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hi guys welcome back I'm Jeremy from

hosel tools and I'm your YouTube snap-on

guy so today it is Tuesday we had a

pretty busy day we had taken that orange

double bank tool box in on trade a

couple days ago and we had delivered

that today to a new customer super

excited for him he's grown into a bigger

box and it's gonna be you know he's got

a work surface now it's gonna be a great

great item for him we load up the green

toolbox then we have to set up display

for snap on credit and I'll give you

guys a sneak peek at the display that we

have going on all right guys we're gonna

empty this orange box off the truck here

but first before we do that I want to do

a couple things I only got one key with

this box so we're gonna go ahead and

swap the lock out for them and I've done

some other videos on how to do this but