How to sell a $1000 a month Breeding for Profit Update

hey what's going on guys this is jason

with Javan aquatics and lily and today

we're gonna talk a little bit more about

breeding for profit and breeding mystery

snails no not fish but breeding mystery

snails in the incredible success that

I'm having in breeding them and right

now I'm currently selling them on eBay I

only have just a few left at this point

I'll link that listing down below if you

guys are interested and getting them

just know as you watch this video you'll

see that the ones that I'm now selling

are ones that are quite a bit smaller

first of all you guys should go back and

watch my first video I'll link that

above that goes into a deeper

explanation of the way that I'm

currently doing this but right now I've

begin to change things up quite a bit

I'm constantly changing it because of

the fact that I'm trying to get better

egg hatch rate and I'm trying to get

better sub up survival rate of the

babies because that seems to be the most

difficult part right now now with the

setup that I have I'm probably getting

with when you count all the eggs I'd

probably get over two to three hundred

eggs every single day but there is no

where that amount that actually hatches

and grows up and I haven't been able to

figure out when I have them which ones

are you telling hi

I haven't been competing on me yeah

you're on look see you on the screen

right there that's Lily and so I haven't

been able to tell quite yet

whether or not the eggs are fertile

there really doesn't seem to be any kind

of signs of whether or not they're

fertilized or not fertilized so that's

something that I'm still trying to

figure out if you guys know of any way

be sure and leave it down in the

comments below I would love to know that

and so these are just gonna be some of

the different processes that I'm trying

to get to get better success rate with

egg hatching and better success rate

with the baby so let's go ahead and move

over to that tank that I have that I'm

doing the grow outs in so we can talk

about it a little bit more alright so

here we have my 40 gallon breeder this

is the grow-out tank for all of my

mystery snails and this is this is

pretty empty let me show you guys a

quick shot of how many I had about two

weeks ago now again that's at a 10

gallon aquarium so it's a little

deceiving but I do have I've sold a ton

of these things in the last two weeks I

have probably had to fill probably close

to 3000 orders now one of the things

that I'm doing differently before I was

selling 10 of these at a time and I was

selling some of the bigger sizes but it

takes so long to grow these things up

sometimes that I decided that I was

gonna move into selling smaller but

selling more for the same price so now

I'm selling 15 at a time and the typical

size that I'm selling or you know is

about right here which you see these

guys I'll typically throw in maybe one

or two big ones if I have them but the

majority the assortment is gonna be

these guys that are just about a

dime-size is what they are so I want to

I want to kind of show you some

different things that I'm doing because

I've always have different types of

problems one of them is getting all the

eggs to hatch

another one is trying to raise up the

babies and so I keep trying different

type of procedures down here down here

you'll see that this is my adult tank

and so this is where I get all of the

eggs from so these guys I keep the water

level low and then like you can see kind

of back in the back there's a few egg

casings I just pulled some out of here

the other day so there's not a lot and

so used to I would just leave the egg

casings in this tank and just let them

ahead hatch naturally but it the problem

is is these guys are constantly up at

the top and they're always knocking

these egg sacs down into the water and

then once they go into the water it ends

up killing the babies that are in them

so one of the things that I tried before

is I tried moving those eggs up into

this tank and then I would take just a

piece of foam and float just let them

float on the top and that worked pretty

good but it didn't seem to work that

great it seems like maybe some of the

ones we're starting to dry out so the

next thing that I tried to do is I tried

to remove them and put them inside of a

deli cup now I let me grab now what I

would use is these deli cups right here

these are the same deli cups that I ship

the mystery snails in and so I would

take these and then I would put a wet

paper towel in here and then I would put

the egg sacks on top of here and so you

know there may be 10 or 20 of them then

I put the lid on there and then I would

cut a few little small holes in the lid

so this thing can breathe that way they

would get the moisture that they need

but the problem that I kept running into

there is after a week or two that that

it would start to build up mold all

around the paper towels and that just

became a pain and that didn't seem to

work any better so the next thing that

I've started using that seems to be

working quite a bit better is this

and as you can see we've got a a piece

of foam let's move the light here so we

can see what we're doing we've got it

we've got a piece of foam and then the

stuff that I have on top this is that

this is like this knitting material that

you can find like at any craft store and

you can see this stuff has holes in it

let me get a nut let me get a like a

white piece and so that this is actually

what this stuff is the one I use is

black this hole is probably a little bit

small the babies get caught in here

every once well but the idea is that the

eggs hatch and then the babies crawl off

and then they fall through the holes

that's kind of what the idea is but I

don't typically ever let my babies hatch

when I once I see that the egg sacs are

getting real gray and real soft then I

will release the babies myself so for

them to fall through the holes almost

never happens because I almost never let

it get that far but again I've taken it

so that the styrofoam only goes around

the outside not through the middle so

that this part is exposed to the water

that way it's getting the moisture and

stuff that it needs and I'm finding that

I'm having a better hatch rate and it

also seems like they're hatching quicker

than they normally would

now I'm not keeping the greatest data to

know that for sure but at that again

that's just kind of what it what it

seems like to me and so that's the idea

that I'm currently working on I'll link

a video up above youtubers name is

chubby guppy or is it chub guppy I don't

remember which one it is but I'll link

the video up above and he kind of did

this cool idea where he used this

Windies container to create another way

to do this so you guys want to watch

that and kind of get an idea how he did

it I thought it was kind of cool that

might be something that I try in the

future also and one of the things you

you just don't ever know is whether or

not these eggs are actually fertilized

so you're gonna get some that just never


because they were never worked

fertilized but due to the fact I got a

hundred adults in there I don't see how

one could get by on fertilized but I'm

sure it is possible so basically what I

do every day is I look at this I turn

this thing around and I try to look for

some ones that are that are greater than

others and then I kind of touch them

like this to see how soft they are and

this this one right here is pretty soft

so this one is probably actually ready

to go and then what I used to do before

is I would just put it here in the water

and then just kind of shake it off and

watch the babies fall to the bottom but

I was beginning to see like there's

quite a few dead babies so if you look

here at the bottom yeah believe it or

not I just clean this out yesterday

these things when you feed them as much

as I do they're very messy the little

ones that you see that are kind of a

bleached out white those are those are

dead ones and the ones that kind of have

a brownish tint are the ones that are

that are alive so you can see that that

I lose quite a few babies and that's

something that I'm trying to figure out

how to avoid so instead of just dumping

them in there what I've decided to start

doing is this method right here and so

now I take one of these breeder boxes

the Mirena ones that you know that are

constantly changing water and then I

dump the babies in here and what I've

noticed is after the first 24 hours the

babies don't eat it all they release and

then they almost all try to climb up to

the top of the container I'm assuming

they must still be like eating on their

egg sack or something or maybe I've

released them a little bit early and and

so now these guys have been in here

about 48 hours and so I'm kind of trying

to figure out what it is they like to

eat more than anything else I've got

back there a piece of a green bean that

probably has 10 or 15 on them I've got

these cichlid pellets that I like to

feed to the adults and there's only a

few on there this is the snail jello

that I make the

all the calcium in it you can see

there's a few on there and then I also

threw in just some moss because you'll

see them if you put moss in there you

tend to see them in the moss a lot so

right now it looks like the the green

beans are the one that that's winning so

the idea is this makes it a whole lot

easier for them to find a food source

whenever I pour the green means in there

the the entire colony will eat all the

green beans within maybe two hours which

many times some of the babies that are

maybe up here at the top you know never

get a chance to go down to the bottom to

actually find them so hopefully by

having them in here this gives them a

food source that's really really easy to

get to because of them being so many in

there it just doesn't have enough time

to build enough algae up for these guys

to actually eat and so here here's one

of the sets of babies that I have right

here so you can kind of watch you can

see as I'm just kind of just barely

twisting it in my hands the the babies

are just falling to the bottom and then

the excess stuff I just kind of let

float around because eventually they

they'll get around to actually eating

that now the rest of this one it kind of

doesn't look like it's actually ready to

let any more of the snails out so I'll

twist it around a few more times and

then I'll actually just put this one

back on here and let it let it go for a

little bit longer thanks again guys for

joining us we love each and every one of

you be sure and leave a comment down

below if you have a question be sure and

leave a question if you guys got some

better ideas of what to do I would love

to hear some of the ways that you're

having success or maybe you saw another

youtuber or someone else that was doing

it that was having much better success

would love to hear what it is that you

know I'd love to be able to try each one

of those different ways out so thanks

again guys and God bless