How to resell skylanders on ebay and other platforms. Do you want to know how to look up skylanders?

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what's up everybody do you want to know

how to look up these calendar toys so

you can sell them on eBay and other

platforms and stay tuned what is up

everybody it's a boy we're at and

welcome to another episode of the

Nashville flippers and today's video

guys I'm going to help you guys

determine what all these little

skylander figures are called and how to

look them up so you can sell them on

eBay now the cool thing about this guys

is that during this quarantine I've been

working through my death file and one of

the things that was in my death bow was

this a lot of skylighter toys that I

purchased last summer at a garage sale I

think about him for about 60 figures for

$7 so I didn't know anything about

Skylanders so I finally figured out how

to look beeping look for look these