How to sell offshore software development services

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So you have an offshore software development company and try to sell your

services to clients in the US and in Europe but it's not going fast enough you want more

clients, you want larger contracts, you are calling here and they're sending

thousands of emails messages on LinkedIn, try to build a pipeline, bring a lot of

leads and prospects but no one is giving you the chance, you are trying to do

presentations to show them what you can do for them,

but they are not biting on it if this is your situation right now then this is the right place for you, stay with me ...

The biggest challenge software companies

have with the sales the marketing and sales are not coping with the technical

skills they have, most of the companies are run or maybe even owned by the

developers, small companies are owned by the same developers who started the

company and larger companies they promoted the developers and they get

into management and they do the sales also and this situation I have seen in

thousands and thousands of companies around the world it's not

different from country to country. Technical people have challenges to do

good in marketing and sales I'm not saying they are failing but they are not

taking it with serious enough education, training, and preparation. Let me ask

you, you are all developers and know what it means to have a

methodology for the software development if I ask you in what way, what method you

are using for the development you tell me I'm using Agile I'm - I'm using

Extreme Programming ,Waterfall this is traditional, I'm using SCRUM - I'm using