Should You Buy Games on G2A?

it's not surprising that many gamers are

constantly in search of a discount on

the titles they want lots of triple-a

titles cost around 60 US dollars at

launch and tend to stay that way for

quite a long time after release and with

digital distribution being the norm

these days it becomes very difficult to

sell your games later on after you've

gotten tired of them and even if your

taste in games isn't big budget titles

that require a big upfront cost you can

easily spend tons of money on DLC even

after buying a cheaper game or you can

just pay on both ends easier as a result

a number of gray market online stores

have popped up such as g2a & kinguin

that offered digital game keys from

third-party sellers at prices often far

lower than you'd find from traditional

stores or directly from the developers

but how did they keep their prices so

low and is buying from these places a

good idea

well these keys can come from a variety

of places g2a claims that many of the

keys for sale on their site come from

wholesalers that buy them in bulk from

game studios while others are sold by

folks who take advantage of promotions

such as humble bundles and giveaways

then flip those codes for a profit

entrepreneurs however many codes are

acquired by much less ethical means it's

not uncommon for unscrupulous resellers

to pose as game journalists or youtubers

rude an attempt to trick developers into

giving out review codes or for them to

buy codes in one region of the world

where a game is cheaper and resell them

to folks elsewhere denying the game

studio a sale in that other location but

considering it's not that hard to steal

a credit card number many keys are

simply purchased with a pilfered Visa or

MasterCard and resold at a very low

price in fact earlier this year g2a

promised that it would pay developers

ten times what they lost in credit card

charge backs for any stolen keys that

ended up on the GTA platform however g2a

also downplayed how often this actually

occurred and while GTA said that they

wanted to allow game studios to block

certain keys from being sold on the

platform indie game developers

specifically wanted many of their games

to be delisted from the site entirely

since they're more vulnerable to

financial arm

the larger developers but g2a refused to

do this and this problem isn't just

specific to game keys many major online

game stores like Steam no longer sell

keys instead assigning a specific copy

of the game to the account that bought

it again

perhaps with a stolen credit card yet

it's still possible to transfer access

to buyers who might not be aware that

they're buying a stolen game through

gifting systems such as Steam gifts and

regardless of whether it bothers you

that you might be buying a stolen or

otherwise ill-gotten copy of the game

you do run the risk of the game studios

deactivating your copy if you found out

it wasn't legitimately obtained Ubisoft

did exactly this back in 2015 two gamers

who already bought and activated games

from reseller sites that were originally

obtained with a stolen credit card the

move spurred outrage among gamers that

didn't realize that they had bought a

stolen game and although

Ubisoft did ultimately restore access to

players that had already activated their

games they didn't give any other

recourse for other resold keys doing the

right thing maybe not in the best way

okay Riley I get it these game

marketplaces are shady but how can I

save money on games without using them I

got kids to feed man well the good news

is that sites like is there any deal

make it fairly easy to find out if a

game you want is on sale at a seller

known to be legitimate at any given time

and you also have the option of buying

game bundles at a significant discount

there are also game subscription

services such as EA access and Xbox game

pass that lets you play from a library

of titles for a flat monthly fee and

down the line you may even have the

option to legitimately purchase used

digital games from others earlier this

year a French Court ruled that consumers

have the right to sell their unwanted

Steam games assuming valve doesn't win

their appeal so hopefully buyer's

remorse over digital games will soon

become a thing of the past in the

meantime you might want to think twice

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