How to Sell Bitcoin for Beginners

all right you and bitcoin have had your

run you made your millions and you're

ready to cash out

you're tired of selling drugs on the

street and you're ready to move on to

your next business

buying and selling antique beanie babies

hey man i totally support that

so what i'm going to do is i'm going to

teach you how to take your masses in

bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

and turn that into united states

dollars you may want to do this just

because bitcoin is not accepted very

many places

so if you want to actually use your

money then you need united states


at least for now so what you need to do

is you need to get your money

to someone who's willing to pay you for

your bitcoin and the easiest way to do


is to work with an exchange so my

recommended exchange

for this is coinbase i'm going to leave

a referral link in the description if

you sell or buy

100 worth of coins then you're going to

get a 10

bonus so you know who doesn't like a

little bonus here and there

so what you need to do is you need to

get all of your bitcoin

into your coinbase account so then you


trade it for united states dollars now

before you transfer all your bitcoin to


if your bitcoin is already in an

exchange you know maybe you made your


with binance or kraken or gemini or any

of these other exchanges

well the they are all going to have a

similar capability

to cash out on that investment but if

your money is just in a wallet

then what you can do is you can transfer

it to coinbase and then sell it

on coinbase so to get your coins to

coinbase here's what you need to do you

need to go to your portfolio

choose the coin you want to get onto

your coinbase account

so we're going to start with bitcoin


oh there it is blind sorry now from here

you can hit

receive and then you just need to scan

this qr code

well not this qr code i mean you can but

you're going to accidentally send all

your money to me which you don't want to


so whatever the qr code is on your

account you can scan that with your


app or you can just use this address and

copy and paste that

really recommend you copy and paste

don't copy it out by hand that's just a

bad idea

all right so this is my wallet i can hit

send and then i can say hey i want to

send 100 bucks of bitcoin

where do i want to send it i can paste

that address

in there or i can hit this little button

scan a qr code

and we're good to go oh hey there

so that's how you send it from your

wallet to coinbase

then once you're in coinbase here's what

you do you go up here to trade

and you're going to sell you're going to

select bitcoin

or whatever cryptocurrency you want to

sell and another side tip i probably

should have mentioned already

if you have a lot of bitcoin maybe don't

send it all at once just if you've never

done it before just send

a little bit just to make sure it gets

to where it's going to go it will take

some time

to appear so just get some practice

before you do something stupid and lose

all your coins

so once you got all your coins on here

you can type in an amount you want to

sell so let's say we want to sell

10 worth of bitcoin this is going to

give us

cash not really cash though it's just

like money on our account

so you can preview that cell it's going

to tell you the fees and anything else

hit sell now so you sold that bitcoin

and now what you can do is you can go to

your portfolio and you're going to have

this new asset on here

u.s dollar it's different than usd coin

don't get them confused

us dollar is just money you can bring to

your bank account

so you just type in the amount you want

to withdraw i'm just going to put one


hit continue

check your bank account you want to send

it to or add a new bank account hit


no fee and withdraw now

and there you go that money is going to

show up in my bank account and i can go

spend that

to buy some classic old school beanie


all right so that is how you sell

bitcoin using

coinbase now this video was a response

to so many questions of people asking me

hey how do i get rid of my bitcoin

well this is your answer so if you have

any other questions please leave them in

the comments section below because i do

read those

and that'll give me ideas for future

videos so stay tuned be sure to

subscribe and i'll see you in the next