before the video starts I just wanted to

thank every one of you for buying me and

my dad's u2's they're completely sold

out now so thank you guys very much and

now let's get on with the video hello

guys it's Paula from mass with them and

recently actually the last few months

I've been getting a lot of questions of

people who have skins wondering how do

they sell their skins for real money or

how did they buy more skins for real

money basically everyone is looking for

the next new big marketplace for CES

where they can buy and sell skills now

this video is not at all sponsored so

all the opinions and things that I say

about the different sites are my own

opinions and personal experiences with

the site I've also asked some very good

trading friends with help for this video

so huge shout out on a pixel murder

cardinal and the ROFL for helping out

with the video and giving some more

context and info about sites that I

haven't used yet so my first site on my

list of csgo marketplaces is of course

Opie skins now Opie skins was by far the

best csgo marketplace ever Opie skins

had extremely fast support like even

faster than any other site that I've

used that's not even csgo related they

had incredible volume which means that

items were sold very often so if you

posted something you can expect it to

sell almost immediately and basically

back in the day everyone what the [ __ ]

is that

[ __ ] but basically back in Opie skins

prime time of csgo trading and you know

buying and selling everyone used them

because the site was just that good now

you can't actually sell your csgo or a

Val of skins overall on Opie skins

anymore because valve basically told

them that they're not allowed at all to

use any of Valve's intellectual property

on their site anymore so the next big

marketplace that most people know about

but I don't think it's very good and

most people don't think it's very good

now either is beet skins now I think bit

skins is definitely the most well known

site after the fall of Opie skins but

it's far from the best basically when

they started they recalled a bit skins

because they had Bitcoin deposits and

withdrawals but now they have completely

removed all cube 2 deposits and

withdrawals surprisingly recalled bit

skins anymore and by the way the balance

that I have on the site is actually not


selling skins for a friend so don't

think I'm out here flexing noise it's

not mine one thing that's really bad

about bit skins is that their fees are

astronomically high their current system

is already pretty bad with them giving a

huge fee benefits to old accounts as you

can see here my account is one of the

old accounts I'm not sure exactly when

you have had to made your account to

make it an old account but as you can

see I have 5% sale fees and since I've

sold for over two point five thousand

dollars I have four point nine percent

sale fee that's pretty good but as you

can see here new sale fees will go live

for this account on the 1st of October


that's in less than a month and if we

look at the new sale fees we will see

that they start off at 15% and if you

sell for over two hundred and fifty

thousand dollars which is like a house

you only have nine percent sale phase

but let's be honest basically none of us

are going to reach the 250,000 dollar

requirement and most likely most people

are going to be below the five thousand

dollar threshold which means that they

will be stuck at 15% some of us might

sell for over five thousand which will

land us at fourteen percent fee whoo-hoo

a whole percent less you have to sell

for fifty thousand dollars which is like

a brand-new car and then you get the

thirteen it's [ __ ] stupid and oh yeah

I have an old account if you have a new

account and you also get fifteen

instantly so yeah basically the fee on

[ __ ] gains is always fifteen that's

kind of [ __ ] another thing that really

sucks about beat skins is that you can't

sell items for over two thousand dollars

if you try to price your items at two

thousand dollars or higher it will say

all specified prices must be at most one

thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars

that means that you can't really sell

high-tier items on beat skins at all

like factory-new dragon lowers sapphires

rubies cattle 2014 stickers and the

items basically for high tier items it

just limits bit skins completely also if

you deposit with paypal on bit skins you

cannot buy cases for it

this really [ __ ] me over when I tried

to buy cases for my cattle 2014 capsule

opening but I cure them now a good thing

about beat skins is that it is currently

probably the site with the biggest

volume which means that if you sell

items on bit skins they would probably

sell pretty quickly one thing

that's pretty good is that you can

change from light mode to dark mode you

can see the dark mode here and here's

the light mode my eyes are on fire also

when you go from dark theme to light

theme the whole font changes I'm not

sure why but that's [ __ ] weird

another good thing about bit skins is

that they have a pretty good price

checking system here you can price check

specific items for example the combat

lore factor in you and you can see

recent sales and see basically what

they're going for and what it's float

value was so for a knife like Karambit

law which has no specific pattern and

you can't apply stickers to it's a

pretty good indicator of price but once

you go into schemes like the ak-47

case-hardened which can have both a

pattern and stickers and you see that it

suddenly goes from 60 70 dollars to

1,000 dollars and you have no idea if

it's because of the pattern or because

of the stickers so I mean the system is

pretty good but in many cases it could

be a lot better the next site which is

actually my favorite on this list is a

skin baron it is a German based

marketplace and their fees are pretty

high at 15% one thing they do have which

none of the other big csgo marketplaces

have that I'm using is an affiliate

system so of course I have my affiliate

code on the site if you're buying or

selling skins on skin Baron please use

it through the link in the description

and I've currently made almost 53 euro

from my affiliate which is very nice but

this is in no way a sponsored shout out

I have a sponsored video in through a

foreskin Baron coming in a week or two

but that sponsorship does in no way

affect my genuine opinions about this

site that I'm saying right now one thing

that's cool with skin Baron is that they

have a private listing functionality

which means that you can list your offer

privately the item you're listing will

not be found using the search and the

only way to access the private listing

is through the direct link which is only

known to you also the thief or private

listings is 50% of your normal fee so as

you can see it's only 7.5 percent also

if you're new they can help you find the

right price of the item if you for

example are selling at 90 percent you're

being patient if you're selling at 70

percent it will go very fast

if you sell 60 percent you need the

money now and if you're selling for 50

percent really what the [ __ ] does a

Stein scheisse if it's Altima now the

volume of skin baron isn't bad but it's

definitely still growing buy a lot skin

Baron is also the site where I

personally bought my capital 2014

capsules for my unboxing video so skin

baron is definitely my personal favorite

from my list judging by previous

experiences buying and selling on the

side and also talking to the people who

own the site because they were very very

friendly the next site is kind of weird

it is a buff 163 now as you can see this

Sheets all in Chinese I can't read a

[ __ ] word I have not used this app

yet but basically it's a Chinese app and

buff is really good for high-tier buying

and selling basically if you have rare

very expensive items buff is the place

where you should sell them now as I said

I have not actually personally used buff

but here's where my trading friends come

into place because I asked them and they

basically explained that it's a Chinese

trading app and definitely best for

high-tier buying and selling it's an app

available on the App Store and I mean

other than the website being all in

Chinese I mean it's pretty good their

fees are only 2.5% they have a very user

friendly and good interface the app is

actually available in full English and

they're using very advanced API trading

which is very safe you can't get scammed

you can search for sneaky combos their

support is really good they're also

replying to English tickets and since

this is an API training site you can

play with your schemes while they're up

for sale even if the site goes bankrupt

and they look all of your skins like

Opie skins did to some people your skins

are still safe although buff is owned by

net East so they definitely won't go

bankrupt some of the bad things is that

there's only Chinese cash out options if

you don't have a lipe you have to sell

your items by dota2 items and then sell

the dota 2 items for cash and in the

beginning you won't really understand

the system so you could get banned

temporarily if you do something wrong

but basically from now on when I'm

selling high tier items I will

definitely be using buff the next site

used to be a trading site but it's

actually changed into a full-blown

marketplace and it is CS dot deals now I

haven't used this one personally either

but many of my trading friends say that

it's good because it only has one

percent item selfie the cons about this

site though is that they have no

intention of adding API trading another

huge disadvantage with this site in my

opinion is the volume when I sell my

items I want them to sell fast really

fast this isn't the case with CS deals

because of the fact that this site is

still pretty small they also don't have


thing functionality and no advanced

sticker search now there are of course a

ton of other scheme marketplaces

emerging now like scheme Bay or D market

but there's so many of these smaller

sites that I wouldn't have time to try

all of them and explain all of them one

of the sites that I would like to talk

about is Opie skins what Opie skins have

not only a fad didn't you say in the

beginning of the video that Opie's can

stop activities for csgo items because

they tried to finesse the seven-day

trade all yes yes they did it seems like

they're trying to re-add csgo items to

Opie skins by the help of peer-to-peer

trading meaning that Opie skins actually

never owns the skins which you put in

but still isn't this like using valves

intellectual property which they aren't

allowed to do other now but maybe Opie

screens might make a comeback if they

play their cards right even if it is

with peer-to-peer trading and the last

way I want to talk about of selling is

just buying and selling for real money

with friends this is by far one of the

easier ways to buy and sell your csgo

skins and I'm friends with a lot of

traders and people who are always buying

and selling csgo skins so if I need to

buy and sell I just check with them and

then maybe I have myself at it however

be very careful if you're doing this and

you're not sure what you're doing and

you don't 100% trust them because you

can easily be scammed for example unless

you're 100% sure the person won't try to

scam you never accept paypal payments I

only use bank transfers crypto and swish

and I'm pretty sure swish is only

available to Swedes but those three

options are always very safe and good

ways of selling or buying items so now

to recap it if I were to sell my

inventory where would I do it if we're

talking a few years ago I would have

chosen Opie skins in a heartbeat if

we're talking half a year ago or so I

would have chosen bits games and if

we're talking now I would use a combo of

skin baron and buff I would use buff for

my really high tier items like my Oceano

the skins that I have which have cattle

stickers on them and also of course my

actual cattle stickers and my other

skins like my a cave will can buy an a

tiger tooth Kara fade sports gloves

Talon regular case hardened and my op

dragon lore which isn't actually mine I

will be selling all of these more

regular skins and knives on skin baron

their fees are high currently at 15% but

they have good volume and private

listing functions so I could sell it for

7.5% privately which is much better than

bits key

soon to be 15 percent overall

outweighing bit skins volume also of

course bless I have my affiliate I'm

kidding so for the quickest recap ever

of the site's and my personal rankings I

would put skin baron at number one for

them having pretty good volume and 7.5%

fee if you privately list something I

would put buff at number two for being

very good for high-tier buying and

selling and also having low fees but

being sheet in the sense that you can't

cash out your actual funds unless you're

Chinese I will put bit schemes at number

three for their very good volume but

very sheet the updates and very high fee

I would put just selling to friends and

people at number four because if you

know what you're doing it's really

smooth but sometimes you don't find a

buyer and you can't be scammed I will

put CS deals at number five because they

only have one percent fee but the volume

is very bad and I would put Opie skins

at sixth place because that doesn't

really count anymore

I mean you can't really sell skins

through them anymore but you might be

able to soon now if you are going to buy

or sell skins on skin Baron you can't

use my code I don't have a code for any

of the other sites I wish I did and

thank you boys for watching I hope you

buy and sell all of your skins very

safely securely fast and easy with the

help of my video today nice very nice

Danish rain eyes every night