How to Use PayPal for Digital Download | How to Sell Digital Downloads with PayPal and Google Drive

hey Honeybuns hey pretty chicks it's Jen

and I am coming to show you guys how to

create your instant download with your

PayPal link let's go

so first to get here you need to sign

into PayPal first precursor disclaimer

in order for this to work you must have

a business account setup with PayPal

this will not work if you have an

individual PayPal account if you're

gonna use individual PayPal account

you're gonna have to do the old-school

way where you send them the PayPal me

link someone purchases from you you in

return send them an email with the

product or workbook or meal plan or plan

or whatever instant download you plan to

send them that is the precursor this

works only if you have a business

account with PayPal so you're gonna hit

tools you're gonna hit tools all tools

then you're gonna come down and you're

gonna go to pay no buttons you're

looking for PayPal buttons all right you

guys so you are gonna create now a Buy

Now button so this is the Buy Now button

so it's by now what is this is my four

week weight loss program that I am

offering and it is going to be $25 and

that is it so this is the Buy Now button

okay we're gonna down we're not worried

about any of this where the good stuff

happens where the magic happens is here

what it is is BAM it asks you do you

want to allow them to change the

quantity yes or no sure hey do you have

anything that is let them send you

something special

no well you could you want to know why

is um some people purchase with one

email address but they wanted to be

since somewhere else so if you want to

you can have them do that do you need

the customer shipping this is an instant

download you don't need that here is

where the magic happens you guys okay so

when the person pays you want to click

both of these right when the person pays

for the item I want to give them date I

want to send them to that link okay and

then also if the person doesn't pay I

want to send them to my I'm just gonna

send them to my site so that they can

land on one of my latest blog post or if

I really wanted to just keep selling to

them I can send it to my brands and

beauty fitness which is my se shop but

I'm not gonna do that so that's that and

then I'm gonna hit create button here

you guys and then I'm gonna hit create

button you guys create button boom but

I'm not really creating a button what I

really want to create is a link now this

is if I want to embed it into my website

I wouldn't use this but I don't what I

want to do is I want to use it as its

own the link so I'm gonna go here and

then what I want to do is show you guys

how it ends up so I go here that's my

button if somebody was to click that

link it will take them here which is

going to show you a shopping cart next

and the shopping cart should say the

twenty-five dollars for the four week

weight loss training program see and if

I was to hit continue

boom it's me so I don't know how far to

let me log in but what is supposed to

happen here is boom the person pays then

BOOM a minute later they're supposed to

receive an email with that link or

actually it's supposed to send them to

that link because they just made the

purchase and you guys that is it that is

how you create your instant download

button for PayPal