5 Easy Phone Sales Tips

in today's world of selling where sales

people are distracted by things like

social media email and all of the other

technologies of the day the phone is

still the best prospect and tool out

there just think about it because all of

your competition is distracted by all of

the other methods of connecting with

your prospects suddenly your prospects

are getting fewer prospecting calls than

they've ever received before in this

video I'm going to teach you five super

easy phone sales tips that work every

single time check it out number one call

prospects early or late your competition

is typically calling between the hours

of 9:00 and 11:30 or 1:00 and 5:00 this

means that the real opportunity to

actually getting through to your

prospect is early in the morning

realistically before 8:30 or late in the

evening starting at around 5:30 6

o'clock just think about the typical

high level prospect are they there in

the office early in the morning are they

there late at night absolutely but who

isn't there the gatekeeper number 2 drop

the enthusiasm nobody likes the hey how

are you guy nobody it's time when we're

making our calls to completely drop that

enthusiasm and just be genuine just

start a call with a simple opening and

keep that energy low because prospects

are immediately going to know that your

sales person the second you use lots of

false enthusiasm number three pattern

interrupt the key is that when you're

making a call when you're starting that

phone call initially you want to switch

it up you want to use an opening that's

going to break that pattern where

they're going to expect you to sound

like a salesperson so something that

sounds like this hey George Markway

Shack calling did I catch you in the

middle of something there your prospect

is not going to expect you to start with

a line that sounds like that lower

energy and phrased in a way that's a

little bit different number four

have contingencies so often we'll start

the call and the prospect will be really

busy just think of what they're doing

they're typing they're doing lots of

things and their goal is obviously going

to be to get off the phone if they try

to get off be gutsy hang in there have a

contingency for when they say you know

what actually I am in the middle of

something something along the lines of

you know what George sounds totally fair

would it be okay if I just took 30

seconds told you why I called and if

after it doesn't make sense you could

feel free to hang up so that sound okay

your prospect is going to immediately be

caught off guard and they're likely to

give you that 30 seconds number five

focus on challenges most salespeople are

starting their calls off by talking

about how great their product or

services instead switch it up start your

call by listing off three very common

challenges that you're seeing prospects

just like them facing and find out if

they are dealing with any of those same

challenges the prospect does not care

about your product or service they care

about what they need to accomplish so

there are the five super easy phone

sales tips that work every time

I want to hear from you which of those

five ideas did you find most useful be

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