How to sell and ship on GOAT sneaker reselling FULL GUIDE

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what's up guys today i'm gonna be

showing you how to list sell and ship

goat orders step by step so you can

follow along with me it's my first sale

in a pretty long time i just listed my

royal jordan ones that i got for retail

on the sneakers app back in may 2020

it's my only win on sneakers i know i

know it's crazy i took a dub on sneakers

decided to sell them today so i could

make this video for you guys so let's

get into the listing process i listed

these a few hours ago but i took a

screen recording of me listing them so

we're gonna run that right now and i'm

gonna explain basically what i'm doing

so once you've got your goat app opened

up you're gonna go to the search window

and then you're gonna type in either the

nickname of your shoe so i know these

are the royal toes or the nine-digit