How to SELL CSGO Skins on Bitskins in 2022

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quickly guys i've got to say i am not

sponsored by bitskins this video is

purely for educational purposes only if

you want to buy skins on bitskins make

sure you've watched my recent video on

how to set up and buy skins on bitskins

that's a lot of skins they'll both be

linked in the description of this video

so yeah you can just click those links

really really easily but guys to sell

skins you firstly need to make sure your

steam inventory is set to public then

once you've done that click on the sell

items button in the top right hand

corner of your screen and you'll be

taken to a page on bitskins which will

show you your steam inventory obviously

guys you won't be able to sell skins

that have a steam trade lock so just

check that before you try and sell them

but basically if you've had them for

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