CNET How To - Sell your phone for cash

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so you've heard about trading in or

selling your old phone to pick up a few

bucks but you're not exactly sure how to

get started not a problem

I'm Jessica dual-core with C net with

some tips on how to sell your old phone

for some additional pocket change the

first step is to round up what you've

got it may be just one phone that you're

planning to replace with a newer model

or a whole horde of ancient devices

gathering dust in the back of your

closets and drawers new phones are of

course the most valuable getting you up

to $350 for the latest hotness if you've

got a pile of old phones and newer

devices then you may wind up selling

them in different ways

laso of those chargers and boxes to

because you can get rid of them as well

first let's talk about trade ins almost