📱 How I Sell $17,000 Per Month On Ebay Buying and Selling Used Cell Phones

hey guys this is Dave here a lot of

people have been asking me lately how

I'm making money on eBay um I as you can

see here this is my eBay store right

here and last 31 days did 17,000 in

sales which isn't too bad leaving oh

it's actually a slower month usually do

a little bit more than that but um I

wanted to post this video so you guys

can see my whole process and how I make

money selling use phones on eBay and

I'll take you to my store really quick

we go to listings so I don't know what I

got I don't have a lot right now I have

a few phones here and a lot of stuff

sold this week we have to relist I have

a bunch of inventory and drawers to sell

right now my ebay Lister comes in about

once or twice a week and he just post

all the stuff that we have but I'll show

you like um am I here this is my store

and we have like this these are all full

into pot in the last couple days a

couple brand-new in-the-box sealed se I

picked those up only like 200 bucks got

like a six plus Galaxy s5 the iPhone six

cracked for Sprint paid like 70 for that

70 for this this one I think I paid 120

on and then got a couple of the phones

here three more six sixes this was all

purchased within the last two days so

it's not too bad

probably making about five six hundred

profit off these items right here so let

me show you what we do sorry it's a

little messy I'm just doing this on the

spot this is my back office of my story

the part of my store really quick so you

can see my store looks like and you

don't need a store I did when I first

started this business I did a quarter

million dollars of sales just working

off a couch in my mother's basement and

what I did I just put ads on Craigslist

and I would meet people in a parking lot

and I would just buy the phones that way

so I'm actually going to show you that

method right now how you can do it I

just wanted to show you a little bit

about you know my eBay store so you see

you know what I'm doing and also I'm

just going to log in for my paper

out for a second because I had our guys

you know they want proof so I'll show

you this is for 2015 last year I'm going

to doubt leave I logged right in see

because you can't really fake this or

anything um click in my 1099 from PayPal

and here is I buy for resale Inc that's

my corporation that address is no longer

valid I moved and I want to put my real

address here on a video for everybody

see so I'm not going to let you see that

but so here is the sales for last year

did 385,000 about three hundred eighty

four thousand seven forty two to be


then you can see a monthly breakdown of

the sales and what we do each month so

there you go just in case you needed

proof on why you should listen to me on


alright so let's let me start showing

you the process all right so how first

it all starts off here in Craigslist um

I'm gonna do is type fine so thanks you

can you can actually type that in if you

go to Rio and Craigslist type in buy

sell fix you'll see some my ads now

these are only a few ads I have a bunch

of ads that I'm not going to show in a

video I have about 20 ads so some of

them are hidden they don't have the word

buy sell fix in it but I'm just going to

give you some ads that you can actually

steal yourself and use now if you're on

island please don't steal this to

compete with me one you lose two it's

just not cool so if you're on rhode

island please asking you not to rip me

off and do this because i'm just trying

to help people out make money if you're

in other states though i could care less

you won't be my competition and I like

helping people so here it is what you'll

do is click on this one here cash for

Apple products iPhones and iPads okay

now you'll see in the ad says cash for

Apple products iPhones and iPads

I put the price and this one I put the


Ameena the city is RI it should say

either work or North Providence the

store I work at is war

and my wife runs the North Providence

store but I put our eye so I could get

phones from both this is probably a

better strategy for you if you're going

to be picking up just put a general area

or if you're like a big state like Texas

or California you could just put the

county that you're in you know like if

you're in LA or something just type LA

County or something that way you'll get

way more and if I'm in Rhode Island this

is like not a super popular area so if

you're like in New York City or

California where it's populated I mean

you're gonna freaking kill it I did I

did I made all that money working in a

small town at work it's not like you

know this is not the big city life or

anything here on so there's the ad you

can copy this right here and then post

that you're going to post this in the

wanted by owner section for sale and

Craigslist okay if you don't know how to

post a Craigslist ad just YouTube it on

how to post a Craigslist ad I'm not

going to go into that right now I just

want to give you sure I don't have a lot

of time for the video I'm just gonna

give you some quick specifics on how I

do it and then show contact info that's

my number to my store case you want to

call and verify it's myself fix you

could leave this line in don't copy my

number by the way put that put your

number there instead and get rid of this

line you don't need a website to do this

when I first started I didn't even have

a name of business I just started

putting um ads up and people would call

they don't care what your business name

is all they care about is how much gonna

pay them for the phone that's it that's

all I care about

so don't worry about like you know

piddly stuff just worry about making

money um I also buy other stuff I put

ice mart watches cameras you don't want

to get into that yeah until you know how

to buy phones here's a galaxy ad that I

do buying galaxies this is a great one

and we get a lot of phones from Assad so

you can copy this copy up to UM right

here call Frick and then put your phone

number and then copy this line to photo

ID you always want to get a photo ID

from people because if not you might

even end up with a bunch of stolen stuff

and you don't want to be doing that you

get in trouble so make sure you get

photo ID from everybody and and then

leave out this part right here by self

fix com

say okay um okay so what I want you to

do is post a couple these ads feel free

to steal them like I said this is a good

ad to you you want to look up that

picture you could play find that picture

online somewhere or steal it right off

my eye but you don't even need the

picture the text is the most important

this is the address to one of my stores

you could just get rid of that just to

keep the cash I mean the text and and

just put call this you could add in your

ads put I pick up friendly service

that's great you'll get more items than

me actually if you pick up in Rhode

Island it's illegal to pick up you have

to have a license we're one of the only

states that like that it's just a

ridiculous stupid law for some reason

but um we have to do it on a

brick-and-mortar start now when I first

started four years ago

that wasn't the case they just did that

law like last year and ah it's it's

pretty ridiculous but most states you're

totally fine with this you could just

check with the laws just to make sure

about almost everybody I've talked to

most states you'll be okay and even even

if you're doing it small-time you're

buying a few just to get started make

sure you like it you're you're going to

be fine it's only if you're you know

buying twenty thousand foot you know

dollars worth of phones a month like we

do that you want to make sure your

license and stuff like that um so that's

it for the Craigslist ads now what's

going to happen is people are going to

call you up and they're going to tell

you they have a phone for sale it is

going to happen post the ads I promise

you you will get calls um it'll probably

happen you know within the first day or

two give it give it a couple days what

happens is usually two to three days a

week we'll get all the our business in

so someone will come in and we'll get

like tons of phones all one day and the

next day it'll be slower so that's how

it works

so you know the day that you post it

might be one of those slower days the

next day you'll probably be busy so just

keep the ad up and keep your phone on

you oh this your phone someone call me

right down at my store phone I forgot to

turn the ring off while I'm doing this

video all right so they're going to call

you up and they're going to say um we

have I have a phone for sale let's say

it's an iPhone 6 verizon smart phone

you're going to go to ebay now you don't

have an ebay confidence so sign up for

ebay before you do this go to ebay you

want to go to the left hand side here

and go to sold listings

okay we never look at just listings you

want to look at sold listings only they

have to be sold we never don't care

anybody can list the phone for 500 bucks

on eBay we only care what they're

actually selling for okay so now you

scroll down

oh let's let's add 16 gigabytes to be a

little more specific just to make this

easier all right now be careful you want

to only compare apples to apples so if

it's an iPhone 6 for Verizon you can't

compare it with this 6 plus here because

you'll get the wrong price you don't

want to do that and you'll lose money I

don't like these ones with all the

accessories either it's better not I'm

going to just look for iPhone 6 right

this one sold for 142 but watch if we

click it that's probably something wrong

with that I can almost guarantee

oh yeah the LCD is broken on it which

reduces the value a lot that LCD is the

part that makes the picture so don't use

that here's another one's cracked we're

not going to use that one um here's one

315 iPhone 6 this looks good

BAM there you go used 315 $8 shipping

okay so that's right there is one we

could use you want to find three

comparables comparables is an apples to

apple itouch sold two for the same price

here's one that sold for only 281 which

is a little lower let's see why use it's

probably cuz it's auction style auction

sales always just sell a little bit

lower it's done we'll put anybody's

personal information out here um so

let's let's find another one that's 281

we got one for three and here's one for

317 and this looks probably good

manufacturing firm I suppose probably

sound a little higher I would say this

phones in a cell for about 300 bucks

about 300 there's another one to 8000

but that's cracked so you're going to

get more you probably get 300 and 310

for that phone so what you want to do

now is offer a price that's going to

make it worth it now eBay will charge

you 10% of whatever you sell it for to

when you sell it so if you sell it for

$300 you're going to get you'll net

about 270 because you take 300

times 10% you - the eBay fees that's 270

I would offer on a phone I'm gonna net

about 270 I'll offer like 180 190

because then you're making 90 bucks - 80

bucks and usually it only takes five ten

minutes to pick up the phone then you

buy the phone and the money's made when

you buy the phone let's face it because

then it's so easy you just list it on

eBay and the eBay listing is super super

easy I can show you how to do that um

but the eBay listing takes two minutes

then it sells and it takes like a minute

to ship it all it's very very easy um so

ah so that's all you do is you figure

out you might forget the price now you

don't want to be offering on prices that

are too close to what you're going to

net like if you're going to net 270

don't be offering like 240 it's not

worth it for only a $30 profit I don't

care if you're broke right now don't do

it because that you know there is risk

involved with this sometimes like if you

you know if there's a problem with the

phone you didn't know about or things of

that nature so you want to pad yourself

with some profit just in case

now I'm not saying that's gonna happen

but just in case it does you pet you got

some padding there so you don't lose

money you don't want to lose money

that's the key you want to make sure

you're making money and you could easily

be buying one or two of these phones

today make yourself to 300 bucks a day

you know working like two hours a day I

used to do this but I was my first star

of this business I worked for a carpet

cleaning company and then at night I

would go meet people and I started

making like eight nine hundred bucks a

week part-time after work doing this it

was just awesome and then on the

weekends sometime it would make like a

thousand bucks in a day um and that's

why I just quit my job heck I'm gonna do

this full-time because I just make it so

much money that it's you know it's just

not worth working for $300 week paycheck

when I'm making a thousand dollars a

week on the side all right so let's do

one more let's say it's cracked

let's pick cracked if it's cracked

here's one for 279 215

this is bad LCD bad ESN don't don't look

at that one that's not that's not when

you want to compare six asks you be

careful with that don't compare with the

successor you overpriced it you'll get

burnt losing money these are too low

because the LCD is cracked the picture

is not on there you want ones that's

cracked working that's a six plus can't

use that here's another crack one 289

you probably about 270 here's another

one 262 do you get about 270 so if you

get to 70 take 10% of that that's 27

right and then so that brings you down

to about 245 you're going to net 245 I'd

offer from 150 to 160 and you'll make

money really good money on that um

150 to 160 you're making like 85 bucks

profit and you know it takes you a

couple minutes to go put the item up I

used to when people call me up and I'm

like eh I'll do 160 they're like alright

that's fine I'll say hey can you meet me

by the mall and the mall is like five

minutes from my house so I I would

travel right to the mall meet him give

him the cash have them fill out a quick

bill of sale so I have proof that I

bought it you want to always pull out

some kind of receipt I have I have

official stuff everything that I had a

lawyer look over and stuff so I don't

get in trouble but you arm they have

them thought the receipt and then you go

home list the item throw it on eBay

BAM you make money immediately it's a

it's pretty cool process and we do it

all day long happen so pretty quickly so

this is it now if you guys have

questions how to do this it's not I mean

it's easy but there's a lot more detail

with it like you want to learn how to

check the ESN have the bill of sale but

I want you to start so you can actually

make some money what you can do is just

throw the ads up there see what calls

you're getting see what you get they're

selling for an eBay and then maybe buy

one that you're absolutely sure you're

gonna make money on like if someone's

selling you this iPhone 6 and you know

you're going to sell for 300 and you are

from 180 take that one deal go list it

and just try to make money with one

phone make yourself 100 200 bucks so you

see that this is real and it works don't

go trying to buy all the phones all at

once it's too much of a learning curve

for your first time you know you want to

just do one or two for now and then

reach out to me if you have any

questions send me a message on facebook

or for anybody who has my number just

text me and I'll be happy to coach you

through now the reason I'm making this

video guys as I am doing a coaching

program so that way if you do like this

stuff I could personally coach you um so

I would like you to you know call if

you're interested in doing the coaching

with me please consider the fact I spend

my time teaching you guys and helping

you out and I'm investing you knowing

that you know you maybe work with me in

the future and I can help you grow your

business to a lot more because adding my

I had a kid that just started off with

this and you already made a thousand

bucks his first week doing it um you

know so I can help you quite a bit if

you're willing to join forces with me

but anyways I'll probably talk to you on

a strategy call if you want you can ask

me questions or anything about this

but if you have any any questions and

you're like you on your first couple

deals and you're like Dave um a guy

called me up and he offered me this

price on his phone should I pay the

folks should I buy it is it worth the

deal you know I'll help you I'll coach

you through that so you can make some

money and then if you have questions on

the eBay listing part - that's fine any

question I have just hit me up I'm

pretty cool I'm easygoing so I you know

I'll be happy to help you out and by the

way if you like this video - you can hit

the little red subscribe button I put a

lot of success stuff up and things like

that I have videos with really famous

people interviews that I've done so if

you like this going to post a lot of

good videos for you so I hope this

helped you guys and I hope you make some

good money doing this just remember if

you're on Island there'll be a jerk and

try to compete I really appreciate that

you know I don't care if you're

Massachusetts Connecticut anywhere else

that's close to me it's fine just please

don't do it if you're wrong Island

that's all I ask

alright guys have a great day and I'll

be talking to you