This 17 Year Old Makes $50k a Month Selling Slime | How To Get Rich

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I've created over

300 different kinds of slimes.

I make around 10 gallons of slime a day.

Since I've started, I've sold

around 100,000 slimes in total.

I ship it all over the world.

When I told my parents I wanted to

start a slime business, they thought

I was crazy, and they said no,

but I did anyways.


Today we're making a white glue

floam slime, which is a super

crunchy and colourful slime

that makes amazing bubble pops and crunches.

We're going to be making two gallons

of slime, so I have to use

two gallons of glue.

Then you pick out your scents, your colours, and

then you add your activator.

Today, I'm feeling like a