Social Media Marketing Tips - How To Sell More Products On Social Media Using Demo Posts

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so I talk a lot about what to post on

social media to stir up more business

but today I want to talk about one post

type in particular that's gaining a lot

of traction and working so so well and

if you can do this right in your

business you can stir up a lot of

business volume I call these post types

demo posts and we're talking all about

them today so stay tuned


welcome to episode 174 my name is Tanya

Eliza and I help entrepreneurs and

network marketers create success fast

well most importantly designing a

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fun of all the time for saying resources

is worse that will resource that goes

with the resource that you can resource

for you and your business I like to

equip do with a form and apparently its

resources but Canadians say it resources

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