How To Sell a Smart Home

welcome everyone to Marbella we are

gonna do our 3-minute Thursday from here

in the sunshine and let's talk about

marketing so as a smart home company

that you've just set up how do you

expose yourself to the right clients

with the right marketing we're gonna

give you three tips to get in front of

people and sell your services so tip 1 I

would say social media only reason why

I'd say it's the number one tip is

because it's free it's something that

you can do straightaway off the bar

create a facebook page create an

Instagram page and engage with people

now it's you're not going to drive

content directly to it you're not going

to have people ringing you up saying you

want this straightaway but if you have

three or four five six months of content

on there you'll slowly build an audience

and if you're passionate and good at

what you do then social media will drive

business to you in the future

so as a outset definitely look at social

media as tip one you know it takes an

hour if that's enough to get up an

Instagram page and a Facebook page and

then you're there then you need to start

putting content on that always look for

trying to reach to people as emotions

and not look to reach for a technical

side of things

the tetanus other things is brilliant

and there's nothing wrong with posting

wrap or posting you know some

programming or those kind of things

that's perhaps slightly brilliant but

the clients are going to come to you

because you've you've invoked an emotion

within your video your photograph and

something that really reacts with them

to get a get getting contact with you so

social media is tip number one to is

networking networking is a vital part of

your smart home industry and it's

something that you need to get involved

in from the outset so it gives you the

key to talk to both clients and to

people that can initiate a kind of kind

of conversation with a client so either

be architects interior designers and

anyone all in those aspects so a lot of

people go down this in different routes

what I suggest is always find something

that you enjoy doing with us golf or

with its Motorsports or even if you

enjoy talking to people you know go to

these networking events my biggest bit

of advice is though don't sell your

services don't sell your company sell

you sell who you are speak to people on

a normal level and introduce yourself on

a normal level and they'll come back to

you because they'll want to work with

you because they enjoy your company and

that's thus that's what business is you

know you speak to the speak to the right

people get them on board with who you

are and it will benefit them because

they know how passionate you are about

the industry so tip 2 is always

networking so tip 3 is paper marketing

sounds old-school and it is a little bit

old-school and it costs more money than

the other two because it doesn't involve

you know social media which is free and

to be honest networking it's not that

expensive if you get into the right

circles paper marketing when I talk

about it I'm thinking about advertising

and thinking about brochures they're the

two things that we only do these days


lots of other things you could do but

it's not something that I know much

about so I probably can't help you with

so in terms of advertising look at the

right publication for your market so for

instance things like cheshire life or

surrey life would be a great place to

put in an advertisement for your

services but just make sure that you're

not going in there with an offer you

know you're selling again the emotion of

what you turn us out whether that's a

cinema a little in-room audio so really

think about the content you putting

together to put down within that

appetizer the same goes with the

brochure as well the brochure should be

something that is fairly short and sweet

that tells the story of you your company

your services and what the client gets

the end of it you putting on five

different offers for cinemas is only

gonna drive you to the bottom of the

pile it's not going to set you apart as

a service and that's what this industry

is about you were all selling very

similar products but if you could

provide an exceptional service or

something different as a service then

you will be set apart so always think

about that when it talks about the the

paper markets other things

sorry minute Thursday done just in here

my bear so let's get some full-time