How To Resell Sneakers In 2021

yo what's going on youtube welcome back

to another video man today we're gonna

talk about how to resell sneakers in

2020 and I'm gonna break it down now


before we get to the video let's talk

about the sponsor it's shop tagger if

you guys don't know what shop tiger is

it's a Chrome extension and what I'm

gonna mention about reselling is it all

comes down to tools you're not always

gonna get lucky which I'll explain later

but shop Tiger is a great tool

specifically for reselling which a lot

of people don't talk about now if you

guys don't know about shop tiger it's

actually an extension you can add to

your browser and what its gonna do is

notify you when things go back in stock

it's gonna give you coupon codes and

it's gonna let you know when things drop

in price great thing about this is you

can actually create a list and let's say

for example we want to create a resale

list so you can really look out for

sneakers that you're just waiting to go

under itö now sometimes buying sneakers

under retail is the best because you're

able to get that profit so let's say a

sneaker is retailing at $400 we're

talking about something like the adapts

and then they end up going for 250 you

buy for 215 you're able to sell them for

400 you're making a profit that's what's

nice about this extension it's gonna let

you know exactly when those prices drop

if there's any type of discount and you

feel like you've done your research and

you know oh I can buy that and flip it

and it's overall just a great tool now

if you're just into shopping and getting

discounts you can obviously use it for

that too I have a few different lists

here you can see I made the resell I

haven't put anything in there yet but I

would put any type of sneaker or item

that I think I could flip we got some

clothing items in here waiting on these

to go on sale I'm just that I've had my

eye on and then of course you know stony

boys for life so I'm always looking for

that 40% off on Stone Island they also

added a new feature so basically as soon

as you check out you can see if there's

coupon codes you guys can see as I'm

checking out it says don't forget your

top tiger helps you save to coupon codes

found and then it goes ahead and test

them for you there's no coupon codes for

this item specifically but you gotta see

how it works I just know this could be a

huge tool for a lot of people if they

use their right so if you guys want to

download it you can click the link down

below it's completely free it's not

gonna cost you

think so that's the best part about it I

would say probably the number one

question that I get all the time is Mike

how do you flip shoes how do you make

money and I think a lot of people have

the concept skewed that it's just the

easiest thing it's easy bread you just

buy a shoe sell it and boom you rich

million dollars right there but it's

really a lot of research a lot of

studying the market a lot of knowing

people having money but I'm not saying

it's impossible right obviously people

do it some people been grinded at it for

years some people overnight just somehow

become the king of reselling it's a

really interesting concept so I'm gonna

break down a few different tips of you

know my experience is reselling what I

did I don't necessarily do it as much

anymore I am selling a lot of my

personal collection and I flip shoes

here and there cuz a little $50 here and

there really pays for food and you know

it's a simple thing so it comes down to

supply and demand now for me I've always

been lucky enough to hit a lot of great

sneakers I actually got the lows highs

for retail I don't know how a lot of

phenomenal stuff on sneakers have but

number one it's gonna come down to

capital you're gonna need money a lot of

people get real salty when they see

these younger kids that are just buying

out these huge massive collections and

somehow getting all the Jordan ones but

it all comes down to money they're

having most likely their parents fund

them and that's what you're gonna have

to do you know for me I personally

started with a thousand dollar

scholarship when I was in high school it

was like a community all-star award I

was a good citizen you know what I'm

saying so they gave me a thousand

dollars I took that thousand dollars and

purchased four different shoes made some

money and just kept on building it

reinvesting it this is how any business

goes as soon as you make money you don't

go out and just buy some shoes for

yourself you reinvest that money and

keep building I would say if you want to

get into resale and heavy you should

save up at least a thousand dollars just

to kind of make sure that you have some

wiggle room then the next thing you're

gonna need to do is research research

research you're gonna need to know the

market you're gonna need to stay

up-to-date with these releases how do

you do that

you follow Twitter pages you follow

Instagram pages you almost like they

start with YouTube you can visually see

you know there's tons of other creators

out there including myself that just

make videos of the newest

these days is it gonna be a keep is

gonna be asleep you can kind of gauge

the comments of how people are feeling

if you see a video of let's say a Jordan

11 that's releasing this weekend and you

go watch someone's review and you look

in the commentaries like oh man those

are fire I need those that kind of tells

you oh there might be a little bit of

money in these and then you can go on

something like stock X or go or just

compare throughout stadium Goods and

flight club in your favorite local store

and just kind of see what their pricing

things that if they have the Jordan 11

early and you know retails 190 but

they're selling it for 350 maybe once

they release it might drop down to 250

but you see there's still profit within

that so those are the kind of things

that you've got to think about it's

really strategic because there's a lot

of times that you can buy a sneaker and

it ends up flopping and you got to sell

it for less than retail just to move on

to the next one so obviously the goal of

all this is the best scenario is to get

a sneaker for retail that comes to

Annoying all the websites that are

releasing them again research so let's

say you get that $160 shoe for retail

then you can flip it for 700 because

it's super hyped like a Travis Scott and

off-white but that's only one type of

reselling that is potentially getting

lucky a lot of people sleep on the

concept of going to your local Marshalls

in scanning a sneaker and seeing oh man

Marshalls are selling it for $40 but on

stock X I could sell it right now for

$150 all right so on Amazon or Ebay

there's tons of different markets for

this's offer up there's Facebook

reselling sneakers is way beyond just

getting a hyped off-white collab because

the chances of that are very slim that's

kind of your big break right but if you

want to start small you go to your

Marshalls you go to your wood was a

store that just had a huge I don't know

if they're going out of business now but

like blooming that's not Bloomingdale's

it's a Burlington Burlington had these

huge sell and sneakers I don't know if

they're actually like going bankrupt or

whatever but that's an example you want

to go to a Ross and just kind of scan

you could actually type in the style

code on eBay and see what those sneakers

are going for so you go in Ross you see

maybe like some Nike and you're like oh

man these are pretty far Oh $20 type in

the code on the search on eBay and

you'll see the listings and you can see

which ones have sold you know let you

know is this sneaker we're selling let's

say you paid $20 for

been selling for $90 and people are good

paying shipping that's a great

investment it's really a grind it's not

just this big sunshine rainbows that

everybody paints it out to be like oh

man you could just become a reseller and

it's gonna be so easy and you're gonna

make millions of dollars it comes down

to just really like grinding and you

don't know in your stuff so let's just

recap how to get the sneakers I think

that's the hardest part for all of us

number one make sure you do your

research find out what sites are

releasing them go for them

people have BOTS I don't personally use

a bottle again I don't resell like that

but there are tons of bots out there

that people use and they have a lot of

success with I personally wouldn't

recommend a new Beach is buying a bot

like why make that huge investment and

not know what you're doing I think you

should find some other content creators

that make videos around BOTS see how

they work it and understand it don't

just go out there blind and just buying

all these different box because you'll

end up wasting money that you can't get

back then you can go ahead and look on

Facebook you can look on eBay you can

look on offer up and try to find some

deals a lot of people love to panic sell

and that's where when you have capital

it's the best so if someone is panicking

and they need the money that's when you

want to buy because you can lowball and

take those shoes hold them flip them

done deal

a lot of people got to understand the

market goes up and then it goes down and

then it goes up then it goes down it's

very unpredictable

I've personally got to a point

financially I guess you could say where

I know if I want to buy a shoe I can

hold it a lot of people can't do that

they get the shoes for retail at 250 and

you know they need that 250 back

immediately so they sell it for 275

versus me you know I take a little more

risk I'll buy it for 250 and I'll just

put it in the closet and let it sit for

a while and hope that the price goes up

I mean obviously it's more strategic

than that I know the potential of the

sneaker I'm just gonna blindly buy us

think of that I kind of feel if you

about I know it's not gonna go up in

price but these are all the things that

you got to think about these are all the

things that you got to learn if I was

starting out right now I would most

likely just be going to my local Ross

Marshalls Burlington any store like that

so this kind of shoes I look at all the

sneakers that they have make sure to

check up on all the codes on eBay and

see how they're doing is far as sales

are let's start there a low investment

on top of that just being patient you


the new sneakers dropping you want to go

for it enter the draw if you hit boom

there's your first big break keep

reinvesting that back into the business

and as far as you know selling platforms

you use something like stock X where you

can sell immediately or you can place an

ask you can use go you can use eBay eBay

currently right now as of this date 20

to 1 a Bay has zero fees if you sell a

sneaker over $100 so that's a great way

to grow your business there's other

sites like kicks if I what else do we

have out there grilled there's tons of

websites that you can just post your

listing on and it's essentially free

marketing you can even use your local

Facebook group to try to flip sneakers

and just make cash and just keep the

business building and guys that's really

how it works it's kind of a timeless

formula it's never gonna change I would

recommend watching this video a few

times just to make sure you didn't miss

what I said but I'll recap it so number

one you need to have money right you

need to have some type of money 500 to a

thousand dollars just to set aside to be

able to buy sneakers number two you need

to make sure you stay up to date with

all the releases what's coming out do

some research on the hype or people

feeling this shoe is it gonna be a cop

or is it can be a flop then you can

compare prices on something like eBay or

stock X or go if you want more of like a

low risk investment I would recommend

going to stores like Ross you can hit

your Nike outlet New Balance Outlet just

tons of different outlets and see what

they have to offer I just think it's a

great low investment a lot of those

sneakers are 4050 percent off so it

gives you a little bit of wiggle room to

you know just kind of get your feet wet

as far as resale and go stim platforms

to sell on I would recommend you know

like Facebook there's a Craigslist you

can sell on ebay you can someone stock

ex Twitter Instagram there's tons of

different platforms that essentially

give you free marketing to reach a large

audience and just sell and always

remember the market goes up and goes

down that's just the way it is so it

just it's a lot of trial and error so

there you guys have a man I hope this

video helped you I hope I answered all

the questions I really just wanted to

make it as simple as possible obviously

you can get into like a more complex

situation of it all like as far as

becoming a bigger reseller and you know

creating a website but we're not talking

about this I'm just talking about Joe

Schmo we're just starting off I got a

little bit of

how do I get into this market and make a

little bit of change I mean if it was

that easy everyone would be doing it so

it's just like thrifting a lot of

footwork you got to go to different

stores see what's going on you got to

make sure you know the market you're

gonna know like all this is gonna go for

that it's all about learning it's not

just like here's a $160 she'll go sell

it for a thousand and bling-bling money

in a day you know but if you have any

questions you can drop a comment down

below and if you guys have any advice

for any of the comments down below make

sure to leave it but this is boys think

of life I'll catch you guys the next

week and follow me nice to grab a mic

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