How To Start Social Media Marketing As A Beginner - STEP BY STEP

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Create a Fortune asks,

"Hey Dan, I started a social media marketing agency

and I need clients.

I have no network of business owners.

At the moment, I'm cold calling.

So, what do you recommend for someone

who starts a B to B business?"

Create a Fortune, that is a problem,

because if you're starting a B to B business,

you're starting a social media marketing agency

and you have problems using social media to get clients,

do you see the problem with that?

It's a little bit like, you are trying to teach someone

how to quit smoking and you're a smoker.

Or you haven't done it.

So you might think starting an agency,

nothing wrong with starting an agency.

But I'm saying is, that if you haven't done it,

you can't even do it for yourself,

how can you do it for other people?

I think that's an integrity issue.