How To Sell CS:GO Skins for REAL MONEY in 2020

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video I'm gonna show you how to sell

your csgo skins for real money yes for

real money

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favorite video of mines so first things

first you're gonna need three things a

PayPal account or can also use your bank

but for this method I'm gonna use PayPal

you're gonna need a coinbase account

I'll leave a link in the description

down below for all the links that I used

and I do recommend you make a coinbase

account ASAP because it might need some

verification from you like your ID and

proof of address all that good stuff and

lastly you're gonna need a bit skins

account I know I know there are plenty

of different sites that I could have

used to sell my skins but for this video

I'm gonna be using bit skins the bit

skin registration took me about two days

to finish cuz it does require you to

show them proof of address and all of

that stuff too I also leave a link in

the description for other highly

recommended sites you could use to sell

your skins so after you made all of

those accounts PayPal bit skins and

coinbase go ahead and link those

accounts together signed onto your

coinbase account and add your PayPal

they'll make you sign in to PayPal and

then it will be added automatically then

head over to bit skins sign in click the

sell items tab once that page loads up

pick the item you want to sell it shows

you what the item has sold for and what

the current price of the item is on the

Steam market it's a pretty cool way to

see what your item is really worth and

make sure like really make sure when

you're trading with the bit skins bought

that you followed the pop-up

instructions carefully I already did

this as you can see right here and I

know I know I've been really loving this

knife I don't really want to sell it

it's like my first knife ever and it'll

probably be the best knife I'll ever own

but I really do need the money so I'm

gonna have to sell this

goodbye little TK I listed it at five

hundred thirty-five dollars and the site

does have a 10% selling fee so if I

listed it at 535 I would only make four

hundred and eighty-two dollars and now

we wait so while we wait bit skins lets

you two

which cured the currency you'd want to

withdraw well there are only three

choices it's either Bitcoin it varium or

white point so head back to coinbase

click on portfolio at the top right here

and then you can choose which

cryptocurrency you would like to pick

but it has to be Bitcoin if varium or

litecoin click any of those then click

the receive button it'll then generate a

link where you can receive Bitcoin to

your coin base account head back to bid

skins click your balance scroll down to

withdraw put what you just copy it right

into the payout address so if you copied

a Bitcoin address put that into the

Bitcoin pale address section now we just

have to wait till little teacake gets

bought 2000 years later so I finally

sold my knight I had to lower the price

from 535 to 460 dollars that's pretty

low for a Talon dopler I hope your new

owner treats you well ok back to what I

was saying

said no one was buying it for the price

I initially listed it at but that's why

I lowered the price I actually lowered

the price every single day by like ten

dollars but as you can see I sold the

knife for four hundred and sixty dollars

and received four hundred and fourteen

dollars after the sale fee and it took

thirteen days I listed this on March 6

and sold it March 19 so after you sold

your items you're probably wondering how

do you get the munchies head over to

your balance

scroll down to withdrawal and choose the

option you want to withdraw from I'm

gonna go with the barium since bitcoin

has a $5 fee on top of the 4.5% fee

aetherium and litecoin only have a 4.5%

fee so that's why I'm going with

aetherium so type in the amount you want

to withdraw into your coin based account

I'm taking out the whole $414 hit the

request button and then bit skins should

approve your request could take a while

for them to prove it then even longer

for you to receive it into your coin

base account but they should send you an

email once the requests on their end has

been completed then you should get

another email from coinbase saying you

just received whatever amount you

requested this took about an hour and a

half for everything to be completed and

as you can see the money is now in my

coin based account so from here you

would have to sell the cryptocurrency

and choose which option to be deposited

to I chose PayPal but you can use your

bank if you want yeah that's how you

sell your skins anyways that's it for

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