The secret to selling handmade soap. Small business tips.

I know it's been a stretch since I've

posted a video but there's a good reason

for that and let me tell you what it is

so I did film this video and I filmed it

like two weeks ago and film the entire


and it was like 40 minutes long and I

put like a lot of good information in

there or at least I feel like it was and

I went to upload it to YouTube and like

all you could see was my chin in my neck

I have no idea what happened I really

don't because when I looked like as I

was filming like I was in the screen

like I am here but for some reason it

only it was weird so I thought about

uploading it anyway because the

information was there and it's not like

you need to see me to get the

information but I thought it was just

odd it looked weird so I did not have

played it as a leaving it which really

kind of broke my heart because I was

like that was a freaking hour of my life

just completely deleted basically I told

you guys I was going to do a video on

the secret of selling soap and I do have

some notes here and I'm just kind of

keep me on task because you'll know I'll

be rambling sometimes they secret to

selling soap okay so there's one big

thing and I'm gonna leave that till the

end okay but I'm gonna go over this

these other a few things first so um the

first thing that I'm gonna say would be

time okay

and I know that sucks and most of these

things are probably say things most of

these concepts or ideas are not going to

be quick fixes but I think if you get

started that's a step in the right

direction because time is gonna pass no

matter what you do right so you may as

well be doing something to grow your

business even if it's the tiniest tiny

little step in that direction that's

going to be in the right direction so in

the reason I say time with building a

soap business and it's a secret to

selling soap is the fact that you have

to build that what's called the know

like and trust factor people want to

know you they need to get to like you so


can trust you most people are not going

to just buy from anybody they may but

most people you know are going to want

to really know what your business is

about know what you're about and you

know make sure that they do want to

invest their hard-earned money into your

business so it takes time for people to

get to know like and trust you

sometimes just meeting one time is

enough right they can meet you they can

talk to you see your product and you

know they it may just be you know a

small investment so when you're talking

you know a $20.00 investment it's not a

lot for most people so you don't they

don't have to like know you for six

months so just you being the one selling

your product at these markets or at

festivals or getting on Facebook or

YouTube or wherever allowing people to

see the face behind the soap or whatever

you're selling is important and trust me

I know it's hard I really don't do that

many Facebook lives or obviously very

many YouTube videos because I myself do

not like being you know the one in the

center of attention on camera but I know

it's important and for a business to

grow and sometimes when you have a

message to get out you just have to kind

of step outside of your comfort zone and

do it and you know I feel like I've been

doing this long enough to where I do

have some nuggets of information and

helpful hints for somebody out there so

you just have to take time to build that

customer base and you know it longer

you're in it and the more frequent and

consistent you go to markets then these

customers will become like friends and

get to know you and they'll feel loyal

to you and you know they made buy from

other people as well but if they'll the

key is if they consistently come back to

you then you have a loyal fan base and

that's what you want you want your

customers to be loyal to you because it

is much easier to keep your customers

than to constantly try and get out there

and get new customers

so put in the time go to these markets

festivals or time on Facebook lives or

whatever to put in the time to invest so

that people can get to know you and then

you know try your product and then fall

in love with that okay so hmm

I wrote down this too and this is kind

of something I struggle with so new

products so I go to the farmers markets

and festivals and things and I have a

lot of the same customers that come and

they they like their same products right

because they have certain scents that

maybe their favorite but then they're

also anxious to see new things so you

know try new products I mean we all like

new products like I do too like I love

that is my number one thing that I enjoy

doing is formulating I don't even sell a

fraction of what I formulate I mainly

just do it for me because I absolutely

love it and if I sold everything I

formulated then people would probably

wonder I don't know that I think I was

crazy because I hardly like couldn't

even probably make the same thing twice

because you know I'll tweak it so much

like I'll formulate something and then

I'll be oh this needs more glycerin or

this needs more niacinamide or whatever

you know just constantly tweak it and I

don't know why it's kind of like in

search for that perfect product that's

probably not doesn't even exist but it's

just something that I enjoy so that

being a side note putting out new

products but obviously being realistic

about it like I'm an extreme on that end

obviously so but just maybe you know a

new product a season would probably be a

good place to start and I'm saying this

and this is not even something that I do

but I just know it's the right thing to

do because that's kind of what I the

feedback I get from customers is you

know so what do you have new this time

you know it's at home because no I do

try and bring new things to the market

um so and then too you never know how

things are gonna sell so you may have a

best seller in your mind you

but you just need to make it and get it

out there and you may have something

that you think is gonna be a best-seller

you take it to market and don't move any

of them and sometimes that happens but

you don't know until you try so getting

out new products and testing the market

so to speak

seeing how they sell you know ask them

for feedback from your customers is a

great thing to do so yeah we're really

putting out new products along with your

regulars is a good way to keep people

coming back for more because they're

gonna wonder who I wonder what they have

this week new or you know this month or

whatever it's just kind of a good way to

keep excitement keep things exciting

okay and I've got in here to educate

your customers so and that falls under

the category of the secret of selling

soap and it kind of falls under the

other portion of for them to trust you

so if you educate your customers they're

gonna feel like you're like there for

them which we are right but they need to

kind of feel that so to me educating

them even if it means that your product

is not for them is the right thing to do

so I've literally turned people away

because they're looking for something


I know that what I have is not what they

need and I'll you know I'll tell them

you know maybe you need to go to the

store and get this this this or you know

just do a DIY at home or go see a doctor

whatever it is you know I try to be

helpful in that way and I hope that that

helps customers trust me to know that

I'm not just gonna sell them a product

obviously I'm there to sell my products

and I do love to sell my stuff but I'm

certainly not gonna sell somebody

something if it's not what they need

because it does nobody any good I mean

you may make a quick 10 bucks but then

what do you have right you know that

person's gonna go home use that it's not

really gonna work for them and you say

if you know this you sell them something

they go

and it's not good for them then there

are no likelihood not gonna come back to

buy from you you know and then sometimes

it happens even when you think that what

you have will work but the key to me

here is it's being honest about it you

know like if you truly feel like

whatever you have is gonna help that's

fine that's what we do right we try and

you know solve people's problems and try

and help them out that's what we can but

if you like know that this is not gonna

help like probably told you guys before

but I had some lady who's looking for

something to help with hyperpigmentation

and if you're not sure what that is

that's when your skin gets darker in

certain areas it's like the melanocytes

and your skin get overactive and you get

like brown patches or whatever I mean

I've got something like I can I scoot in

and show you like like like cummock

freckles and hyperpigmentation so anyway

it can come like as the mask of

pregnancy like I've had a big one here

when I was pregnant anyway really you

need you really need like a prescription

to get rid of that I mean there are some

over-the-counter products that we as di

wires or handcrafted businesses we could

make because there are some lightening

agents out there but really and truly

hers was pretty bad like it needed a

prescription or at least in my mind and

even with that being said I didn't have

anything with me with any ingredients

that would help her hyperpigmentation so

you know I wrote down the information

and gave it to her and told her she made

it and maybe check with her doctor on

that because I really didn't have

anything and I don't think I'm and that

was like several years ago when that

happened and I don't think I've seen her

since but that's okay you know and uh I

guess where I'm going with that is you

may or may not get a customer out of

that because what could have happened is

she could have gone home you know got

something from the doctor or whatever

and then come back

so from me you know a couple weeks later

or whatever or like with this I don't

think I've seen her again I don't think

I have but you know with that being said

though like I haven't seen her at the

market ever since then so maybe she

moved I don't know

but really the important thing is just

educating and being honest with your

with your customers because you would

want them to be that way for you right I

just can't stand the thought of like

giving somebody false hope oh yeah girl

try this it'll be fun it'll work good

yeah you know like there's like you have

no like experience with your product

performing in that way or helping in

that manner and that that's just being

deceitful AMS not cool so educate

customers and be honest about what your

products can and cannot do be honest

with yourself about it too because you

know like sometimes we can tell

ourselves oh this will work but you know

and I don't know I hate to go want to

tangent about that so yeah I'll be going

on tangents because sometimes things

that we don't realize can do certain

things can do certain things right so

there's that but I guess you'll know

what I mean like if you know something's

gonna work fine but if you know that

someone is asking for something that you

don't believe any of your stuff is gonna

help then just be honest with them even

if that means they'd go to the booth

next to you and you see them walk away

purchasing something from the dude next

to you or lady next to you that you know

is basically similar to what you have

and that it's not gonna work whatever so

that's something just be the bigger

person okay um let's see what else did

all right

okay so right now develop your own

recipe if they're all the same then what

do we have

okay I've made all these notes like

probably two months ago Anna it was like

three o'clock in the morning when I made

all these notes so I'm trying to

remember exactly what my thoughts were

but basically with this okay so I

realize that soap is soap but we all put

our own spin on it right lotion is

lotion but we all put our own spin on it

and no two people probably make the same

thing exactly the same so and if we all

took a recipe book and made everything

the same then it doesn't cut a phone

call come in so now I'm trying to

remember what I was saying so yeah if we

all had the same thing with the exact

same recipe and did everything exactly

the same then what you have is a

mass-produced type product right the

thing that makes handcrafted special is

it's typically unique to each person so

it's important to put your own spin on

your products and your business so that

you you know you stand out in that way

and yeah I don't I don't know I know

that it can be tempting to take recipes

and make them exactly like oh I found

this online and there are certain things

that you can't substitute obviously like

lie for example or like an emulsifying

wax or whatever that you need in lotion

I mean there's some ingredients that you

just have to have there's no

substitution but you know the

percentages and additives and you know

what you use you just need to make it

your own make it special find something

that you know a recipe that you feel

good about it's tested and tried and

true and that will make you a product

stand out so you know come like

comparing chick-fil-a and Zach's these

right they both sell chicken they sell

fried chicken but they're totally

different you know and I like both but

some days I like chick-fil-a better and


basil exacts fees better because they

are different so you know make sure your

stuff stands out and is different unique

to you oh and I had put in here

consistency but I talked about that when

I was saying to put time into your

business you want to be consistent and

by that I mean showing up if you go to a

local market show up and that would be

if you all knew how many times I have

not shown up to a market you would

probably laugh at me saying this but

it's not my fault you're right it's

really not because it's been raining all

month and then prior to that you know

life happens things come up and we all

get that but be as consistent as you can

so show up when you can and if you're

not gonna be able to show up then you

know put a post on Facebook or wherever

you reach out to your customers to let

them know that hey I'm not gonna be

there you know whatever you tell them

why just let them know and just being

consistent whether it's showing up on

Facebook to Instagram or wherever you

live or hang out then if you're

consistently showing up then people will

learn kind of like to be looking for you

and you want to be on you know the front

of people's mind like you know to stay

relevant and this is something as I'm

saying it I need to do I mean I know I

know how important it is but I don't

always do it because it is

time-consuming and sometimes I never

know what to post and my place is always

a mess like because I'm always in the

middle of something like I got towels

hanging out over there or dishes piled

up and I know people say oh you can just

be authentic show up and you know

come-as-you-are people don't care and I

like that like I don't care how people

show up when they post something as long

as they're talking about something I'm

interested in or giving me you know some

tips or something that can help me I

don't care out I show up be in a robe I

don't care but to be this person on this

end it's like embarrassing right so I

don't really want to show it like you


barefoot with dirty dishes - my cut

stores even though I know how I am you

just have to get over yourself I need to

get over myself and do that like posts

and stuff but I don't know it's it's the

pressure the pressure is real ok so um

my number one okay so my number one

secrets of selling so and if I wrote

emails make sure I'm not this is

probably enough ok so my number one tip

is build relationships ok so and that

actually didn't know like and trust

factor falls under that but build

relationships with your customers and

I'm bad about not responding to messages

because I don't always see them and so a

lot of this that I'm preaching not

really preaching but a lot of this that

I'm trying to help you guys with I need

help in it too so I know like I'm just

like I know it's kind of like I know

what I should do but I don't do it

always right um and so I'm hoping that

if you guys don't realize these things

are important and maybe that'll at least

let you know but like I or you may be

like me and know you just don't do it

like and that's just dumb but it's hard

in it so I know that it's hard and I

know that it's easier said than done but

you know you want to you want people to

be able to see you as you and you as a

person not just like your business and

you know people can go to Walmart and

Kroger and Target all day long and buy

something because you don't see the

person behind that right but with a

small business we are our business so

it's important for people to see us and

you want to build those relationships

and foster those relationships and that

will in turn help you grow your business

because people will you know they they

will get to know you and see you as more

than it's a bar so know they kind of can

see that oh you know I'm supporting this

small business and they see what you do


what your life is like and they feel a

part of it in that way and it's

important to build relationships so you

know treat people like friends and to

some extent you know I mean you have to

keep it professional a little bit but

you know it's it's interesting we got it

and it's it's hard because I know that a

lot of people at the market that I see

they have truly become friends of mine

or I feel like it but I can't remember

if I his name and a lot of times if it's

been awhile since I've seen them it's

like I'm then I have a hard time

remembering if I've seen them before so

that people love it if you can remember

their name but I'm just honest I can not

remember names I'm you know I just it's

tough like once I start talking to

somebody I can remember our

conversations I couldn't remember

different you know tidbits of

information but I'm just suck it

remembering names but if you're a good

at remembering names then then use that

to your advantage because it is very

important um you know although like I'm

this type of person that someone doesn't

remember my name

um I don't care I don't get offended I

don't care I guess because I know that I

don't remember people's names but it

does not mean that I don't like them or

they were not important to me or

anything like that so I guess like maybe

that's why it doesn't offend me but some

people like maybe would get offended or

they expect you to remember but I don't

expect anybody to remember and I can't

remember but like I said if you can then

that is definitely a bonus because

people love that like love it it's

impressive like when people can't

remember running I'm like dang like how

do you remember that like it's like my

brain is full or something I don't know

but anyway so I hope these tips were

helpful and I know they're nothing

earth-shattering or anything like that

but sometimes it's just food for thought

you know sometimes we don't always think

about these somewhat simple concepts

that can help our business and you know

help our business grow and that's what

we're all trying to do right I'm trying

to grow my business

little by little I would love it if I

could do better on Etsy and you know

maybe we can all come up with a goal

together if you guys have a small

business I know some of y'all that watch

don't have businesses currently or have

in the past and just got rid of it but

if you do have your business maybe right

now your goal and maybe we can all set

some goals together but yeah I would

love to do more on Etsy it was like for

a while there I was doing really good

like to me really good like I was

getting a few sales per day you know I

was like dang this is so good I was like

this is awesome and then I got to sales

today but then like it was like two days

or I didn't get anything and so it's

like it's like this I could never count

on it as income put it that way

like I think I've only made I don't know

like a thousand two hundred sales or

something like that

I mean it's I'm proud of the sales that

I have made but it's nothing compared to

most people you know and but like

everyone sale that I get it makes me

like do a little dance cuz I'm like yay

thank you um but I would love to get to

the point where you know I was making

consistent sales on Etsy but I don't do

any advertising so that's probably a


because how are people ever going to

find me so anyway maybe you guys have

tips on that so anyway if you have any

tips for me comment below and um next

video what is it


best essential oils for settlement so I

think that's what I have listed and I

thought that Maggie already did that and

then I was gonna do one on lotion too so

on making lotion and I had somebody

comment wanting that so I love making

lotion that's like my jam I really loved

it so I did you know adding like certain

ingredients and things that really make

a difference things that don't that kind

of stuff so I'll do that next maybe is

the lotion video and I've got market

tomorrow so that's exciting and if you

guys do market it's good luck and I will

see y'all probably hmm I'm gonna try and

be more consistent for this channel here

y'all post below if you would and let me

know how often you would like cuz I

don't want to like inundate you with

videos if no one wants to watch them but

at the same time I would like to show up

for y'all

see I'm telling like take my own advice

be consistent and as you can tell by my

posting schedule I'm not the most

consistent on here but I do try

like the intention is there so maybe if

we just decide then that'll hold me

accountable maybe like once per week or

whatever I don't know anyway I hope you

guys have a great day and I will see you