How To Make Money Selling Shoes On GOAT App (Beginners Guide)

today I'm going to be breaking down the process showing you guys my step by step

routine on how to sell your used sneakers in your sneaker collection

because man you know we like that dope so with that being said let's go get

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much and I appreciate y'all so with that being said let's go ahead and get this

dough let's go ahead and get this guala let's get these dollars made I got a

dollar right here actually I have two dollars okay so one of the biggest

questions that I get often is is goat a pledge it is it safe is everything okay

for me to buy and sell on there are they gonna steal my shoes are they gonna take

my money and I'm telling you right now I have sold other use shoes in my

collection that I no longer wear anymore and I feel like I want to trade them out

to get a different pair of shoes in my collection so it's easier for me to sell

them on there and get the money and buy something else

I love go app I have no problems with them there have been no issues again

there is human error in every single business so don't just always trust all

the people that's hating on the apps and all those different things because I'm

telling you right now I've had good experiences with them I haven't had any

troubles I've sold on there I've bought on there so that's just from my side

again I know people do have bad experiences with that and that's with

each and every business out there in this world they just can't be perfect

and you got to understand that so with that being said now that you know that I

vouch and I use goat app let's go ahead and talk about the app how do we use it

how do we make some money because that's the real thing right we're trying to get

this dope one big difference between goat app and stock X it is goat sells

you sneaker stock X only sells dead stock sneakers so on goat you can sell

dead stock or use sneakers so that's why this platform is a great option for you

to sell your you shoes so the first thing that you're gonna want to do is

open up your phone and go to the App Store and download the goat app on your

phone the next that you're gonna want to do is create a

profile and set up your account the next thing you want to do is just kind of

navigate through the app and see what's going on you got sneakers you got a pair

of got different stuff right here you got a calendar with release drops and

different dates like that over here let's go back to the sneaker zone

because that's what we want to see so they have a just dropped area right here

and that's new releases that just came out kind of in the chronological order

by date that way you can see what came out you can click on that if you're

looking to get an or release if you scroll down you can see the newest

hottest release and then they kind of category by Jordan 1zz

different things like that special editions the first thing I want to show

you is click on a sale tab right here on the right side and then that's going to

show you this right here so I am already approved to be a seller on the app but

it is a very simple process all you're gonna do is enter your information birth

date name all those different things you have a shipping address for if the shoes

get sent back to you and then you put in your payment information that way you

can withdraw money once they send it to you two you're going to count different

things like that and then they'll send you through a step-by-step process on

how to lace the sneakers I'm gonna show you that same exact process once you are

approved so that way you understand how to get approved in this video it's

essentially the same process so stick around later into the video to see how

the exact approval process works okay so now let's say that you are approved and

you are able to sell sneakers on the app now what you're gonna want to do is go

and search what is the shoe that I'm trying to sell I'm not selling these

shoes so don't even hit me in the comment section because these are not

for sale but today for example I think we're gonna use this one because

obviously this one is a Hot Topic sneaker over the past couple weeks with

the last dance and everything like that so the first thing that we're gonna want

to do is hit the search button and then we're gonna type me an Air Jordan 1

Chicago it's gonna pull up soon Chicago sometimes there's a bunch of different

options so I want to make sure that we get the right shoe this is one from 2015

okay so we have it clicked right here so we have the Air Jordan 1 Chicago from

2015 and new is going for fifteen hundred dollars four thousand four just

crazy prices all this weight wild stuff but we're gonna want to do is swipe over

to the use section and then this is how we can kind of determine

what is our shoe worth and how much can we sell it for what are we gonna get

back a return and then we'll show the process of listing the item but you

always want to do research on the item and understand how much this shoe is

worth before you post it because you might post it for too low of a price

when you could have got more money so we're gonna click on a size 13 because

that's my size so I see that there are three different options right here these

pairs are all pretty clean so let's look at the 900 it goes by order by the

cheapest to most expensive as you scroll up so we're probably gonna compare it to

the $900 pair just because my pairs I ain't gonna lie to my parents worse than

this line her dollar pair so looking at the shoe I'm just kind of navigating

around looking everything right here so you see all these images that we're

seeing right here we're gonna have to recreate this listing on the app for

ourselves when we want to post a shoe right I have a clear understanding that

these shoes are going for $900 on here and my pair is definitely worse than

that I'm gonna have to lace them up and make them look a little bit better but I

know my pairs a little bit worse because they do have a scuff on the back of one

of the heels as well so we're gonna have to take that into effect but what I will

always do if it's the lowest price shoe out of these I would kind of match it

right around there post it at 850 even though it might be

worth like 700 or something like that but that way you don't just shoot

yourself too low because you never know somebody might still want to buy the

shoe even if it's that high price another thing that I'm going to want to

do is click offer right here and then as you can see this is what somebody else

is offering the other seller right so the seller has it listed for nine

hundred dollars and somebody has already offered the person seven hundred dollars

as you can see right here in the bottom left so what that means is I could put

an offer in to buy the shoe but I'm not trying to buy this shoe I'm trying to

sell this you right so we see that someone is already willing to pay $700

for this pair this pair is a little bit cleaner so who's to say if I don't post

mine for 800 bucks 100 dollars cheaper and then obviously the conditions a

little bit worse we know that right but we might be able to get that done so

what I'm gonna do now is exit out of this right here we're gonna go back out

and then now underneath the listing has the information about the shoe the date

the SKU number the colorway all these different things I don't know if it has

a retail price on it I think it does the designer all these different things

so if I scroll down right here you can see where it says sale on share so

basically you could share it tell somebody about the shoe or you could say

oh I own that shoe and you can add it to your collection on the app and there has

like a little inventory thing to show you like all your sneakers in your

collection but that's a whole another part of the app we'll get into that

later so let's hit the sale button so the first thing we want to do is click

our size so size 13 and the shoe is used so we're gonna hit used we're gonna hit

next are they in good condition this is for the box this is a boxing good

condition missing lid damaged anything like that so here's the box so you guys

can see a real quick the box looks really good right okay so we're gonna

put the boxes in good condition no problems with that now are there any

issues with the shoe this is where you have to be honest about it because they

want to make sure that you are keeping it 100 on how the condition of the shoe

is so things like this this is why I use this shoe as well because hands disgust

on the back of the foot but the scuff on the back of the foot obviously a little

bit of heel drag is dirty some creasing stuff like that signs of age so let's

see it's got the insoles scuffs or marks yes it has the scuff or mark no cuts or

tears or anything like that nothing is yellowing on the shoe so

we're good from there so we're just gonna put scuffs or marks and obviously

they'll be able to determine the rest of the condition of the sneaker so now it

has the pricing on there right so we're gonna go 100 and 100 bucks and then you

just work your way up so you just slide the ticker over like this and you're

gonna get to that price point that you want to price it at right so what we're

gonna do is price the shoe at like I was saying a 850 right so we're gonna just

play it we're gonna play it strong we're probably not gonna get 850 bucks that's

okay we'll just go more realistic for you guys let's say let's say we list it

for 800 bucks right so this is gonna give you an example here we go right

there okay so now if you look at the screen this is gonna give you an example

it says you'll make right underneath that seven hundred and nineteen dollars

and that's after fees which it shows you the fees right there photography plus

nine point five percent for selling and everything like that so if you list the

sneaker for eight hundred dollars your total payout is going to be seven

hundred and nineteen dollars for your payout they'll take their cut from do

the deal for you and all those different things so a lot of people are confused

about that oh I sold the shoe for 800 bucks and only got 719 right because

they they're the ones that gave you the opportunity to sell the shoe and they

have to have a seller speed otherwise they wouldn't be able to run the

business and they wouldn't be able to make any money either and keep the

business open for you guys to have opportunity to sell so now that we have

selected the $800 we're going to hit next and then that's gonna take us to

here so now this is the part we're gonna have to take photo so I'll show you guys

here in the b-roll as I explain it but basically you're gonna have to take

seven different images different styles of photos and they're gonna have to take

a picture of the tag and sometimes the tag is deep in the shoe and it's hard to

find you got to unlace the shoe and all those different things and then you got

to take pictures from the overhead shot from the you know the outside of the

foot and you got to flip the shoe over and you got to do it from the inside of

the foot take another shot doing it that way

that way you can show all different angles and perspectives so that the

buyer can see the condition of the sneaker from every angle and then the

next thing you want to do is take the heels from the backside the sole and

then the box and the tag and everything like that so that way they can see a

hole everything that they need to see on the shoe everything they need to sit on

the box they can have all that for them to see for the buyer and that is the

exact same process that you would go through to get approved they will have

you do a demo run to let them see that you know how to properly take the photos

and you know that how to properly do it so by watching this video of me doing it

I do it often and this is the proper way to do it this will get you approved by

doing it this way so make sure that you pay attention to how I take the photos

make sure that there's solid lighting and you can actually see the sneaker and

the details of the shoe because a lot of people have bad lighting and you can't

see it it's really blurry so you want to make sure that you can take the best

quality photo that you can with your phone to make sure that it looks good

okay so now that we have all the photos submitted on here we completed

everything that we need it we got the price set it's time to hit submit once

we hit submit right here you'll see the listing that will go live and then now

it here is live and a listing is done ready to go so if we go back right here

we look at our listings and we look at our items for sale right here you can

see that it is available for preview and then our listing is right there on the

page and you can swipe through the images it has all the information the

listing is now finally active so now you're at the point where

shuh is listed and you just have to wait for the sneaker to sell this can take a

different amount of time for each person now when it comes to selling the sneaker

just because the size the price and what shoe it actually is some shoes like this

are more desired and more people are looking after and looking to buy the

sneaker if you have a different random shoe it might sit on there for a while

but eventually in my cell and you'll have extra money in your pocket

now once the sneaker has sold on the app all you have to do is accept that it has

been sold and say that you still have that sneaker in the same condition and

then they will send you an email with a shipping label that shipping label is

already prepaid within the sale so all you have to do is print out that label

stick it on top of the box and ship them out make sure that you ship the shoes in

a separate box as well to protect the sneaker box not just ship them in this

box make sure you put them inside another box when you do ship them out

from there the sneakers will be sent to go they will authenticate them if the

shoes are authentic you will then receive your money and they will send

them out to the buyer it normally takes a couple of days once you ship the shoes

out to get them to the place and have them authenticated so I would say at

least give it three to four days just for that whole process for you to get

your money a lot of people think that they're gonna just immediately get their

money once the shoot is sold and you again have to wait until the shoe is

accepted and authenticated at the goat warehouse so please don't get that

confused thinking your money's supposed to come in immediately there is a

process to the whole system but you will get your payout usually within that same

week that the shoe has sold if you're able to ship out that day or the next

day so with that being said that was a short crash course for a lot of

beginners I hope this was helpful if you guys got something out of this please

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extra dough and they puck it or they got sneakers laying around in their shoe

room that's like man I haven't worn these in years they're use I don't know

what to do with them go ahead and sell them on there get some extra change buy

a new pair of shoes that you want to get or use that for some bills or whatever

it is that you want to do so with that being said my name is DJ I hope this was

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