Story Time | Why I DON'T Work At Journeys Anymore (Shoe Store)

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turn my volume down on my FaceTime on my

laptop with my cell phone mute and I

feel really bright right now but you

guys know like I'm bright all the time

so hey guys what's up welcome back to my

channel this is going to be a storytime

about why I stopped working at journeys

or why I don't work at journeys anymore

and I've been anticipating making this

video it was actually kind of like

requested in a sense because people saw

the how to get the job and then I had

some people commenting underneath like

okay so have you come out with the why

you don't work there video so to all the

people that got the job hit journeys and

you're happy with your position I am

happy for you I know I don't like

respond back to like every single

comment that is in my comments but I do

see all of them and I'm happy that I was