I Tried Day Trading Bitcoin for a Week | Beginner Crypto

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one thousand dollars three days and an

individual with zero day trading


what could go wrong let's secure this



yo what's good guys welcome back to

another video it's me ahez i hope you

all are doing well

got a really interesting video this week

and this one i'm gonna try day trading

bitcoin i'm gonna start with 1 000

and see how far i can build that up or

how much i can lose

within three days of day trading now for

those of you who aren't exactly sure

what i'm going to be doing here i'm

going to

do a five second summary i'm not going

to go into blockchain and what bitcoin

really is

for our purposes bitcoin is a

cryptocurrency that fluctuates up and

down in terms of its value in u.s


so today it could be eight thousand

dollars tomorrow can be nine

if you bought it for eight and sold it

for nine you'd gain one thousand dollars

so in this video i'm gonna go ahead and