytime someone would be

on our website and wanted to just speak

to someone

regarding the enterprise product it

would just bring myself oh it only

happened maybe two times a month maybe

three times and I'd say half the time it

was just it was just a support call

basically so it was more a waste of my

time than helpful but when I did get a

solid lead from it it made everything

worthwhile well I also had been

traveling for work and my my company's

headquarters we had one headquarters in

San Francisco US headquarters my

headquarters in Bangalore India and I

was in Bigler India doing quarter one

planning for the next year

I just arrived in Bangalore and what do

you know I get one of these calls well

the thing about Bangalore is that a lot

of the phone lines are strung through

the trees like looks like this and

especially having an American phone

between the unreliability of the

infrastructure and my phone not even

being from the country I was in it meant

that sometimes my phone would work and

sometimes it wouldn't calling

internationally so I got this voicemail

my phone didn't even ring I just got

this voicemail and it was from a nice

gentleman his name was Ken you just call

him kind of name wasn't really Ken but

I'm trying to blow up any one spot so

Ken's like hey it's Ken calling from

so-and-so software company and I was

like oh this is a software kind of going

after for a while great interest this is

interesting so far looking to purchase I

just have a few questions get back to me

and I was like I just got this like

Lulu's within hours of be landing in

Bangalore tried to ring him one time

nope didn't go through two times three

times four I tried six times to ring him

back like within five minutes of him

Halling or within five minutes of me

getting that voicemail and I could not

get through to him I didn't have his

email address because he didn't leave it

on the voicemail so I was like I

literally can't call this guy right now

not only that but I am literally in a

rickshaw on the streets of Bangalore

India so it's crazy noisy even if I did

get through to him it with like the

streets of India are you know honking

left and right and just tons of noise in

the streets I don't even know how I

thought I was gonna have a conversation

with this guy in the first place but you

know I was like I can't dial this guy

cannot call him I and here's the one

very very specific nugget for people

doing software sales timing is super

super important so the fact that he was

like on our website clicked the call

button and actually was like expecting

to talk to someone right then and there

it means that he's right now has

dedicated at that time towards moving

the needle and purchasing and tomorrow

he may not be focused on that he may not

be in purchasing mood so that you know

that could cause a potential delay so

what I did in this rickshaw barreling

down to meet up with my co-workers at a

bar I texted the number I didn't even

know if it was a cell phone that he

calls from I just had the number that

the voicemail came from I texted out of

the blue hey can this is T Antonio from

blank software company just got your

voicemail I'm so sorry

like literally I texted a a pretty phat

ler I wanted him to know look I I really

care so sorry I'm traveling in India

right now I cannot ring you back would

love to chat though and then I asked a


what was the what was the part you were

what was the motion you were having

trouble with and then I hit that send I

get a blue text bubble which I know I'm

in good shape when I got a blue text

bubble and he NSS delivered and I was

like all right I see you I see you and

he texted right back

Haiti no problems that you understand my

question was if we purchase the

enterprise version do we have to

reinstall the software on everyone's

machines versus the one the version that

they have installed right now which is

the free version and I was like yeah

I've broken through here like I'm

actually moving the needle on this thing

even though I can't call this that

replied can no worries yeah once you

upgrade anyone you add to your upgraded

account will instantly have the new

features they do not need to reinstall

anything is it'll be part of the client

that they're using no worries and then I

think I asked him what are you looking

to get up and running by what do you

look at a purchase by and he said you

know within the next few weeks and you

know as a sales rep we don't believe

that stuff you know like oh yeah two

weeks yes until everything gets in the

way and then you know that's sort of

where we come in because we're the ones

like you know tackling all the

challenges along the way

yeah I took it with a grain of salt two

weeks sure cool no worries all right

here's what I'm gonna do let me get you

this was me being like I would say

aggressive not necessarily in the in the

sense that you're used to but pretty

pretty like assertive and pretty you

know like wishful and my thinking here I

was like hey look Ken give me give me

your email address

I'm as soon as I get to where I'm going

I'm gonna email you

a contract so you can review it and get

an idea of what what the terms look like

here and I'm gonna email you some added

resources about our enterprise

functionality for you to review and get

an idea of what what a world with our

enterprise product is going to end up

looking like and can reply with his

email address cool so the last thing I

ever put a reply with was hey you know

in order for me to actually just

background information for in order for

me to send the contract like that I

needed to know essentially how many

users they they were purchasing for so I

said hey Peter

another little sneak sneak attack here

how many developers are you looking to

get on our platform I didn't really

asked like how many users do you need to

buy for it was like you know how many

how many developers are using us right

now within your organization and he said

200 now that at the time for me was a

ton and that I immediately I immediately

did the math the cost per user

multiplication and was like oh this is

well over a hundred K I think it was

like a hundred 40k or something like

that I was like even with discounting

it's gonna still clear 100 K annually

every year it's a hundred K for the


so again healthy skepticism was like


therefore $200 sure

so anyway what I did with I draft up the

contract for 200 developers with the

phat 140k I think at the time amount and

maybe through some training on there for

free just like make it look like you

know what about charging him full full

amount and I sent that off and I said

some extra resources emailed it to him

well lo and behold somehow through the

good graces of God he was able to get it

run through his organization and

approved and within three weeks I had

closed my first hundred ok deal now the

lesson here is is really about the

timing it's about you know being on when

you need to be on and that's something

that I really love about software sales

in general I like that I have

flexibility in my life and I like that

when I have products and I really booked

to sell that products that I find

interesting in my life having these

conversations off hours is actually kind

of fun for me and I like talking about

the product in general with people

especially when they're curious about

what the product does or what the deep

parts of the nuances of the product is

so this was you know a really great

experience for me and I really enjoyed

it so I wanted to share the story I've

since closed many other larger deals

than that and I sort of love the space

software sales so if you're interested

in software sales I think I'm going to

make more videos on that based on this

video which I guess I'll just put a card

up for which is doing quite well so

apparently some people want to learn

about this which is cool thank you guys

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