How To Sell CS:GO Skins for REAL MONEY In 2020!

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today guys i'm going to be talking about

cashing out csgo skins for real money

and how to buy csgo skins at a much

lower price

so let's get right into it

hey what's up guys it's tuber here and

welcome back to a brand new video and

today the main point of today's video is

to show you guys like i guess how to

cash out cs go skins in 2020 because

things have changed

quite a bit op skins used to be like the

most popular cash outside

and now it's not even around anymore it

got shut down since the channel is all

about skins i feel like this is this is

kind of a video that i should have made

a long time ago but we finally made it

and uh ladies and gentlemen so basically

i'm gonna be like showing you guys a

site called skin port it used to be