How To Sell Yoga Videos Online with Download Software

I dev spot presents how to sell your

yoga videos online are you a yoga

instructor or do you know a yoga

instructor who would like to begin

selling their yoga videos on the website

follow these four steps to begin selling

your videos on your website the first

step is to create your video in which

you will need a recording device and

either a partner to videotape you or a

tripod step 2 is to upload your video

onto your computer and begin with the

editing once you're finished editing the

third step will be to save your video in

a file that's easy for people to watch

on their computers and the final step is

to upload your video onto your website

using digital download software so that

you can begin selling it to your

customer to do this i recommend digi

vendor pro software it's easy to use

inexpensive and supports many different

types of file along with many other

great features digi vendor pro is

integrated with paypal and it's super

easy for customers to begin to buy and

immediately start using your yoga videos

check out the live demo and see for

yourself at