How to resell skylanders on ebay and other platforms. Do you want to know how to look up skylanders?

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how to look up these calendar toys so

you can sell them on eBay and other

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guys I'm going to help you guys

determine what all these little

skylander figures are called and how to

look them up so you can sell them on

eBay now the cool thing about this guys

is that during this quarantine I've been

working through my death file and one of

the things that was in my death bow was

this a lot of skylighter toys that I

purchased last summer at a garage sale I

think about him for about 60 figures for

$7 so I didn't know anything about

Skylanders so I finally figured out how

to look beeping look for look these

things up so I can sell them on eBay so

I wanted to share that information with

you because there's a lot of these

little figures and they're all different

and I don't know any of the names or how

to look them up so besides just calling

them weird names like oh no giant Groot

Jake the snake evil boss baby you know

those those names aren't really the

names of these figures so I wanted to

figure out how to look them up and I to

share with you guys and to see how much

they were worth on eBay so I'm gonna

switch over to my computer so I can help

you look them up and here we go alright

guys so when I was you know looking

these things up I found two websites

that really helped me out one of them as

you can see here is called Skylanders

character list and there's another

website called Skylanders dot fandom

dot-com those are the two main websites

where I could figure out how to look

things these things up and if you guys

don't know Skylanders are

a toy it's an NFC toy that you can

purchase for the videogame the sky land

or video game it's kind of like a like

an in-game add-on that every time you

purchase one of these figures you can

play with them inside the videogame so

but there's so many and they're kind of

hard to look up and one of the things

that I figured out is that each figure

has a certain game that that goes with

it so in the Skylanders character list

as you can see here there is one two

three four five six seven different

Skylander games and I believe you can

play all the figures in each video game

but to look them up you kind of need to

know what that is

and the easiest way to do that is that

and every skylander figure the bases are

different so as you can see here here we

have giant Groot and puke stir as I like

to call them but they're not really

their names but his base is blue and his

face is orange and you have these

different ones - this space is kind of

like a black base and this Donkey Kong

which is actually a Nintendo character

that you can play with on this campus

Skylanders game because actually has an

engine so that's part of a different

game layer this one has an engine and

you see this guy here red Arnold

Schwarzenegger he's got a red bottom but

to be confused by the shoes but anyways

so we have here our character list we

have the

the colors associated to what game then

they go to

so let's look up this character here

jake the snake' as you can see there is

a Cobra and is off his bottom is red so

we're gonna go and click on click on the

color here it looks like it's to the

game trap team so we're gonna click on

that and here it gives you the list of

all the character names with the red

ball as you can see here the red arnold

schwarzenegger is a part of the game as

well and his name is actually kaboom

this is real name so we're gonna look

for let's let's look for that Jake just

jake the snake' figure here you know

look down now looks like his name is

Cobra Kadabra but as you can see the

color is different than the one that you

so the color is different than what you

see there is because this was actually a

variant figure which you can keep

scrolling down to your character list

and you find the variants which if you

don't know what a variant is is a just a

variation of whatever it is so you see

here it's King Cobra Kadabra which is

the white version and from there I can

copy and paste the name which is pretty

easy to do and go over to ebay and just

kind of look it up there and you can see

we'll go down to the sold and completed

listings and as you can see that this

figure is 1169 or 750 plus shipping so

it's a seven dollar figure we'll look

this one actually went for 1717 90 which

is not bad and that's the variant as you

can see the the regular color is

actually a little bit cheaper so make

sure when you're looking for these

figures some of them do have variants

keep that in mind another two other

things that the Skylander toys also have

are these things called creation

crystals but don't necessarily know what

it does in the game and they have these

things called traps for the game they're

just like little clear little crystal

things so those are also you can

actually look these up too and don't

skip out on these because actually some

of these are worth some money so on each

of the creation crystals there's like a

little as you can see there there's like

a little logo and each one has a

different one it has to do with the

elements of the game not really

coño but we're gonna go to the Skylander

fandom calm and we're going to look for

the element for the game and in this

case it's the light element right there

and we're gonna click on it and it's

gonna tell us exactly scroll down to the

bottom where they talk about elements

creation crystals do not have the list

all right so it looks like it's just the

light creation crystals so we're gonna

look up light creation crystals

Skylanders light creation crystals there

it goes

so we're going to look for the one

that's like this one or it's got a

little cube and don't forget about the

tops they're all different as you can

see here looks like we found the one

it's the ruined creation crystal and

it's going for like $11 so just off of

this figure I've already made my money

back if it sells for that much but let's

not forget these little these little

traps that they call them in the game to

look those up and the way to look those

up as well

is that you know you just click on the

element in this case it's you can look

up the traps individually by their

element here you can see this is also a

light trap it looks like it's the

heavily hawk-like trap so we're gonna

copy and paste that over to eBay

trap heavily hawk all right so this is a

good one guys so that's how you don't

sleep on these little light are these

trap crystals for the skylight or games

it looks like this one sold of a second

for $31.99 so this is actually a really

good one to find and again guys some of

these are gonna be worth you know around

five dollars but then you can find

another one that there's some over that

are actually worth a lot like that

crystal and we're gonna actually look up

the last thing we're gonna look up is

this figure which comes from the imagine

aters game I believe imaginator

skylander game and let's go back to our

character list here

all right so


oops imagine haters okay click on that

we're gonna look for our figure here

evil boss baby find out what his real

name is here in a sec here we go chaos

chaos says his name from the imaginator

x' game so we're gonna go back to our

eBay type in chaos what happened go back

looks like there's a chaos trap but

we're not gonna look for that we'll

looking for the figure and wow this

one's pretty crazy guys it looks like a

loose figure for this chaos game for

this chaos figure that the Skylanders

game was going for 460 last one sold for

64 95 so yeah this was a really good fun

as you can see here's another one for 43

99 plus shipping and which is great so

guys don't sleep on these Skylander

figures because they are some of them

are sought after and people collect them

and if you find a bag of them at your

savers or goodwill or anything like that

now you know how to look them up and and

hopefully find some good ones so guys if

you enjoyed this video please remember

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I hope everyone's doing great

during these quarantine times I know

things are getting back to normal I hope

this video gives you some education for

you to be able to look up these great

skeleton figures that are still going

for some pretty good money so especially

with garage sale season coming up so my

name is Ray and Dustin's not here right

now but that's okay so my name is ray

his name is Dustin and we'll catch you

guys on the flipside see oh god bless