Nigeria Snail Market: Entrepreneurs Rush For Growing Export


let's move over now to South Africa

where the Energy Department has

announced an increase in a retail price

of petrol and a wholesale price of

diesel this will take effect from May

the 3rd the Department released a

statement today saying the price of 95

octane petrol will climb 3.7 percent to

13 points seventy-nine brand bolita and

the commercial hub of how to province

while diesel will rise 2.6 percent to 11

grand per litre moving on now the Giants

African snow is sought after in parts of

the world for its nutritional and

cosmetic benefits here in Nigeria some

entrepreneurs have found opportunities

to exploit the model support quitting

and events planning job last year to

invest in snails was the best career

move Lua tubular or here ma Bello says

she has ever made the entrepreneur's

sausage snails from farmers in Lagos

Nigeria and sells them to clients

locally and abroad although I took a lot

of our collegues the giant African land

snails species which are used in the

beauty and food industries the snails

are increasingly being sought for their

mucus said to be full of collagen

glycolic acid antibiotics and other

compounds that regenerate skin cells and

heal cuts


now Mitch is also said to be nutritious

it is low in cholesterol and rich in

proteins making it a popular delicacy in

various cultures well you are to be

loved is preparing to ship her first

consignment of 1000 snails the United

Kingdom the export business came when I

started here in in labels and I had a

lot of advice from the US from UK from

all and like a lot of Nigerians like

even when I knew that I'd not even

covered legal it once owned a

snow-covered labels you know so when I

started having inquired via email via

phone calls then a lot of Africans

thought you were calling me ok new

suppliers and knowing much in my head

you just click that over the market for

it so that's all the extra things that

I'd even though it took me a while to be

able to find out them the modalities of

of exporting skills in outside of

Nigeria Snell care farm is one of the

lure to beloved suppliers the 19 year

old farm breeds free-range snails they

roam and feed on greenery around the

farm snails are hermaphrodites which

means they can only lay eggs the farm

currently has over 20,000 snails

Tadzio Korea the snail care farm

managing director says demands for his

nails are in growing fast in recent

years because of its own amazing benefit

not just nutritional benefits but other

benefits for instance the slime now it's

been harvested massively are using

cosmetics on them cosmetic

pharmaceutical products how do you do

rejuvenating properties and else in

terms King Jigme nation Aloha to be lava

has spent about four thousand US dollars

to procure and ship this consignment of

snails and expects to make a healthy

profit shipping of livestock requires

that does meet strict regulations she

contacted a cargo company that regularly

handles livestock shipments to help

guide her through the lengthy process in

terms of sourcing you know in large

quantities you have

you have to have your game really really

tight then having the right people would

freak for you because I know a lot of

people have issues to tell me oh it took

them like one week or three weeks by the

time they get there by time they get we

are gooses I doubt it's working or

customers are not interested they are

not as fresh idea but if I could get a

15 company that was reliable it took

time because you know at the end of the

year you cannot be expending a lot of

money into this you don't just want to

do something we should watch and at the

end of the day your life isn't just go

down the drain only water beloved says

she plans to expand her business and

open a snail Factory in Nigeria that can

process snail meat and collect new cars

as well as grind snail shells into

powder for fertilizer and poultry feed

processing now here is an interesting

one coming from Egypt where two

entrepreneurs are transforming discarded

shipping containers and transformed them

into living spaces and stores offering

alternative living space in Cairo the

containers are expected to have all

modern amenities such as a kitchen

bathroom spotlights and insulated

internal walls an Egyptian design duel

has begun repurposing old steel shipping

containers transforming them into living

spaces shops and restaurants and effort

to introduce residents of overcrowded

Cairo to cheaper and more versatile

properties cubics a one year old company

founded by you super rod and Kareem Rafa

delivered its first order in August 2016

after months of testing different

materials techniques and insulation

methods in a container in their backyard

we also spent time studying in Britain

where he researched the concept of color

texture using cargo containers for

architectural purposes and wondered why

the concept had never made it to egypt

the island inner city view with

Australia :

played by DCAM Lama lemon I went to

container city near London and found it

to be an intensity made from containers

some of them homes shops restaurants and

people were living there

so the first thing I asked myself was

why do we not have this in Egypt when I

came back the first thing I did was

research the drawbacks of container

architecture because it must have

drawbacks if it still doesn't exist in

our country

myself and my partner yourself then

founded critics and spent the first six

months studying how to manufacture this

container how to cut it how to insulate

it and everything else we needed to know

the particular Cobo texture would work

well the callee was fast and noble and

because the cost of labor and materials

were cheaper in Egypt than in Britain

prefabricated homes are not widely used

in Egypt where construction is done

on-site using traditional brick and

mortar materials that have become

increasingly costly since the country

floated its currency in November pound

has depreciated by roughly half since

then leading to a surge in inflation in

a country that relies heavily on imports

for rag and ruffler said but given the

comparatively low cost of construction

using color containers the hood to work

on a solution for Egypt's informal

housing crisis the country of more than

92 million is struggling to build enough

houses for the poorest in society with

many Egyptians living in sprawling slums

and unlicensed apartment blocks I have

opened a sonic architecture nominal head

of a fetish where the Shack leg you can

use cargo tech chure to solve the slum

problem very efficiently and effectively

and cost-efficient for the country today

we have around 2 million Egyptians

living in slums whose buildings have

been incorrectly built and can collapse

at any moment these buildings can be

demolished overnight and the people

living in them can be temporarily

relocated until we can come in we

contain us and place them exactly where

the building's student the containers

will be like any living home complete

with all modern amenities such as

kitchen bathroom spotlights and

insulated internal walls about

program today many thanks for watching I

am busy Adebayor see you next time