Come With Me To Snail Market + Prices Of Snails || Marketvlog

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hello everyone welcome to another market

vlog and welcome to audrey or lockwood

space today i'm taking you to

a market where they sell snail your

snail and if you have not been taking

the advantage of snail meat i think

after you've discovered where you can

buy snail and how much they sell snake

then i think you start with you will

have to start looking for where they

sell snail so i want to bring to you and

show you the prices of snail but let's

look at the benefit of eating snail meat

it is nail meat as a lot of advantage

for both young and old snail meat helps

to reduce the risk of

what cancer so eating snail meat is good

for the body no matter your age snail

meat contains vitamin a vitamin e

vitamin b1 vitamin b3 vitamin b6 and

vitamin b12 if you can see it has a lot