How to get your MONEY BACK from FORTNITE #shorts

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you can get a refund from fortnite for

all the Skins battle passes and stuff

you purchased from the last four years

and here's how you do it so if you

didn't know fortnite has to pay a

settlement of 430 million dollars and

that money is going to be given back to

the players that played fortnite and you

can get some money too if you fit into

one of three categories first of all if

you're a fortnite player whose account

was locked between January 2017 and

September 2022 after disputing credit

card charges you're eligible for some

money number two if between January 2017

and September 2022 and you were charged

in-game currency AKA V bucks for items

you didn't want you're eligible for a

refund and number three parents whose

children made unauthorized purchases

between January 2017 and November 2018.

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