SMS Marketing Overview - How it works?

what is SMS marketing? can we send SMS marketing  campaigns with our mobile phones? can we send free  

SMS messages? can we build our own SMS server like  in email marketing and send unlimited messages?  

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the point what is SMS marketing? in one minute  simply it's sending bulk SMS messages so as an  

example you send like 1000, 2000, 10,000 SMS  messages to people in a certain location or  

targeted by niche so you can promote your services  or get traffic or whatever like in email marketing  

where we send emails in SMS we send SMS messages  so simple so this is SMS marketing in general the  

big picture how-to run SMS marketing campaigns?  simply you can go top SMS marketing companies  

like slicktext like simpletexting like textmagic  and run your SMS marketing campaigns do we have  

another option? yes we have two other options  the second option is to use an SMS API we have  

SMS api's like Clickatell we have Twilio we  have a SMSAPI we have bulk SMS we have a lot  

of companies which provide an SMS API to use on  your own applications so in this scenario you  

get the SMS API you buy credits and you connect  your own application the SMS sender application  

you can buy one we have some online tools and  so on and by the way I'm building a free SMS  

sender for you so you can connect with any API to  send SMS marketing campaigns so don't forget stay  

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connected to an SMS sender application to form  your SMS system what is the third option? it's  

to use your mobile phone to send SMS marketing  campaigns how? thanks this guy who developed  

this awesome PHP application the mobile SMS  gateway turn your Android device into an SMS  

gateway with this application you can connect your  Android device online with this system and then  

send campaigns from your mobile phone I tested it  and it works perfectly so you can buy the script  

hoste it online and connect with your mobile phone  and start sending your own SMS campaigns with your  

mobile with your mobile network and by the way you  can simply test this you can click on live preview  

register account and test this system before  you do anything before you buy it if you are  

interested you can check the link in description  and check the script also I'm planning to buy this  

for you host it and do everything for you for  free if I find that you are interested in it so  

comment below if you are interested in getting  this software for free anyway now this is the  

second scenario using this awesome application  that I found on CodeCanyon now here is the big  

question if you are following me following  my courses my videos on my channel you know  

I showed how to build your own SMTP mail server  and how to send unlimited emails without paying  

anything except for your server can we do the same  thing when it comes to SMS? can we build our own  

SMS server and send unlimited SMS messages? the  short answer unfortunately no we can't do this  

simply without going into technical details and  bothering your head the SMS message uses the GSM  

or the mobile network so without access to the  mobile network you can't send messages to people  

that's it so simple while in email marketing  and sending emails we are sending emails over  

the Internet so everyone is connected and you can  receive emails over this network while in GSM or  

on mobile you need access to the mobile network  and this is impossible except by using a broker  

or an API so I hope the idea is somehow clear  so now we learned what is SMS marketing what is  

different scenarios to send marketing campaigns  and you know that we can't build till today an  

SMS marketing server to send unlimited SMS for  free so that's it this is how you can send SMS  

messages this is SMS marketing in brief by the way  soon I will have a full course about SMS marketing  

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