How To Sell A Product: These 6 Principles Allowed Me To Make $145,000 Per Month

quasi here and in this video i want to

share with you how to master sales

and really what i've learned as a

business owner as an

entrepreneur you know for over a year

just being on the phone myself

around more than six to 12 hours a day

just speaking to prospective clients

you know selling and cutting people

deals and really just

you know in this journey what i've

picked up and the six key principles

that you've got to know

to sell in any aspect of life if you're

an entrepreneur this

video is going to be very very crucial

for you but even if you're just

you know someone who works a

professional career and you have to

attend interviews

and just in presenting yourself what

i've done in this video is

distilled the six core principles that

you've got to learn

okay to be successful in any single area

of your life that requires you to

get approval from another party an

agreement and the

yes if you will so i want you to stick

around to the very end of this video

because i'm going to share with you my

experience and give you concrete

examples to prove it

as well as outline to you the six

principles and how you can begin to

apply it

right now

before i begin this video i want to

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let's get started so

today i want to talk about something

different which is mastering sales and

this is something i've never really

talked about on the channel

before but lately i've been getting a

lot of requests of people wanting to

know you know how do you conduct sales

as an entrepreneur a lot of people have

online businesses now

and they have to talk to prospective

clients and sell sell sell every single

day even

you know e-commerce entrepreneurs you

have to sell your product you have to

know how to word your product

so you know what i've done here is

distill the

the core principles that i've learned

that make selling

effortless where it's no longer selling

anymore even the term selling denotes

you know you having power and influence

over someone else

so this is a great power that you've got

to use responsibly because if you don't

you know align to these higher

principles it's going to end up just

you know biting you back in the ass one

day okay so

let's really get started with this video


what i want to share with you is

basically like what really qualifies me

to give this advice and um

just as my personal experience i've been

selling you know a coaching program

since february 2019 you know that's what

i do

i'm a coach i help people really

transform their lives and shift them at

the identity level

and just help people get into better

states of being

so that they can succeed in their

businesses in their careers and in

other creative endeavors in their lives

okay and

since february 2019 up until now until


so i've recently had hired a sales

person just in august and i have to

train this person to perform at the

level that i had as well so it's one

thing you know training yourself and

learning yourself it's another thing

training someone completely

okay so that's how you know that what

i'm going to share with you here is

going to be completely legit

but i've done over 2500 hours just been

on the phone

with prospective clients speaking

understanding their situation

understanding how i can help and if i

can help in qualifying

and all of that and these are the

lessons that i want to share with you


right now two big distinctions i want

you to take away from this video

is number one there's theory versus

experience most salespeople they read

books and they learn all of this theory

like oh frame control you should always

be in control of the frame

and all this other right and

that starts to shape

their behaviors on the cause and then

they become too standoffish and too

confrontational and not really

empathetic enough

and understanding what the client really

needs right so that's not effective at


so um you know there's theory and

everything that you read about sales and

you actually going in and applying it

which is experience

so you need both okay theory is

basically learning how to

ride the bike like how it's supposed to

be done and you know that you have to


and experience is when you go in and you

understand how your muscles must work in


so that you can balance yourself on the

bike to give you a close example of this

you know how i relate this is

recently i went roller skating with my

wife and it took me

you know two whole hours to learn from

going to like

falling every two seconds to actually

comfortably roller skating

so the first day took me an hour to just

you know understand how to balance

second day we came back and took me

another hour to really learn

but what i noticed was me looking at

other people and

good skaters and how they were doing it

which was the theory but i needed to

make it my own and make it personal to

me which was the experience in me going

and trying and failing

so in sales it doesn't matter how much

theory you accumulate you're always

going to be overthinking just like any

single area of your life you're always

going to be overthinking

and it's never going to be effective

once you actually go out and do it

until you make the mistakes and learn

from the pains and the pleasures

right so understand that you need a bit

of both and what i like to do is

20 theory and 80

experience so that's the balance that i

found to be the most effective for me


the more you just go out there and

experience the more you

sort of make these conclusions on your

own you start to arrive with all of

these conclusions and then you start to

read these books like

i've read a sales book maybe twice two

sales book

books in my whole life it was mostly

just experience and looking at other


salespeople and how they conduct

themselves and my mentors

right so i would say 20

theory 80 experience is the sweet spot

now another thing most salespeople

beginner sales people really get

carried away with is all these gimmicks

like oh you have to use this line

and you have to you know use that line

and that technique

and you have to ask them this question

which is all right

because you need to do none of that and

it's never really about the script and

the magical script that you need to use

but it's the who behind this script it's

the person that's

the place that this script and the words

are coming from that really matters

so it's the intention never the action


and versus so they should say

gimmicks versus principles and what i've

found is that the principles in all

areas of my life not just

sales they've always been the most

profound because from

principles you can derive techniques so

to give an example

one of the great principles of selling

is non-neediness and what's the

technique of non-neediness not pushing

too hard and knowing when to push

right there's a right and wrong time for

all of it you have to know when to push

and you know when

when to pull and you know really not

just be salesy

so there's a right and wrong time for

everything that's just getting that

internal calibration and knowing that so

with that let's get to the six

principles and um get right to it

okay so principle number one of selling

what i've learned

is remember that you're always selling

okay if you're an entrepreneur if you're

a business owner you are

always selling what do i mean by that

well essentially the moment your

prospective client gets in touch with a

piece of your content

the the entryway to your funnel if you

will so to give an example my funnel is

like my youtube channel if someone comes


they get an impression they form an

impression of me right

that's the moment i sell so i have to be

tip-top every single time and authentic

every single time

right if someone saw a video that they

didn't like and they're like oh this

guy's energy is weird they would just

immediately get turned

turned off and they wouldn't go deeper

into the funnel right so

the great thing about that is is how you


yourself okay how you conduct and carry


will attract the kind of clients that

come in this is why who you are is so

important your identity and how you

conduct yourself how you present


is so important this is why you know

people in the program the reality

mastery program once we shift them at

the identity level they start to attract


quality of clients so to give an example

i used to attract unqualified clients

into my program

back in the day when i had more you know

of a beginner

non-convinced you know sort of demeanor

my personality my identity was in that

way and i attracted a certain kind of


now i attract a different kind of

clientele based on who i am

do you understand what i'm trying to say

so this kind of personality and identity

weeds out the wrong kinds of clients

that i don't want to work with

so i've aligned myself correctly to the

way that i want to be which is the

mission for every single entrepreneur

aligning their business their brand

their messaging who they are in the

right way

so that they attract the right kinds of

clients but it always starts with you

okay if you don't become the correct

person your actions won't follow suit

so the important point is you're always

selling at every single point

you know every single impression that

you make it sticks with the client

number two which is what we see

with a lot of beginner salespeople even

in the program right

is um don't ever try to convince someone

to buy from you

you know you instead just show them

proof so don't try to convince

let them convince themselves

which leads to one of the other points

that i'll talk about is just

if you have an awesome product you would

never need to sell

you just have gold and people know that

it's gold and then they would come and

get it

right so don't ever try to convince

someone because the more you

push hard to try and convince someone

what happens is they get turned off

okay so the principles that i share with

you afterwards is gonna

relate to that but for now understand

that you know the more you try to

convince someone the more they get

turned off

what you have to do is help them make

their own conclusions

so a lot of the times i see people just

trying to convince people

to buy their product and and their

services without

honesty and this is why it's so easy to

be a good salesman because

all they do is no you buy this just buy

this trust me buy this

right instead of just being like hey

look honestly speaking i do think we

would be able to help there's no

genuineness and sincerity in there in

their demeanor right

so this is why i'm talking about

principles versus techniques

when you begin off in sales you have to

go through all of those scripts and all

of those

gimmicks and techniques to really learn

that they're not effective okay you have

to go through that whole stage

and once you get really really evolved

you don't sell anymore because your

self-worth your sense of self-worth

becomes very high

so the way to convince someone else

naturally so that they become convinced

is to first become convinced of your own

offering yourself

so that's one of the hidden tools or

hacks if you will

become convinced yourself become

convinced that what you're offering

is the how do you do that look at

client testimonials every single day

show them client testimonials see that

people are crushing and see that your


that your is the because if

it's not if you don't believe it how can

you expect your clients to believe it

right if you don't have a good enough

product then you've got to go out there


make a good enough product first right

and i suppose

it is like feeding into each other it's

one step two steps or it's iterative

because you've got to go out there and

get the clients to get them results

maybe you can get a couple of free

clients and

maybe you can make free content and see

all the proof that people

post this is how you reprogram your

subconscious to

to really see and have that conviction

that what you're offering

is actually good and believe in yourself

and your service

right i hope that makes sense so don't

try to convince become convinced

yourself this is the law of state


when you become convinced your client

will rest comfortably in your conviction

okay you will lead them so

that's number two number three ditch the

script and use a structure oh man this

is so important for me

ditch script now a lot of people use a

sales script

right and if you listen to yourself like

a recording of your call by the way you

should always be listening to recordings

of your call

and improving on that every single day

at least this is the one recording

you know listen to a successful

recording and an unsuccessful

you know a no and a yes outcome of your


and um when you ditch the script what

you'll start to see is that your

conversations flow much better

right there's more intuition what

happens is the biggest mistake

beginner sales people make is they're

always looking for the next thing to say

okay this is what i saw with my

rep as well you know the program coach

that we hired and um

when i was training him he would like in

his course he would always be looking

for the next thing to say like oh what

do i say next to close this deal

so what they're doing is they're

optimizing for closing the deal instead

of finding the problem for the client

if you like really think about it this

way if you

are an expert you will know what kind of

questions to ask

if you know what kind of questions to

ask your clients will believe

you're the expert because they know that

only the expert would

ask such pinpointed detailed questions

because they know what they're looking


so the you know when you went to an

accountant let's say

right if you talk to an accountant

they'll ask you certain questions about

your taxes

and that's how you know that he's the

expert instead of someone who's trying

to impersonate an accountant or a doctor

they'll ask questions all over the place

and be like wait is this person really a

doctor why are they asking you stupid

questions like that

right so the quality of the questions

that you ask also

pro you know presents you as the

authority so this relates back to you

ditching the script

when you use this script you become very

very robotic and monotonous i had to

learn this the hard way

like i used the script for the first

like four or five months

that i was doing sales and i was like oh

well a lot of people were like oh

you're so robotic on the course and they

would get turned off and i was like

well i need to ditch the script i was

very comfortable it can get very very

comfortable holding on to a script right


it's just like well it's comfortable it

works why not just use it

so when i ditched the script that's when

my sales went through the roof

um instead of doing a script use a

structure you understand at what point

what kind of questions what sort of

general questions you should ask

and tailor it so ditch the script use a


that's key this was the thing that

helped me go from doing

you know 50 k a month in sales to doing

100k a month in sales

like that was the biggest difference

did script use structure that's number

three number four

is he who needs it the most will always

be controlled okay this is uh what i

like to call

your frame control

if you need the sale the most your

client will waive you by their credit


you'll be like a little puppy on a

credit card

right so the principle of non-neediness

he who needs it the least will always

control the f

the frame what do i mean by that really

think about it this way

if you have a celebrity and a fan right

the celebrity needs attention the least

from the fan but the fan needs attention

more from the celebrity

so the fan will hook on to every single

word the celebrity

says they will do every single favor

that they ask for

right so just like that if you need the


more than your client needs your service


you know they're going to control the

frame all the time

how you control the frame is you assume

that they love your product and that's

why they're on the core with you like

or you know they're on their web on your

website or whatever it is

and then you come from that place of

being and then take the actions


okay so this was also key for me to

understand because

what happens with um beginner sales

people is

they most of the time have a pipeline

problem they always look at a very small


of like customers and prospective

client interviews and calls and when

they do that they're like oh i only

have three calls this month or three

calls this week and because of that they

get into

a scarcity mindset the way to enter an

abundance mindset is to have an

abundance of calls

because then if this one doesn't go well

it's okay i've got the next one

i've got the next one and the other one

i'm going to share with you another

strategy to help you

overcome that but that's basically

principle number four

number five i mentioned this before

but i hope you can see this product is


like if i had a shitty product it

doesn't matter i would never be able to


product is the number one priority okay

if your product is terrible it doesn't

matter what kind of band-aids you put on


you have to heal the wound from the

source which is the product itself

are your customers happy are they

getting results you know you're never

going to always have 100 happy and

successful customers you know that


but you should always try to get it as

high as

possible you should always strive

towards perfection you should always be

improving your product and understanding

more and more and getting all this

feedback from your prospective clients

right and uh it's crazy because

sometimes we just have people come on

the calls and say

yeah i'm already sold like i saw your

free content and i've gotten so much

value out of that

i wonder what we can do with this paid

program right so and that's why they


they just pay like they're like yeah i'm

ready with my credit card just let me


how much it is whatever we've we have

that almost every day

why do we have that because product

our product is so great our clients are

doing so well they're crushing it

even the free material that i share with

you right now it's probably more than

any sort of paid program that you're

going to get

right so understand that

product is priority your content your


your interaction the interaction your

prospective clients have with your stuff

is key okay fix the product a lot of

your problems will be solved

i don't think you'll be able to see this

but number six

understand metrics so i'm going to write


you can see this yeah understand your

metrics what do i mean by that

this relates to non-neediness and also

kind of ditching the script because what

happens is when you understand your

metrics you're never going to be

stressed out

so to give you an example if i

understand that my company needs to do

100 calls

you know a sales rep a salesperson has

to do 100 calls

and make a 50 offers and out of those 50

offers they will close 30 deals

which will lead to you know 120k or 100k

a month

right if i understand that number all i

need to do is instead of worrying if a

week goes badly

i just look at the numbers what am i on

track to hit this month you know i've

already done 50 calls and it's

week two why am i panicking i've done 50


and we've made this amount of offers and

we've made this much in sales why am i


there's no reason to panic right so once

you understand your numbers it gives you

a blanket of security

you can rest on the numbers okay

you let the numbers regulate your

emotion as opposed to like

what happened today and what happened

this week so really successful business

people always look at it in terms of


quarters and years instead of being

short-sighted on weeks and days

if you had a day where you didn't close

deals no problem if you had a week no


this is why people when sales reps get

into this sales slump

it starts to reflect out their emotions

their neediness

starts to reflect out and mourn in their

next call right they become more needy

in the next call

and that's a problem like your

prospective clients can feel that

neediness coming from you and they're

like why does this person need to sell

so much

they're probably trying to do something

you know gimmicky they're probably like

trying to scam me

and then they get turned off the more

you push the more they get turned off

right so that's the importance of


if you're someone who's a sales person

if you're someone who's a business owner

and your business makes sales make sure

you have

a spreadsheet a month-to-month

spreadsheet showing you

uh the detailed metrics like how many

calls did you do how many offers did you


how many sales did you make plotted on

on a spreadsheet

right and plot a graph look at the

numbers and look at

like projected numbers as well if you

were to project it at this rate what

would it look like by the end of the


okay and with that i conclude this video

thank you so much for watching let's do

a quick recap of what we talked about

this is very important stuff this is

literally my life's work and after

closing over a million in sales just


alone over the past like 17 less than

even more than a million i think over 17

months hundred grand every single month

maybe a million and a half this is what

i've really learned and i've tried to

distill it into six key principles that

will be very valuable for you

and the first thing i want you to know


the difference between theory and

experience okay

most people get so so hooked onto theory

they look at book off the book

grant cardone video after grant cardone


and they never really apply this and

make it an experiential reality i can

talk to you

about roller skating all i want but

unless i've done it myself

you know some things you just can't

describe because it's like it gets

rooted in the unconscious

it's just muscle memory you just move

like this that's all i could show you

and the next thing is understanding

techniques versus principles always

understand the deeper principles the

thing that doesn't change

if you look at more and more things that

don't change you're going to be

successful in any area of your life

i'll give you an example of what this

road looks like if i had a

let's say a little pendulum right that

move side to side

this part is the most changing because

it has an arc

like the arc is greater and this point

is the least changing because that's the


and within this as you go higher and

higher to the source

it changes less and less that's how life

is the closer you get to the source

the less changing they are just like the

principles i described to you

right they are closer and closer to the

source so they don't really change over

time they can be applied in any single


right but also they become much more

subtle as you go on now let's talk about

the six principles

number one understand that you're always

selling every single piece

of material that comes from you is an

impression from you right

number two don't ever try to convince

someone just become convinced yourself

and it will transfer out that's all you

need to do

if you're convinced let's say a client

comes to you the problem

and you're like wait i've helped clients

like this with problems before then your

demeanor will change because you're like

well i know how to help you

i'm already ready to make an offer let's

do it

right imagine just going on a call with

someone being like hey i need help with

this they're like yeah

i know how to help you we've helped

people like this and you can tell

by their energy that they're not faking

it it's real right

that's something you work up towards as

you work with more and more clients

you become more and more diligent number

three ditch the script

use structure instead scripts make you


structures make you human number four

non-neediness the more someone needs


the more they are susceptible to being


number five understand your product is

the number one thing like none of this

even matters none of your

advertising none of that even matters if

you don't have a good product

if you have an amazing product you

wouldn't even need to market it

like think about

slack or amazon have you ever seen an ad

for amazon

you've seen products in amazon being

advertised but amazon itself

have you ever seen them being advertised

no right

and finally understand metrics if you

understand your metrics

nothing will worry you okay because now

you can your emotions are

governed by the numbers as opposed to oh

no today i didn't close any deals

right and with that i conclude this

video thank you so much for watching

uh sincerely hope this is helpful guys

this is a different kind of video and

leave me a comment below what you

thought of this if this was actually

helpful to you

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