How To Get Social Media Management Clients in 2021 (Step-By-Step Guide)

hey guys how's it going Brad Reilly here

founder of the accelerated company and

in this video today I'm going to be

going through how you can close social

media management clients in 2020 now

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further ado let's jump right into it so

what I want to do in this video today is

break it up into seven different steps

for you for you to be able to actually

build and run a successful social media

management business now the first tip I

have for you is almost the foundations

here I need you to understand the real

selling points behind social media

management before we progress any

further ok so the first tip for you is

to understand this selling points of

social media management and for most

people when this may can actually take a

lot people by shock but getting sales is

not a selling point from social media

management because for the most part

posting on social media Ryan captions

scheduling out content doing a bit of

growth which is essentially what social

media management is it's not going to

directly translate to an abundance of

sales overnight it's not going to happen

it is a much longer term play for

businesses than a short-term direct

tangible ROI play alright so you need to

understand that before you go into

businesses start promising a bunch of

sales and guess what the sales don't

come in and because you've promised it

they're not getting what they expect and

then they leave ok that's bound to

happen so understand the selling points

for management which are building brand

awareness building top-of-mind Authority

ok making sure if you're posting every

day you're staying top of mind over

competition building brand you know if

you've got nice-looking posts with the

logo the colors again it's gonna

associate that brand with that company

building an actual online presence again

this is another important thing when

people go on to social media and they

search for a company and if you don't

show up but let's say you're completa

restaurant right and you type in chicken

restaurant in London and your

competition comes up and not you but

they're looking for a chicken place to

in London guess what you've lost that

potential customer so it's important

again that you're staying top of mind

you're building brand awareness and

you're also building that social media

presence and that stuff that you can

help with another selling point is that

you can take it off their hands you know

social media management you need to have

a social media presence a lot of

companies well every company needs a

social media presence but it's

time-consuming so that's another selling

point for you and you know when you

speak into your prospects you can say

this but I can take this completely off

your hands and save you a bunch of time

so you can focus on growing your

business again that's another selling

point and the final real killer killer

killer point here which is one of the

most important is your building traffic

that you own you know if you help grow

social media accounts you say 10,000

followers every single time they want to

reach those 10,000 followers they own

that traffic meaning they own those

10,000 followers they can make a post at

any point about a new offer a new

release a new product a discount a sell

whatever and guess what they can make a

post doesn't cost a cent an add cost and

it's gone up to all of their followers

who already know about the business a

lot of them our previous customers they

care about the company and it can lead

to sales you own that traffic and you

don't need to spend money on ads to

acquire some customers from it because

you own it whereas with paid ads it's

paid traffic right to reach those

potential customers you have to spend

money now both of their benefit don't

get me wrong both have their benefit but

that is one of the key selling points is

that okay look you actually own this

traffic so at any point once we build up

your followers we can reach them for

free with a simple post so yeah

understand the selling points and yeah

obviously make sure you set their

expectations now the second piece of

advice I have for you when it comes to

starting a social media management

business is to focus on higher intent

leads now this couldn't be more true for

this service because there is no

tangible ROI you know meaning you're not

able to describe right with Facebook ads

right or like Google Ads you can come in

and you can say look we can help you

generate more revenue that's a huge

selling point so when you're reaching

out to cold leads saying that I can help

you make more money it's an easier sell

when you're reaching out to cold leads

and you're saying I can help you build

your social media presence it's not

going to hit them as as much emotionally

or logically I mean it's gonna be harder

to sell cold leads so more than ever

with any service that you offer focusing

on warm lead sources and higher intent

leads is never been more important it's

gonna be really difficult to reach out

business is cold and try and sell them

on social management services it's gonna

be real difficult to do that whereas if

you go on sites like upwork recruitment

sites okay if you go to the content

search bar on LinkedIn and you find

people who are actively looking for help

with social media management you're

going to have more success with this

business model because then you're going

direct to people who are saying look I

know this doesn't give me a direct ROI

but I just think that's taken off my

hands come and help me okay it's like

you're making it harder for yourself if

you go and do cold outreach especially

with this business model focusing on

those higher intent leads is really

really incredibly important it's gonna

make all the difference when it comes to

you increasing your revenue now the

third tip I have for you which is

closely related to that one in the

higher intent leads is an action step

for you right now go and get yourself an

account created on up what people per


guru freelance of top towel all of the

freelance sites go get yourself accounts

set up and created and position yourself

as a social media marketing or a social

media management expert you know if

you've got previous examples of work

great chuck it all on there build out as

much as possible list the services and

things that you can help with caption

writing replying to comments scheduling

posts content creation and design

hashtag strategies whatever it may be

list the services build out your

profiles and position yourself on these

freelance websites as a social media

management expert two things are going

to come of this right the first thing

that's going to come of this is you're

going to be able to use that profile to

do outreach the second thing if you

build an attractive enough profile

you're gonna have leads and prospects

come to you I've had social media

management clients as big as 3k a month

approached me before wanted to work with

me just because I've got a half-decent

profile on these freelance websites so

do not sleep on that because all of a

sudden you put yourself in a power

position where you have leads coming to

you it's really gonna be important when

it comes to long term scale you know if

you don't even have to do any outreach

your business is still growing that's

when you're on to something so ya build

out these up work freelancer people Pat

our guru freelance accounts position

yourself as a social media management

expert and then start doing that

outreach now the fourth tip I have for

you again onto these freelance websites

is how you can do the outreach so we're

gonna use something like up workers

that's the main main freelance website

right now by far the best I've tried the

more tests the more up workers without a

doubt the best when it comes to getting

clients what you want to do very simples

go to the search

after your account spread after you

position yourself as an expert go to

that search bar on the top corner hit

the search bar and type in social media

management type in social media social

media marketing and see the thousands

and tens of thousands of jobs that come

up buying jobs that are a good fit click

them and reach out to those businesses

it's as simple as that so step 4

very simple do outreach go to the search

bar change up your keyword search find

jobs who seem like a good fit for you

and reach out to those warm leads once

you do that you're gonna get those

responses that you can then set up cause

and close those deals but you know all

of this by all of these steps are really

important but if you don't do this step

you don't do number 4 and actually do

any outreach you're not gonna close any


so spend once all this is set up spend

the majority of your time doing outreach

because if you do that you're gonna get

better results because ultimately you're

focusing more on things that are

actually gonna produce revenue for your

company so the fifth thing in the fifth

step as part of this process is once you

do this outreach on these freelancer

websites you're gonna start getting some

responses and when you start getting

responses the next step for you is to

set up meetings I've got a few bits of

advice here for you be the first one

being the most important is push for a

meeting as soon as you possibly can I

deal with in the first message so if

you're on these freelance websites

you're doing the outreach and then you

get a response John the barber pops up

hey Brad I'm interested in working

together hey John

great I'm really glad to see that you're

interested in working together are you

free to hop on a call this week I'd love

to share some ideas with you boom call

to action in the first message strike

was the iron's hot

they're interested get them on a course

soon as possible and try and close that

deal if you do that and you push for

those meetings like within the first one

to two messages you're gonna have a

higher success rate when it comes to

turning those prospects and those

messages into actual closed deals so

step five is to set up meetings also

sometimes as well prospects will turn

around and say that they don't want to

hop on a meeting or they don't want to

have a phone call with you which is fine

in which case proactively push the cell

forward using messages instead you don't

have to always have a phone call now it

does help but if a prospect is said oh I

haven't got time for a call or they

don't want to hop on a call fine push

towards the close find out information

and all that stuff on messenger instead

and that's another beautiful thing about

freelance sites right so you

close deals without ever talking to

people on the phone sometimes it's just

that easy right so yeah still under five

is push for meetings as soon as you

possibly can and try and progress the

conversation towards the close so the

six step that I have for you today is

once you've got those meetings up you've

got really interested prospects the next

step for you is to price your services

close the deal and on board the client

okay now pricing normally that I mean

that's a whole different ballgame okay

I've got videos on the YouTube channel

about that so be sure to go and check

those out but so I'm not gonna go too

much Enterprise and today but price your

service has come to an agreement

negotiate if you need to and agree upon

a price once you've agreed upon that

price the next thing you two need to do

is that actually close them and get that

commitment so send the invoice send the

job through on upwork get them to settle

that payment as soon as possible because

the sooner that again they settle that

payment the more likely the deals gonna

go through back to that whole strike

while the iron is hot right because the

issue is business owners get really

goddamn busy okay real busy especially

if they've got a bunch of stuff going on

so it's very easy sometimes for deals to

fall through even when you're right at

the end on that close phase it's so easy

for deals to fall through if you're not

proactive because guess what happens

life gets in the way business owners get

busy they get distracted with other

tasks and all of a sudden now onboarding

you and working with you is fall and

slowly down the priority list because

they've got all this other stuff to do

and then sometimes a deal call fall

through because of it so once you've got

that commitment and once you've actually

got a price you've agreed upon so

through the invoice get that payment and

then from then as soon as you've got

that payment send them your onboarding

link get them through your onboarding

process getting them into your slack

channels and be ready to start executing

okay that whole process needs to happen

as soon as possible the second you've

got a green light on price you get

straight that commitment straightaway

get the payment and send me on board and

link get them on board it into your

business get them in your slack channel

and be willing to take action the

quicker that whole little cycle there to

get them on boarded and paid the more

likely you are to close a deal okay so

strike while the iron is hot make sure

you price your services come to an

agreement get a commitment like a

payment sign a contract and whatnot and

get them on board on to your business

now the seventh and final tip I have for

you today is to delegate the work to

your team if you have one

if not begin the service delivery

yourself now this tip is really

important and I want to preface by

saying if you don't plan on having a

team I personally think that's a little

bit of a mistake you're gonna hit a

ceiling real quick if you're trying to

handle all your social media management

clients yourself you're gonna really hit

a point where you're not able to scale

like I've been there before I only

offered social media management for the

first like six months in my company all

right and there was a point where I was

probably sitting it somewhere between

like 10 to 15 clients but I was handling

it all myself as an order design I was

writing all the captions I was scheduled

all the posts I was doing all the growth

for applying to some of the comments but

for some of my clients ago where we had

agreed upon that all of a sudden I had

all of these clients and had no time to

focus on getting more clients and on top

of that I was completely burned out

because working 18 hours a day not

sleeping right not being healthy because

I was just all in working in my business

so where possible and I highly recommend

you do this get your social media

management automated now if you're

interested as mentioned I have the free

7-day trial to the entrepreneur

accelerator all of my entrepreneur

accelerator students have what's called

the contractor wall inside where you get

access to two of the social media

managers that I actually use in my

business now the great thing about this

is they're really talented but they're

super cheap so if you want to go ahead

and join in the entrepreneur accelerator

I can give you immediate access to those

guys you can use them and input them and

start automating your social media

management in a professional manner from

something with somebody you can trust

right away and I really recommend you do

that because if you buy back that time

you can then allocate the time you've

saved on doing more sales doing more

outreach and ultimately scaling your

business and also it's nice to have free

time like if you want to be able to go

on holiday and relax you can and you're

not kind of shackled to your business to

that respect ok real real important step

7 start doing the service delivery

delegate that work to your team and

again start getting crazy great results

for your clients and then guess what

repeat the cycle now hopefully you found

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