How to sell a $1000 a month Breeding for Profit Update

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hey what's going on guys this is jason

with Javan aquatics and lily and today

we're gonna talk a little bit more about

breeding for profit and breeding mystery

snails no not fish but breeding mystery

snails in the incredible success that

I'm having in breeding them and right

now I'm currently selling them on eBay I

only have just a few left at this point

I'll link that listing down below if you

guys are interested and getting them

just know as you watch this video you'll

see that the ones that I'm now selling

are ones that are quite a bit smaller

first of all you guys should go back and

watch my first video I'll link that

above that goes into a deeper

explanation of the way that I'm

currently doing this but right now I've

begin to change things up quite a bit

I'm constantly changing it because of

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