How To Sell Sneakers On StockX | Full Tutorial & Walkthrough

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what's good YouTube welcome back to the

channel it's your boy Nelson here with

another video for y'all here today in

today's video we got a brand new pair of

jordan beretta Levinson in this video

I'm gonna putting the shoes on stock ex

and selling them so this video is going

to be the full journey about how to sell

shoes on stock ex all the way from

putting them along the platform to going

out and shipping them out at the post

office so if you're interested in

learning on how to sell shoes on stock

ex make sure to check out this full

video because I'm going to be answering

pretty much every single question you

guys can have about how to sell shoes on

stock X so with that being said I need

you guys to do me a big favor and smash

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