How To Sell Your SMMA Services - Social Media Marketing 2021

What's up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in today's video

I want to break down an easier way to go through and sell your services as a digital marketing agency owner

Now the reason why I want to shoot this video is because I get asked all the time right here on this channel

Jason how do I actually go through and get more clients now?

There's several strategies that I've gone through and shared right here on the channel of how to actually get those clients

But once you actually get that person on the phone you get a prospect on the phone

It's all in the conversation that you're having with that prospect

That's gonna dictate whether you're actually able to sell them on your services

and I think this is extremely important because when I first got started I had this all

Wrong, and I'm sure a lot of you guys when you first started as well or if you're just starting now

You probably kind of have the wrong mindset of how to actually sell your services

So I just want to quickly break this down for you today

So if we think about you as a digital marketing agency owner

Right, your whole goal is to help serve your client to basically remove some part of the sales process

Whether it's just the marketing lead generation

Maybe you book appointments for them and get them more clients so that they can close more deals and ultimately make more money

Right, obviously, there's a wide variety of service that you can go through an offer

But what they're looking for is what is the core benefit? What is the core offering that you bring to them?

They're not looking for all the different features of like how many ads are gonna be setting up how many emails how many text messages?

Ultimately at the end of the day if you could go through and tell a client. Hey pay me two thousand dollars per month

I will do everything that needs to be done to actually sell a ten thousand dollar client

They'll do that all day long, right?

but at the end the day like you would never do that because I want to make sense if you're doing all the work you're

Only getting paid 2000 dollars and they're making the ten thousand dollars and they're making that difference right? There just doesn't make sense

Alright, so you need to go through if we look at the whole sales conversion process first

You have kind of the traffic generation portion

Okay, getting eyeballs and one of the offers then you have the lead generation

So we get traffic to some type of landing page. We generate a lead then from the lead

We actually want to have a conversation

To be able to book an appointment

Okay, and then from the appointment it goes into the sales process to the point that we actually have a closed deal

So if we look at this

We've got traffic kind of like the initial

Engagement with your prospect on one end of the spectrum and then a closed deal on the other end of the spectrum

now what you want to sell is as

Close as you possibly can to this closed deal and this is true

If you are a social media marketing agency owner if you're a real estate agent

It doesn't matter what business you're in you want to sell the ultimate benefits of as close as you possibly

Can to the actual end closed deal so to give you a quick example of how this actually works in my business

I help real estate agents generate leads and book more appointments from those leads through a proven predictable follow up system

Okay, so I'm not going to go through. I can't I can't actually physically

Guarantee or promise that my help is going to help them close ten deals each month

the reason why is because my focus is more on the lead generation and booking appointments and the sales conversations and then once they're actually

Talking to that person

they've got to have some game to be able to know how to actually talk to that person how to close the deal how to

Show homes

all that whole process right that that's on them and that's their sex expertise and specialty whereas my expertise and specialty is

getting ads in front of eyeballs that are people in their area and

Generating leads from those eyeballs and then getting the conversation started to book more appointments for these Realtors

So when I'm on a sales call with these Realtors, I'm not selling features right and if you sell features

You're not really gonna sell very much. I'm not selling. Oh, I'm gonna set up a Facebook ad

I'm gonna set up the tracking the pixels the custom conversion events

I'm gonna go through and I'll set up some emails for you some text messages all this stuff I'm saying

Hey, look, we've got three different packages

We have one that you're gonna get exclusive leads 20 to 30 leads per month

We have another one where we can get you 50 to 60 lease per month or a hundred plus leads per month

So basically the exact wordings of what I would say on the phone is hey

Look, we'll build out addictive all done free marketing system and we have three different packages. We have one package

We will generate you 20 to 30 exclusive leads per month

Another one where will generate you 50 to 60 exclusively per month and then another one where we'll generate a hundred plus

Leads per month and then you just zip your lip

You stay silent and you let them ask the questions. Okay, cuz some people like okay great. Let's do it

I want the 50s 60s per month. How much is that? Okay, and then you give them the price get them started get going

Okay. The thing is there's so many of us

We try to go through and spill all this information and tell them all these different things

We're gonna be doing to go through and prove our worth where it's like

Hey look

They're just looking for more leads or they're looking for more

Appointments booked and so whatever like whatever that farthest end point to a closed deal that you can promise and you can offer

That's what you want to focus on. Okay, and maybe it's not twenty to thirty exclusive leads per month

Maybe you're like hey, look I guarantee you

I'm gonna get you ten sales conversations every single month ten brand new sales conversations because that's a step further

even than the amount of leads that are generated and then after you present that

You just shut up and you let them ask their questions

Okay, cuz sometimes they're like well, how do you do that are you know focus on Facebook? Are you gonna do retargeting?

Are you gonna go through and do Google search Network or what does the follow-up process looks like? What are you gonna do?

So like you let them kind of lead the conversation and dictate where it all goes and when you when they ask a question

You give them a short simple response and you're not talking for two to three minutes at a time. Okay, it's like okay

Well how you're gonna do that but what we do is we set up Facebook Ads to a lead site to help you actually go

Through and increase the number of leads that you're getting and then you just stay silent again

And then from there if they have more questions

They'll ask them but you're basically letting the customer

Dictate the direction of the sales conversation because then when they're asking question, you know

that is one of their pain points or that's a need that you need to go through and hit and

So then you give them an answer you don't go through and talk for four five six minutes at a time

You just give them a short concise answer and then get back to the core focus of hey, you know

We generate twenty to thirty exclusive leads per month

Your real-estate business because ultimately that's what they want

Then obviously you can go through and tighten the follow up of hey we go through and we get a predictable

proven follow-up system in place so you can create more sales conversations and booked more appointments from the leads that are

generated that kind of takes things to the next level right or let's say you're working with a dentist or an

Orthodontist and maybe it's not necessarily the number of leads generated

But how many people you can actually get walking through their doors?

Okay, because you can maybe help get people walking through their doors, but once they're actually inside at that point

It's all to the chiropractor the dentist or orthodontist to sell whatever services that patient is looking for

So anyway guys, I hope this video helped as far as how to go through and sell your services better

We're actually talking to a prospect and a prospective client


focus on the end core result the benefit that they're going to be getting as opposed all the different features all the different little

technicalities of things that you're going to be doing on the back end and I say at the end of day they don't care what

You're doing on the back end. All they want is the end result

Okay, if you're talking Facebook ads landing pages emails facebook Messenger BOTS all this stuff

They literally don't care and they literally don't know any idea of anything that you're talking about

And if they do have an idea of what you're talking about more than likely they're in your same exact space

And if they're in your same exact space, they're not going to be hiring you and so why are you talking to them anyway?

so your whole goal with this marketing agency business is

To remove a huge burden remove hours of work or trying to figure things out trial and error

from your ideal target customer if I can go through and help real estate agents remove hours of time every single week of

Prospecting following up with those leads and nurturing those leads

That's a huge benefit to them so they can focus on what they do best, which is working one-on-one with clients and closing more deals

anyway, I hope this video was helpful of how to help you actually go through and close more clients when you get them on the

Phone to your social media marketing services if it was helpful. Go ahead

Give this video a thumbs up also drop a comment down below. Let me know what you're struggling with

Let me know how I can help you guys

I want to be able to shoot more videos over the next couple of weeks since everyone's kind of, you know

If this is weird type of life, and so I want to go through and shoot more videos to help you guys

Educate yourselves train up so that once things get back to normal that you can be ready to go hitting the ground running

So with that said guys and thanks so much for watching and I will see you in the next video