Buying Slimes Ebay Recommends from a Picture

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hello welcome to a new video so

basically i was looking for an image

searching app on google specifically for

clothing because i wanted to know where

to buy a similar jacket a character was

wearing in a korean drama called itaewon

class by the way if you've never watched

it or never heard of it highly recommend

it's on netflix and it's so

good okay it is so good watch it anyways

because of all of that i was thinking oh

my gosh i should do this with slime and

then i did more research and i found out

that ebay actually has something similar

and it's only accessible through their

mobile app you can't do this on the

desktop unfortunately and that leads to

this video where i buy slimes ebay

recommends from a picture i've also

never purchased slime from there before

so i have zero expectations i try my