Where To Sell Animal Pelts | Red Dead Redemption 2

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easy guys don't be here from cringy dad

gaming so it's really I'm just gonna

show you quickly how you can sell your

pelts or skins that you've managed to

get from hunting animals you may find

that you've been storing them up on the

backi horse like this here and not

really sure what to do with them where

you can sell them to butchers so what

you've got to do is find a town that

actually has a butchering so he's an

example if I go to the map here now I am

in Rhodes which is not actually far from

where you first start off in Valentine

to be honest with you I wasn't really in

Valentine for very long so that may

actually be a butcher there as well

there probably is bollocks fear yeah

there is a butcher there so pretty much

looking for those butchers they're gonna

be able to do that so if I go over to

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