How To Price Your Snacks When Selling Candy At School (Complete Prices Guide)

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in this video I'll show you how to

properly price your snacks when selling

candy at school to maximize sales and to

make the most profit without your

classmates ever complaining about your

prices pricing your snacks correctly is

a 1 key to success to selling candy at

school but it could also be your

ultimate failure if you do not price

your snacks the correct way let's go

over my standard pricing strategy that I

use on my own snacks to make a lot of

profit each week I'll reveal my step by

step method to finding your perfect

price for candy also the mistakes you

must avoid and stick around to find out

my super secret method of how I will

increase my prices this next school year

and make my classmates pay the higher

prices without them ever complaining

which will only make my wallet fatter