BULK ORDER: Coasters for Laser Engraving Business

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with every small business there's a certain  level of risk that you take today's video is  

all about risk and finding out whether or not  i wasted my money or came out ahead in the end

hey everybody my name is sam and welcome back to  samcraft in today's video i'm going to be showing  

you guys something that kind of relates to a  bunch of other small business videos i've produced  

specifically ones relating to laser engraving  slate drink coasters back when i produced a video  

that honestly has since been extremely popular  for the channel i placed a online bulk order for  

the slate drink coasters these are not from amazon  these are directly from china where they are made  

i want to say it was from aliexpress but  i'll put a link to it down below regardless  

my reason for doing this is because i do a lot  of quantities of drink coasters and i'm trying  

to reduce my cost overall at least my per  piece cost to increase profit or allow me to  

remain competitive in the market well two months  later down the road the package finally arrived  

i have it here on the workbench i have not  opened it and i want to share with you guys the  

experience of ordering from overseas and  having something like this shipped to me  

disclaimer it's the first time i've ever done it  so let's go and hop over to the workbench open  

this up and see whether i was successful  or this was a big waste of time and money  

here's a look at the package i have taped up my  name and address but otherwise this is exactly  

how it was delivered and arrived to me it  looks a little bit rough very um actually  

very very rough it's been taped multiple times it  has been re-taped multiple times squished around  

smushed and honestly i'm gonna be shocked  if we don't have some things broken in here  

all right let's go ahead and open this thing up  i'll start by cutting the packing slip off the box

there we go and we here have i guess the top  i don't know if there's any logical way of  

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